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Posted in: Catalyzing change for gender equality See in context

All women’s protections will be sacrificed on the way to the multi gender future. Progressive Americans are medicating their children to produce the “kinda men” or “kinda women” of the future. No need to protect women when hormones are handed out like candy at the gender clinic.

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Posted in: SoftBank considers tie-up with messaging app Line See in context

Losing millions a day, sounds like Softbank's kind of company.

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Posted in: WeWork, ex-CEO Neumann, Softbank sued over botched IPO, plummeting value See in context

These suits are actually "attorney" suits, they seek out a shareholder (the ex-employee makes a good choice as the media will feel sympathy) and file looking to settle the claim. The attorney gets 50% of the money so they are the real "client". Haven't yet seen tv ads looking for clients like you see for other tort lawyers, but wouldn't be surprised to see that happen. So the media has another self-interest in selling the ads, the judges that preside over the cases retire to be senior partners (no work needed) at the law firms that appeared before them. That $1.5 billion in Neumann's pocket is a tempting target for America's bottom feeding attorneys, this will not be the only suit. These costs are a hidden tax that all Americans pay on anything they purchase.

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Posted in: SoftBank Group profit plunges; Son admits 'poor' decisions See in context

If it cost $1.5 Billion to get rid of Neumann, how much will it cost to get rid of Son?

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Posted in: Asahi CEO bets on better tasting alcohol-free beers See in context

Loved Asahi on my visits to Japan, USA version is of course not the same. If they can make a non-alcohol beer that has taste, body and no bitterness, it will be in my fridge.

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Posted in: U.S. 'medical tourists' seek cheap health care abroad See in context

Hope all goes well for the tourists, there will be no million dollar (pesos?) malpractice recoveries in Mexico.

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Posted in: Civilian employee kills 4 in knife attack at Paris police HQ See in context

Not much detail, France government secrecy is at Soviet level.

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Posted in: How dangerous is vaping? The science remains hazy See in context

SELLING ELECTRICLY HEATED BONGS TO DOPERS LEADS TO PROBLEMS. That the correct headline to all the stories on vaping. Every convenience store and gas station in much of the USA is selling CBD oil made from the same plant as marijuana. Testing has shown that many of these products still have THC in them, mostly because the makers are not good at getting it out of the product. Of course any doper will know which ones are the "best" high, and the health issues seen from vaping are all so far reported from those who are using their units to vape street concoctions. Again, lets sell cheap bongs on every corner, what could go wrong?

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Posted in: WWII start marked in Poland with German remorse, warning See in context

Germany and the many countries who collaborated in WWll (remember the valiant defense of the Danes?, me neither) wish to impose the Socialist dogma of the National Socialists (without the racial extermination, otherwise similar) on all of Europe. Succeeding so far, those damn British are still resisting!

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Posted in: Pentagon tells White House to stop politicizing military after USS John McCain incident See in context

The "Pentagon" doesn't tell the President what to do, it is the other way around. I'm sure the aide at the White House was just trying to avoid the press taking pictures of Trump with McCain's name in the background, which if the anti-Trump fack news could have arranged it would have been on their front pages.

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Posted in: Parts of crashed F35 stealth fighter jet found in sea off Aomori See in context

At $90,000,000 the USA is not even recovering development costs. Goodlucktoyou is a good wish for the lucky pilots who will pilot planes without the technology in the F-35.

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Posted in: Nissan slashes profit amid Ghosn scandal, lagging sales See in context

They win! They ousted the executive that saved the company from their own incompetence. With the help of Japan's corrupt legal system, they win control of a company that will be worthless in two years time. Who would want to buy a car with that nameplate, now a synonym for corrupt nationalism.

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Posted in: Honda chief says decision to close UK plant not due to Brexit See in context

“Access” to a crashing market of loser government supported industry is not worth forfeiture of your national identity

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Posted in: With no deal, U.S. government shutdown likely to drag on past Christmas See in context

"Work without pay" really means work and get paid for it later, no employee has ever missed out on any pay in the many previous government shutdowns. Federal employees average double the pay of private sector workers (with benefits), they are not staying home just because the paycheck will be delayed.

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Posted in: With no deal, U.S. government shutdown likely to drag on past Christmas See in context

Obama had 18 day shutdown, Clinton a 24 day shutdown, politics as usual except the Trump actually wants to deliver on a campaign promise to voters who are tired of being victims of alien criminals. Want a list! Mollie Tibbets is the latest, her disappearance was big news until a Mexican illegal confessed to killing her, now buried by the media.

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Posted in: Trump blasts California governor's immigrant pardons See in context

Definite shortage of robbers and drug dealers in California, good job Jerry!

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Posted in: Toyota ends tie-up with Tesla See in context

Made money on the stock before the pyramid collapses, well done!

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Posted in: Japan may become 4.5 C hotter if no anti-global warming steps taken See in context

Here in the states the climate change enthusiasts create pictures of the Statue of Liberty up to its waist in sea water. Of course they promised us that the Seychelles would be under water by 2012, how is that going. Any excuse for more government control. Used to be that it was to save us from poverty, until the socialist ideal brought us great prosperity (Venezuela is the current example) so we need climate Armageddon to justify all taxpayers (people not working for the government) supporting all on the government payroll and dole. Consensus is not science, especially when the voters are not scientists anyway!

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Posted in: Bernie Sanders leads union push at Nissan plant in Mississippi See in context

Unions are the main money source for the Democrats, (besides shaking down the banks with phony prosecutions which result in settlements paid to Democratic "social groups"), so Bernie was actually doing a campaign fundraiser.

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Posted in: 'Fat taxes' could save billons in healthcare costs: study See in context

Will a single life be saved NO, you are going to die anyway!!! A longer life? Maybe, or maybe it will just seem longer!

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Posted in: Why Trump's tough talk on Iran will backfire See in context

Why wait to fight the Iranians when they have nukes. Get ahead while you are ahead! Obama's deal guarantees nukes in the long term and his "enforcement" guaranteed nukes in the short term. These religious believers not doubt would like a nuclear war with Israel on the basis of their larger geography meaning they could absorb more bombs and survive as a country. And the millions of their own killed? Martyrs!! But small land mass Israel would be destroyed, finally the Holocaust they have admired for so long.

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Posted in: Rio is stuck with big bills and vacant venues after Olympics See in context

Rerunning old stories, what a savings for Japan Today! Previous versions from Montreal, Athens, etc,etc. Just change the name of the city and the venues. Good luck to Tokyo!

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Posted in: Big security risks in Trump feud with spy agencies, officials say See in context

These agencies will all soon be under his control, that will end any "feud". A non-story to troll for anti-Trump quotes from Democratic losers between jobs.

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Posted in: On victory lap, few signs Trump focusing on unified nation See in context

Lefties worried about Trump bankrupting the country! But Obama nearly doubling the national debt was no problem! Fools.

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Posted in: Putin himself involved in U.S. election hack: NBC See in context

Hillary was far ahead in the polls, if the Russians were reading her mail they were likely looking for things to use against her once she was in office. I haven't heard anyone claim they rewrote the emails, so the dirty dealing and mendacious attitudes they exposed were useful to voters. This story is also without attribution, "sources" are the way to write fake news.

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Posted in: The terrifying lessons of the Philippines' vigilante president See in context

What seems clear is that we do not really know what is going on in the Philippines, and we are unlikely to find out from the biased mainstream media.

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Posted in: Trump claims millions voted illegally; divisions emerge over Romney for cabinet post See in context

Democrats bus in voters to multiple districts, but the problem is that they can only get away with it in the coastal states they would win anyway with their welfare vote buying policies. In flyover country the state officials and the populace won't cooperate, they call this 'voter suppression"

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Posted in: LGBT’s retail hell: Despite progress, sector lags behind See in context

It is hell for the transgenders, just slicing off the male bits doesn't make the the dresses fit correctly. Takes many years of constant drug therapy and feminizing surgery, and laser hair removal. Actually sounds like a great economic stimulus idea!

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Posted in: Obama administration suspends TPP vote effort See in context

Phony story, Obama never would have sought a vote on any program. He can't get a Happy Birthday from congress let alone a vote on more destruction of US business. If he cannot do it with an extra legal executive order, why try?

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Posted in: Trump could easily erase much of Obama's foreign policy legacy See in context

"convenient" now means the same as "unconstitutional" "illegal", even courts packed with Democrats from Clinton's administration are throwing out the "I have pen" extralegal executive orders. The rest go on January 21.

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