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Posted in: Saudi boy, 4, kills father for refusing to buy him PlayStation See in context

Ok, I have read quite a few of the comments and there seems to be one key factor being missed in them. The child killed his father for not getting a Playstation for him. In order to tie this to a violent video game, wouldn't the child first need to have one? Another point I would like to make, did this gun have a hair trigger on it? It does require some force for a person to pull the trigger to begin with. Not so much when you are an adult, but quite a bit for a 4 yr old. The child would have had to deliberately point the weapon and squeeze the trigger hard in order to kill the father. While I agree he probably did not know the consequences of his actions, (completely), he did know what he was doing. I grew up in a time where you respected your parents. For better or worse, they were your parents and you listened to them. Todays' society has flip-flopped things around to the point where the child now runs the household. If you don't think so, try spanking your child for doing something wrong and watch for the abuse charges in the mail or in the officers' hand at your front door.

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