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Posted in: Don't move See in context

How about people stand on one side and don't block one side so i don't knock you over!!!

Is this because of the Olympics?

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Posted in: Trump no fan of Sacha Baron Cohen See in context

I loved the first movie and it was one of the biggest hits of the year so I guess a lot of people like him....I watched part 2 last night and it was funny. His daughter was great but parts are cringeworthy. He's too well known in the US to be able to pull off the jokes he did in the first movie...

Trump calling anyone a "fake" is kind of funny...but he would know

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Posted in: The robot dolphin that could replace captive animals at theme parks one day See in context

then the trash in Wakayama-ken could try and kill it..that'd be funny...

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Posted in: Texas grand jury indicts Netflix over movie 'Cuties' See in context

It's on here on Japan's Netflix...It's decent film but there's more to it.. The main character is Muslim. Her father just married again (she's very bitter) and she joins a group rebel dance group.. There's no sex in the film just suggestive dancing and a couple of provocative scenes.

She's 12 in the film, I think it would have been less controversial and equally effective is she would have been 16. But all the controversy does is to get more people to watch it....

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Posted in: Trump nominates conservative Amy Coney Barrett for court See in context

great!! a right-wing religious fruitcake on the Supreme Court....it's getting better every week....

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Posted in: Japanese airline removes passenger refusing to wear face mask See in context

Mask Facism?? that's idiotic! It's a well known rule on all flights now. If it helps even a little it's worth it and not that big of a deal...if you don't like don't fly!!!

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Posted in: Netflix's ‘Cuties’ becomes target of politicized backlash See in context

I start watching it last night because of the controversy.

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Posted in: Road rage case involving 44-year-old man in Yamagata sent to prosecutors See in context

I get often frustrated while driving in Japan. Some drivers are really really really slow. The speed limit's 40 and they're going 30... If the roads are crowded it's difficult to determine what is tailgating.

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Posted in: After a long slumber, U.S. cinemas awaken on pivotal weekend See in context

I wish they'd play some decent movies in Japan. There's literally nothing playing here except old movies I've already seen.

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Posted in: Chef at top Tokyo sushi restaurant wins lawsuit after being fired for maybe having a tattoo See in context

I hate tattoos but ludicrous to fire someone without checking. My step-sister is a pharmacist in the US and they made her cover it up while she worked. (reasonable regardless of the position)

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Posted in: Annual dolphin hunt starts in Wakayama whaling town See in context

absolute low life barbaric pieces of trash!!!

the tradition argument is such a poor excuse...

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Posted in: Osaka surprised by impact of her call for racial justice See in context

Some of these comments are hilariously inept...she can be a professional athlete and a spokesperson..(is there a rule against it?)

One comment wrote he wasn't gong to watch her matches anymore..do you think she cares? You can't watch basketball, hockey, baseball, or football either...good luck with that!

It's great she's trying to speak out...

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Posted in: Trump: NBA has become like 'a political organization' See in context

If Trump tried to show a little empathy and compassion towards the NBA players protesting instead of appealing strictly towards his red-neck, uneducated base..but he can't....

His number one concern is getting re-elected everything else is secondary...

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Posted in: Which current world leader do you respect the most? See in context

anyone but the inept....narcissistic...obnoxious.. embarrassing..racist..leader of my country.."Swampy Don"

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Posted in: What kind of movies would you prefer to see on a big cinema screen rather than streamed for you to watch at home? See in context

Sci-fi..adventure and long movies are better..I personally prefer all movies in a theater instead of at home...

it's an experience you can't duplicate at home.....

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Posted in: For those of you who are teleworking at home, what are some of the biggest distractions? See in context

My birds want to play during class sometimes....

I just hate sitting all day in front of the PC..

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Posted in: Some Tokyo department stores resume operations as virus concerns ease See in context

I would think a mask would be enough..those face covers have to be hot...

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Posted in: 3 youths arrested for throwing concrete blocks from bridge onto expressway See in context

A couple of people have been killed and badly injured from teens doing the same....

How stupid can you be?

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Posted in: Cars with out-of-prefecture license plates targeted amid pandemic See in context

does matter what country..there are idiots everywhere..

How do you know they haven't moved or have a job in a different area??

and it really none of their business!!! they should stay in their house and worry about themselves,,,

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Posted in: Virus forces 1 in 13 students in Japan to consider quitting: survey See in context

I wonder what percentage of students typically want to quit?

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Posted in: Abe says Japan at crucial stage for lifting of state of emergency See in context

You can't have a mandatory lockdown in Japan. The government doesn't have the legal power to arrest or fine people.. There can just make strong recommendations.

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Posted in: Etiquette a hot topic as social distance jogging gains momentum See in context

If I'm running outside and keep my distance from people...then I don't wear a mask..

not a big deal....

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Posted in: With new 'English Online Banking' service, Sony Bank rises to say that Japan finally has a bank for foreign residents in Japan See in context

Everytime I go to a my bank SMBC..it's one of the most annoying, grating, time consuming experiences...no matter how simple the request is.. half the time the staff don't know the procedures but seem scared to ask anyone...

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Posted in: Japan reports 25 new coronavirus deaths; highest for single day See in context

Actually if people stay home or visit their immediate family only it will hopefully go down during Golden Week...

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Posted in: 568 new cases of coronavirus reported in Japan See in context

Tokyo only 108 so it went down...Hyogo was like 21 so kind of low..

Can't the "Japan Today" post an daily chart of cases in Japan?

This is important news...

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Posted in: Man slashes supermarket employee after being refused product exchange See in context

You need to read slowly and carefully...the customer was not 73..the supermarket clerk was....

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Posted in: Lawmaker expelled from party over hostess bar visit See in context

I don't know which was dumber going or telling anyone about it..

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic CEO hints Games could be in doubt even in 2021 See in context

The Olympics are a year away. he best thing for "Muto" is to stay positive and not even hint about the possibility of the olympics not happening next summer or to shut the hell up.....

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Posted in: Japan starts 1st weekend under state of emergency as infection cases soar in Tokyo See in context

The rates going to go up before it goes down...especially since the restrictions just came into effect on Wednesday

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Posted in: Biden vs Trump: General election battle is now set See in context

Trump's an embarrassing disgrace and I'll vote for BIden. But he doesn't exactly come across as well spoken articulate candidate..

But its really too early to predict what will happen...

Biden will definitely win New York and California.. needs to pick up Ohio and Florida

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