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Posted in: Trump accuses critics of 'Trump Derangement Syndrome' as Putin summit fallout continues See in context

Speaking of things that need to "get in check" concerning politics in the US, alongside "TDS" is also two others-- I'd call one PTDS and the other just PDS-- Pro-Trump Derangement Syndrome, those who cannot think objectively about Trump, no matter what he does or says just go along, and Partisan Derangement Syndrome, those who cannot think objectively about what members of the opponent political party have to say. WE could all do better at our public discourse.

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Posted in: Charlie Chaplin tramps his way past a Japanese coup d’état See in context

Such an interesting series, thank you. Nice to learn something new about a great legendary actor!

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Posted in: Trump invites Putin to Washington See in context

It's always good to visit a place before you move in. Let's you know what to sell, what to bring with for the new place :).

And an observation: Neuroscience and Psychology research show (the effect replicates routinely) that the opinions most strongly held are based on the least amount of information. Education is not only valuable for the accumulation of information, but for developing the habits of mind (and nervous system) that expose to each person themselves what they don't know enough about, and critical thinking skills to evaluate the evidence in order to arrive at a nuanced understanding.

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Posted in: Justin Trudeau again defends himself against groping allegation See in context

I think in this case (and some, but certainly not all others) the better term is sexist than misogynist. The Merriam-Webster dictionary has a simple, and rightfully damning definition of mysogyny: Hatred of women. Sexism, on the other hand, has two definitions in that same dictionary: 1) prejudice or discrimination based on sex;  especially : discrimination against women, and 2) behavior, conditions, or attitudes that foster stereotypes of social roles based on sex. Both mysogyny and sexism should be decried by society and its leaders.

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Posted in: Japan booed as it advances on yellow cards despite losing to Poland 1-0 See in context

Reminded me of the NFL in the US. There it is done all the time; doesn't make for pretty play, but you keep the team healthy, save key players for another day and run out the clock. A simple, smart strategy no matter whether you like the look of it. Japan did the absolute right thing.

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Posted in: Japanese consulting police more than ever on non-urgent matters See in context

Thanks Zichi! I also hope someone who laughs when the police come to their door understands that rats and other pests come where garbage is left out too early, and quickly develop habits of sticking around where the living is easy. Thankfully, older neighbors keep an eye out for not only this problem, but others, like fire risks and vandalism, which collectively keep us all safer and healthier. Having a number to call for less urgent but potentially serious issues in the area is a good way to keep the peace, especially in highly populated neighborhoods.

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Posted in: Faring badly: Uber struggles to make inroads in Japan See in context

I like not having to worry about my personal safety when I take a taxi. In the US I worry every time someone suggests Uber or Lyft for a ride. Because it is a roll of the dice how things can go. Sometimes fine, sometimes, very rude and bigoted person shows up. And the company business practices are unfair. Not to mention that people sometimes only make a living by driving for a licensed taxi company, and could be out of a job if a part-time Uber driver gets the rides instead of them. In the US, people sometimes use Uber driving to help buy cars they can't afford. Plus, I really like taxis in Japan with doors that open for you and seat with covers. Not riding in a person's car with pet hair or other stuff.

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Posted in: Democratic U.S. Senator Franken says he will resign over sexual misconduct allegations See in context

The people of Minnesota are overwhelming sad today, and many, many supported Al Franken staying in the Senate. He probably did do stupid things, that in another time were not even considered as problematic by men, and especially celebrities. Which is exactly what the problem is. Second, both men and women want to touch celebrities during photo opportunities, and many have to be told to be respectful-- yet most want to be shown hugging, arms around shoulders and waists, etc, as if they and the celebrity are BFFs. Both men and women do this. Franken cooperated with this, like many do-- I have personally seen many celebrities do this, and often. And, in Minnesota, I get hugged and brought close by others for pictures all the time, and I'm no celebrity-- but that is part of the culture of the upper midwest, where I am from in Saint Paul. With long lines waiting for pictures at the state fair or other events or in the days on tour with the USO or at SNL, Franken might have certainly wound up doing some less appropriate versions of pictures with some constituents or admirers over the years. And whether intentional or not, that was wrong. And the stupid picture from the plane, that was as sophomoric as anything many have done in their high school years or posted on their Facebook pages. That was wrong. And people called on him to resign because he stood for something. Many in Minnesota wanted him to go through the ethics review so that the country could clarify this important issue, respecting all people's dignity.

These activities by Franken are allegations, with the exception of the picture, which is surely one of the stupidest moments documented in his life. We need clarity on how to compare such things with intimidating women to do things in order to retain a job, to get ahead. We need clarity about how to compare this behavior with intentional, unwanted sexual molestation or assault against anyone simply because we think we are somehow entitled to it. The allegations brought against Franken suggest ill-considered actions at the least, but are not in the realm of what is alleged against Matt Lauer, locking doors and ordering a women to undress and have sex. Yet some with similar allegations made against them remain in their positions of power, where the scenario can potentially play out again.

Personally, I wanted him to stay in the senate, where he was a stellar senator for Minnesota. But at the same time, I support his resignation, as it represents someone in Congress actually standing by their position and trying best to serve the people that they represent, not just those who voted for them. This is the opinion of a Minnesotan. He will be truly missed.

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Posted in: Lawmaker who brought baby to assembly receives written warning See in context

It is a good thing for Ogata-san to willingly take receiving a written warning for this rule infraction. Just by doing so she has helped raise awareness further, which she had already accomplished through the several news articles written about this situation. Hopefully now this one situation will be addressed. Hopefully.

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Posted in: 4-year-old boy found after going missing Saturday in Shizuoka See in context

I'm sure they thought the other kids were attending to each other as they prepared the meal. The compassionate know how horrible it was for them. Kicking those who are down is not a desirable trait in a human being. So wonderful that they found this lost child.

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