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Posted in: Hyogo teen accused of stabbing 18-year-old boy See in context

Wow! Now there are Japanese Girls that stalk men!! lol

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Posted in: Passenger arrested for riding in car with drunk driver in hit-and-run case See in context

Before you get excited about the law! Follow the case and see what punishment these guys get for killing two innocent young girls. Nothing like the time the families will spend mourning their loss.

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Posted in: 22-year-old man arrested for attempted murder of girlfriend's 3-year-old son See in context

STOP IT!!! YOU ARE SICKENING ME!! The problem is that Japanese people are treated and act like children for the greater portion of their lives, and never receive the treatment or punishment that they are due for their actions. In Japan you are an adult at the age of 20, and I am sure that at that age you know what is wrong, and what is right. When the system decides to treat its people like adults and hold them responsible for their actions. Babies and small children will be protected from the idiots that father them. And I am sure that the mother's of these children being abused by their boyfriends...know that it is happening! Put them both in jail!!

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Posted in: Man accused of scalding baby son with boiling water See in context

Child abuse is becoming a MAJOR problem in Japan! This country and its leadership need to wake up and do something about it! Children are your future, and you are raising potentual basket cases with such treatment. Everyday I see children riding on the back of biclyes with no helmet, or standing in the front seat of a vehicle traveling 120kph down the expressway. And now its scalding, punching, kicking, beating, burning, choking, and killing defenseless children because the parents cannot handle the responsibility of raising them. Selfish, materialistic people, that are unable to put their selfish ways aside to care for a child they either brought into this world, or volunteered to assist, by entering a relationship with a person that has a child. It sickens me! "Babies making babies"

Punish these people!

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Posted in: Woman found strangled in Osaka love hotel See in context

The biggest problem in Japan is the lack of CPR qualified ambulance driver's and the need for Emergency Medical Technicians in the ambulance. You always read about someone being pronouced dead at the hospital, and seems that they died in route because they bled-out in the ambulance, or didn't receive CPR until they arrived at the hospital. Ambulances are just high priced taxis... I live across the street from a major medical center and they drive the ambulance across the street to my building to take people to the hospital, when they could just bring the stretcher and wheel them across the street. You never see people going into a Japanese ambulance with an oxygen tank, or saline drip, or any form of medical attention...just a sheet over their body and face. Oh yeah! And the medical center across the street from my home, can only provide orthopedic assistance on weekends and they have an Emergency Entrance. Primative, Socialized Medicine....for a exuberant price.

RIP little girl..

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Posted in: Japanese woman sentenced to death in Malaysia for drug smuggling See in context

Blue Witch: I agree with your views on the death penalty with the exception of one matter. Prisoners cost money to keep incarcerated for life. In some states in the U.S. its to the toll of about $40,000 a year, per person. That quite a burden on the taxpayers.

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Posted in: Tochigi man busted for stealing school girls' uniforms, underwear in 3 prefectures See in context

****24 years old and this strange! LOCK THIS GUY UP!! He can only escalate to stranger crimes! This young man is sick!!

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Posted in: Vietnamese woman cuts off husband's penis See in context

A penis is worth more than a finger?

I guess that would depend on the size of the penis and the size of the finger! (smile). Yikes! that must hurt!

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Posted in: 4 wanted criminals escape Japan; Justice Ministry blames Immigration Bureau See in context

The computer screen was blanked by 10,000 yen bills!!! (ha ha ha!!)

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Posted in: 3 Kanagawa teachers disciplined for various infractions See in context

Let me get this right! (smile). Fighting and drunk driving warrants termination of employment as a teacher, but massaging (wink) high school girls equals ONLY a three month suspension. Hmmm....and you wonder why it happens?

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Posted in: Comedian Cha Kato, 68, weds 23-year-old woman See in context

***Live as you like!!*

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Posted in: 1-yr-old baby girl dies after being left in car for 6 hours while parents play pachinko See in context

A baby or small child depends on their parents to protect them, provide for them, and protect them, until they are capable to doing these things for themselves. And as a parent you are responsible for that life, once conception is achieved, and confirmed.

When child neglect occurs, and it results in a death! Those parents should swing at the end of a rope. Imagine that baby gasping for breath, dying of thirst, and extreme heat...and unable to open the window or door to save themself. And this was two adults that left the child in the car!!

Not to mention the numerous times I have seen cars traveling down the expressways with children standing in the front seat, or sitting on their parents lap!

Its a shame that children in Japan don't come with instructions for the children that are trying to raise them.

Someone needs to wake-up and determine that Japanese people have to grow-up and start taking responsibility for their actions.

R.I.P. little baby! God will take care of you now...

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Posted in: Ichihashi appeals life sentence for killing British teacher See in context

Ishihashi should gotten the death penalty. Once a rapist always a rapist! Rape alone should have warranted a life sentence because women have the right to say "NO" to sexual contact, and when you compound that crime with murder...it should be capital punishment. Note that most of the Japanese adult movies feature rape scenes of high school girls, housewives, teachers, nurses and such. It sickens me!! You cover a person's mouth to stop them from screaming, and you cover their nose & mouth, or choke them...to kill them!! ITS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE!! He murdered the young woman.

R.I.P. Lindsay Ann Hawker.

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Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting schoolgirl on escalator at Yokohama Station See in context

OK, its very obvious that this man has some deep, dark, mental issues that cannot be resolved by a doctor, or some short stint in jail! Jail will just fuel his anger and young girls and cause him to funnel all that anger into some major violent act, that results in some young girl being seriously or fatally injured. "When I’m in a bad mood, I feel like taking it out on young girls.”...???

That is a sure sign of a man with some SERIOUS problems!!! GET HIM OFF THE STREETS!!!

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Posted in: Woman stabbed on Osaka street See in context

She probably met the guy once, but doesn't remember because it was a casual meeting in public. He is upset because she was not interested beyond a greeting, and now he wants to punish her. Some Japanese guys cannot handle rejection.

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Posted in: Chiba cabbie robbed at knife point See in context

Bonnie-chan and Clyde-san!! (smile). Fashion and music are not the only western influences infecting Japan!

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Posted in: Club manager arrested for hiring high school girls to flash underwear for patrons See in context

Let's see! Flash my underwear on the escalators of department stores for fun? Or get paid to do it? Hmmmmm....decisions, decisions. These girls knew what they were doing, because it most likely paid the kind of money they require to purchase name-brand fashion goods! It sad, truly sad!

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Posted in: Why do famous men with power and influence (Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tiger Woods, Bill Clinton, for example) risk everything with their sexual behavior? See in context

Yasukuni---Tiger Woods had the slimmer, cuter, sexy, beautiful wife....!! He was looking for a FREAKER WOMAN!! ha ha ha!

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Posted in: Man murders friend, hides body and himself in apartment See in context

NPA knows their people!! Weird know weird! lol

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Posted in: 4-year-old boy run over and killed by dump truck in Mie See in context

Sounds like...NPA considers it to be a Bolivian problem.

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Posted in: 16-year-old youth arrested for abandoning 2-day-old daughter See in context

Very well put...Kaptankichigai!

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Posted in: Knockout See in context

Women can box, but women boxers should not date! (smile).

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Posted in: Autopsy reveals woman found dead in Kofu was murdered See in context

What was her nationality? RIP young lady, and may God and the NPA find the sick perpertrator that did this.

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Posted in: Woman, 20, admits stabbing 78-year-old grandmother over living expenses See in context

Nishimura should swing for this. Committing cold-blooded murder at the age of 20 years, means you have serious issues and no redeeming value. Capital punishment candidate.

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Posted in: Trial of Lindsay Ann Hawker murder suspect Ichihashi to start July 4 See in context

Two week trial and then off to the gallows!!

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Posted in: Mother arrested after stuffing bread in 2-year-old son's mouth See in context

Step 1. Remove obstruction. Step 2. Clear the air-way. Step 3. Perform CPR.

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Posted in: TEPCO apologizes again and again See in context

Its time to relieve TEPCO of the responsibility of resolving this disaster! Let's move to the next level and get some government or world brains working on the problem. 2.5 weeks is more than enough time to attempt to safe the Nuke Plant...but I think its time to write it off and look at sealing the plant up and moving on. Lives before money!!!

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Posted in: What is the fairest way to deal with the expected summer power shortage? See in context

1.) Everyone switch to tropical dress (shorts, short skirts, short sleeves, and sandals. 2.) Daylight savings time. 3.) No billboards. 4.) Dim the lights in Combini's. 5.) 10 hour, 4-day work weeks. 6.) Shutdown NHK!! (smile). 7.) Create more outdoor activities for everyone to enjoy!

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Posted in: 49-year-old man dresses as woman, enters female public bath area See in context

In the long run it will probably be cheaper to go to one of the onsens that have mixed bathing.

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Posted in: 14-yr-old boy held over attempted murder of elder brother in Chiba See in context

I agree with Mr. Dog...they will not move out of the house until they are 40 years old!!! Might as well be duct taped to their mother's chest until 20.

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