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Posted in: 10 everyday experiences you should try in Japan See in context

I'm hoping we're still welcome as a tourist when we visit next year and will try out some of these ideas. Thanks

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Posted in: City swelter See in context

Peaks at 47C where I live in mid Summer.

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Posted in: Japan seeks more visitors despite overtourism problems See in context

We love the tourists... we love them not... we love the tourists........ You know the rest.

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Posted in: Foreign visitors to Japan top 3 mil for 3rd straight month in May See in context

Weak Yen = too many tourists.

Strong Yen = less tourists and better for the Japanese people.

Simple equations...

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Posted in: Mayor considering increasing Himeji Castle entry fees for overseas visitors See in context

Overtourism is mainly due to the weak Yen.

In years gone past Japan was known as a relatively expensive place to visit.

Now we can go there cheaper than Bali and SE Asian destinations.

Weak Yen = lots of tourists.

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Posted in: Mayor considering increasing Himeji Castle entry fees for overseas visitors See in context

Concerned CitizenToday 07:31 am JST

If he's gonna talk with such disdain for foreigners maybe they should just go to another country.

Yep, close to doing just that. Seems we're not welcome after 3 wonderful trips to Japan in years gone past.

All our bookings for the next trip are all able to be cancelled. We don't want to do that, but it's becoming more obvious we're not wanted. Just over the equivalent of 2 mill Yen we can spend in another country.

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Posted in: The big heat See in context

Take care everyone. Watch out for anyone in the street in distress.

Where I live in Australia, we get 40C +. Highest recorded is 47.3C.

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Posted in: Daiso to change Japanese closing-time music because foreign tourists aren’t taking the hint See in context

So we've been to Japan for 3 visits so far for months at a time and never knew a music theme indicated closing time.

A quick "we're closing" announcement in a few basic languages would be an option ?

I know, us pesky tourists at fault again.

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Posted in: Japan's 'Doctor Yellow' track-testing bullet train to retire See in context

So no testing between January next year and 2027 ? What could go wrong...

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Posted in: Tourists get taste of old Japan at hidden 'snack bars' See in context

We'll look out for them when we visit again for a month in April next year.

A positive tourist story for a change !

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Posted in: Japan's tax revenue from int'l travelers likely to have tripled in FY2023 See in context

And yet you still whinge about the absolute minority of tourists that do the wrong thing.

We've been all around the world and this disrespect happens everywhere - again by only a handful.

We love coming to Japan - please don't blame all of us.

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Posted in: Japan ranked worst country in world for helping strangers See in context

We've been there on extended stays many times and found the people of Japan most helpful.

A few times we've been in a town or at a platform trying to get our bearings and someone will invariably ask us if we need assistance.

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Posted in: Graffiti found on stone pillar at Yasukuni Shrine See in context

Must have been a tourist. Yep, just blame us...

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Posted in: ¥48 bil in bitcoin cryptocurrency disappears from Japan exchange See in context

A bit like leaving cash in your car hoping the parking attendant won't steal it.

For a small amount you can self custody it with Ledger or the like. Easy to do.

Why do people still leave it on exchanges ?

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Posted in: Japan spent record ¥9.8 tril in April-May to slow currency fall See in context

BOJ under the thumb of Yellen not to sell their some of their US debt. Only way it's going to have a significant impact.

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Posted in: Tourist ban now in effect in Kyoto’s Gion geisha district…but are visitors obeying the rules? See in context

We're back for our third trip next April for a month. Consider us polite and obliging tourists who follow Japanese customs and wishes as best as we can.

We have always stayed at least 10 nights in Kyoto and never visited this district as asked of us.

This trip, however, we're just going to avoid Kyoto altogether thanks to being put in the same mold as other ignorant tourists who have no respect.

Not all of us are bad tourists.

The minority stuff it up for the majority, again.

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Posted in: After Singapore Airlines turbulence accident, flight crews urge buckling up See in context

On the many flights I've taken, those in the Business class section where I've been are the worst for wearing seat belts when in flight. Maybe the more expensive ticket = safer ?

I've always worn a belt when seated and having experienced severe free air turbulence that lasted nearly 10 minutes on and off in a 747 years ago over Europe only made me glad I do. It was bad enough that the wife, who normally doesn't drink alcohol, always had a stiff drink prior to boarding for years after that.

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Posted in: Swarmed with tourists, town blocks off popular Mount Fuji viewing spot See in context

Swarmed because it's constantly in the news.

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Posted in: One dead, 30 reported injured as Singapore Airlines flight hit by turbulence See in context

I'm still amazed how many people don't wear their seat belts but also how airlines just don't keep the seat belt sign on full time. Yes, ok to take off while going to bathroom, but not sitting in the seat.

Turbulence happens sometimes without notice. The flight crew is at most risk.

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Posted in: Tokyo’s beckoning cat temple asks foreign tourists to stop writing on the beckoning cats they buy See in context

I'll add it to the list of issues tourists are creating. Chill please.

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Posted in: Tokyo’s beckoning cat temple asks foreign tourists to stop writing on the beckoning cats they buy See in context

Us pesky tourists again. You sold it at a profit. People can do what they like with them surely ?

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Posted in: Japan economy suffers worse-than-expected contraction of 0.5% See in context

You can always export some more cars to Australia so we are not waiting for delivery between 6 months to 2 years.

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Posted in: 'Foreign travelers are Japan’s guests' – Governor against charging tourists more than locals See in context

Actually, if this escalates anymore we will do our next trip, already booked, (note the previous 2 trips have been at a much stronger Yen) and not be back.

We're retired have such fond memories of our trips to Japan and its wonderful people and intended to come back each year.

Sounds like we are not welcome.

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Posted in: 'Foreign travelers are Japan’s guests' – Governor against charging tourists more than locals See in context

Estimates for our next trip + the other 2 we've done come to around Y6.1 million.

So you don't want our tourist dollars ?

Your BOJ is at fault keeping the Yen weak which mainly affects the citizens of Japan. The BOJ can't run an economy on virtually zero % interest rates and not have the courage to sell off the $US debt to strengthen your currency.

You have excess tourists due to the weak Yen. Japan is historically known as an expensive destination, but now it's the new Bali for value for money. The BOJ needs to fix this for you all urgently.

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Posted in: Private-sector advisers urge proper BOJ response to weak yen See in context

Only way is to sell some/all of the $US debt they have. Japan is the second largest holder. But no, they've been told by the USA Government not to do this as rates in the US would spike. Can't have that in an election year.

Be nice if the BOJ supported Japan and its people, not the USA.

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Posted in: Barrier at popular vantage point for viewing Mount Fuji going up See in context

Comment : Foreigners, behave well in Japan..

A great majority of us do. We come and show respect, abide by your customs as best we can and spend our hard earned money in Japan.

We only come in bigger numbers as your Yen is weak. That's not our doing. That's an internal problem there that I hope gets fixed soon for you all. Japan used to known as an expensive destination - it's now promoted as the next Bali due to the weak Yen.

The more they put this article of a convenience store in the papers, the more people will turn up.

Please don't put us all in the camp of "behave well" please.

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Posted in: New Tokyo restaurant charges higher prices to foreign tourists than Japanese locals See in context

Keep the extra costs to the tourist coming. Great idea. Not.

So we spend about Y2million each time, give or take, when we visited last 3 times on extended trips.

Keep this sort of thing up and we will take our money elsewhere. Easy.

Let's see how things go if your BOJ finally strengthens your currency and the tourist numbers start to fall.

Nowhere else in the world are we charged extra for being a tourist and spending money.

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Posted in: Climbers have turned Mount Everest into garbage dump, but sustainable solutions are within reach See in context

People can be so disrespectful and grubs. This happens all around the world at famous spots that we've been to.

I'm sure they're not like that in their own home. Or are they ?

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Posted in: G7 nations commit to phasing out coal by 2035 but give Japan some flexibility See in context

And here in hypocritical Australia, we "must" go net zero no matter what it costs the Australian people (we can import our own natural gas back from o/s cheaper than it's being sold here), yet we still are the largest exporter of coal to the world and virtually equal first with natural gas. Maybe we should stop exporting the stuff and see how that goes down with our export income.

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Posted in: To fend off tourists, town starts building big screen blocking view of Mount Fuji See in context

Please don't label all tourists as ill mannered. My wife and I have been there 3 times on extended trips. We don't throw rubbish, talk loud, disrespect people, push in, not follow rules on trains and at tourist destinations. We do our best to blend in and be respectful to your ways, like we do with all countries we visit.

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