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Posted in: Why Japan doesn’t give a Gangnam about PSY See in context

Bunch of bitter people i say......

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Not 49 but 68....... friends from reynosa told me the reason they don't have their arms, legs and heads was to avoid easy identifications of the bodies, as they were all innocent people and not rival members form another cartel... sad...

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Posted in: 8 cab drivers slain in northern Mexico, 3 injured See in context

LOL im not wrong, i have seen this happening with own eyes...... you are asked to pay them rent or else.... I just think it is naive of you to say they are corrupt, how do you know? even the PGR or state police don't know... thats my point, they just say it was a cartel vs cartel thing....

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Posted in: 8 cab drivers slain in northern Mexico, 3 injured See in context

You are wrong elbuda.... those "corrupt" taxi drivers weren't spies or anything like that..... do you still have family living back in mexico, where?... have you been there recently?

It is very common that drug cartels ask for X amount of money for business to keep working, and when the owners don't pay they send hit men to kill costumers and workers.... i know this for experience, a friend of mine was asked money or family members would pay by being kidnaped or shot in the head.

The damn mexico government keeps telling that most of the 60,000 deaths are cartel members.... if someone is found dead or shot, automatically is labeled as "sicario", halcyon... not investigation...

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Posted in: Yakuza involved in Fukushima clean-up: reporter See in context

It was an interesting reading, specially the comments. And after reading more abut the yakuza on Wikipedia I have to admit they have a dark side, but trust me, it is nothing. I can't imagine Mexican cartels helping others after natural disasters.... I'd rather live near a yakuza member anytime than living next to a "Z".... you guys have no idea what it feels like to live in fear of "los zetas"

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