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Posted in: Obama calls refugee plight 'crisis of epic proportions' See in context

America already has 11million "refugees" who illegally crossed our southern "border". Obama want all of them and all the others he can get on welfare and then on the voting rolls to perpetuate the on the take culture he represents. More million dollar vacations for government fatcats like him, slowly dying economy for fools who work for a living. As long as suckers in China and around the world by the bonds to support the ever expanding debt, the party grinds on.

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Posted in: Congressional Black Caucus denounce Trump, demand apology See in context

Former cocaine user (admitted) Obama (holding the stuff in your hand was a felony when he did it) implores blacks to support the party that has controlled Chicago and all other large cities for 50 years. 300 dead dead from shootings including innocent children and mothers caught in the crossfire this year in Chicago alone. The policies of division for profit practiced by the Democrats has cost thousands of lives through crime and drug overdose, more of the same promised by Hillary.

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Posted in: How to get sick on the U.S. campaign trail: Little sleep, bad food, germs everywhere See in context

She can go to Lourdes for a cure on the $17,000,000 consulting contract that Bill got from a company that needed a State Deparment OK while she was Secretary.

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Posted in: Syria deal offers hope, but Russia calling shots See in context

Current administration believes in secret surrenders, there is certainly a behind the scenes agreement to end or reduce sanctions on Russia over fighting in Ukraine, or perhaps a recognition of "reality" in Crimea. They will be lucky if it works, more likely is the surrender occurs without any real peace or even ceasefire in Syria.

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Posted in: Trump struggles to explain his 'America first' foreign policy See in context

To all the folks around the world who want to tell us in the USA who to vote for, including the author of this misleading appreciation of Trump's speech. Up yours.

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Posted in: Obama warns Britain against leaving EU See in context

Obama the marxist clearly sees that the collectivists on the Continent have more power than in Britain. He would happily consign America to the Communist morass but for the unfortunate losses in Congressional elections he has suffered.

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Posted in: The anti-Trump: Obama slowly stepping into the campaign fray See in context

Please Mr. Obama, please come rescue us from the terrible fate we have coming. We need 8 more years of your wonderful economy, another $150 Billion for the Iranian bomb builders, perhaps a few thousand more nasty Euros blown up by the not to be mentioned Islamic Extremists. I we can just get a few more million poor folks to give up looking for work, the unemployment rate may get down to a great level. And it only cost us more than $8 Trillion added to the national debt! What a man, that Nobel Peace prize they gave you for getting elected was so richly deserved.

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Posted in: At 100, BMW sees radical new future in world of driverless cars See in context

If you have no control, who cares about the brand, they will all be controlled by government anyway. GM is well positioned as Government Motors.

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Posted in: Scientists find cause of Takata air bag explosions See in context

To inflate an air bag quickly enough there must be a bomb in each air bag in your car. That some of them explode improperly should not be such a surprise. Opponents of air bags at the time they were required told us that was inevitable. It is also likely to happen to any new bombs used in the recall. With experience the percentage of "bad" explosions will be reduced, not eliminated.

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Posted in: Eyeing global domination, 'Star Wars' opens big in China See in context

Do they get an "amended" version?

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Posted in: 80-year-old Tsukiji fish market holds final New Year auction See in context

Sushi Dai with a line outside at 6 am, a favorite memory and the best meal ever

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Posted in: Painkiller politics: Effort to curb prescribing under fire See in context

The current availability rules combined with the expansion of Medicaid in many states, have flooded the black market with pills. Thus the spike in overdose deaths. A sharp reductions in the number of pills in circulation would shift the overdose numbers from pills to the still available heroin for already hooked users, but might also reduce the number of new addicts introduced to pills from new prescribed users. Under current rules, a person who has an operation which will cause pain, is often given 90 doses to handle "breakthrough" pain. They may need only a few of those doses, or none at all if they do not like the "high" , a disorienting side effect and can tough out the pain. Hard to turn down the option of selling the remaining doses to the many users who will pay $10 to $30 for the high they seek from each dose! Others with chronic pain conditions use some of their prescribed pills and sell the rest as a regular practice, and have in recent years established this as a permanent income source. And there are others who conspire with low life doctors to get unneeded prescriptions to use or sell for the high and income alone. Thus billions of dollars for drug companies, almost all of it from the pockets of taxpayers or insurance companies. Not surprised they lobby against any change.

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Posted in: Trump lead among Republicans undiminished in first poll after Muslim comments See in context

This "news service" and all other news outlets have left out half of Trumps proposal. Not a ban, but a pause until we get a better hold on vetting these this class of visitors and refugees. President Carter "banned" Iranians for a time during the hostage crisis on the same basis.

The left wing media (nowadays that is almost ALL media) is so afraid the Trump reflects the will of Americans they must lie continually about his statements.

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Posted in: Obama says U.S. will overcome terror threat See in context

I hope Deadbeatles stays at "no gun safety zones" mandated in every state, and also the site of almost all recent mass shootings in the USA. After all, if you were planning to shoot people, you might choose somewhere with all the law abiding people unarmed. The everyday shootings that really drive the "gun violence" rates, are the black drug gangs wars over territory in the major cites (all ruled by Democrats and all with strict gun control). Without New York, Chicago, Detroit and New Orleans, the USA is very low on the list of gun violence countries.

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Posted in: Takata air bag crisis hands Autoliv chance to go big in Japan See in context

When air bags were proposed as a requirement, opponents pointed out that the only way to inflate one fast enough was by an explosive in the dashboard. Still true today, and changing the chemical composition of the explosive will not likely change the at least occasional misfiring of the bomb in your dashboard.

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Posted in: Primaries are what keep GOP out of the White House See in context

However we choose them, Republicans have won a lot of recent Presidential elections. Losing only to the admitted philanderer who attracted the most women votes in history. (one assumes they were looking for a date). And then to an admitted pot and cocaine user (hopefully not while in office) showing just how wide spread drug use is in America.

What will happen in the next election is unlikely to be related to historical analysis reaching to before telephones.

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Posted in: Israeli leader lashes back at harsh U.S. criticism See in context

The "vast military aid" are almost all payment to USA military supply companies. Sure to be lots of kickback for US politicos, at least some "contributions" for campaigns. Israel is a functioning country (unlike welfare clients like Ukraine, Iraq, and others) and will be well served to build up its own military supply companies, no one can count on the USA as a friend anymore.

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Posted in: Scientists unveil magnetic cure for bad blood See in context

Will be hard to overcome years and years of promotion of phony magnet cures still being advertised. Supposed fix everything from arthritis to depression, just wear this bracelet and all will be wonderful. Send your $19.95 today and will include an extra bracelet! Suckers born every minute.

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Posted in: Tokyo restaurant offering all-you-can-drink Asahi beer for 12 months See in context

Would sign up if I was there, $300 per year would be a big reduction in my beer budget. And like Asahi, but can't get it here in USA. They sell Asahi brewed by Bud in Los Angeles here, but not the real stuff.

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Posted in: Gaza war may just be a taste of what's to come See in context

At the same time as the Gaza war, more Moslems than died in Gaza were killed by other Moslems in Syria, Iraq, and Pakistan. Not combined but in each country! Haven't heard about it? The media didn't have cameras there to get pictures to raise their ratings. And of course the basic hatred of Jews is hardly new. Choosing the 1948 date misleads, all the rulers of this little land have been occupiers going back to Moses.

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Posted in: Japan's nightclubs weather dancing ban See in context

Is there a statute of limitations? I danced in clubs in 2003,2005 and 2007, should I fear a return trip to Japan!

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Posted in: U.S. considers air strikes as militants advance on Baghdad See in context

The weapons here were delivered to defeat Assad, but once you arm people with power on their minds, you have no more control

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Posted in: Syria's Assad re-elected with 88.7% of vote See in context

Lincoln was re-elected during the American civil war, no voting in the rebel areas then either. And the European powers were mostly on the side of the rebels then too, but not so effectively. Assad is not Lincoln, but the rebels are not much to admire either.

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Posted in: Thai coup leader: Don't protest, it's no use See in context

The power of the ballot box mob is not "economic" only political, in that the red shirts will tax the productive parts of society to pay for the votes of the losers. Not just a Thai problem, but they don't have enough wealth to keep up the game for as long as western socialist states. The same end game may come for the welfare states around the globe.

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Posted in: A future of thirst: Water crisis lies on the horizon See in context

As a matter of science, every molecule of water on earth that is here now, will be here forever. The idea that humans are not adaptable enough to figure out how to use the available water, or to adapt to the climate change that has been going on for thousands of years is silly.

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Posted in: Step aboard Orient Express for journey back in time See in context

Not so opulent, but restored original Pullman cars are in service on the run from Chicago to New Orleans and return in the USA. Not really very expensive.

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Posted in: Obama says right to vote under threat in U.S. See in context

Half the city government of Cleveland , Ohio (all Democrats) are doing up toe 25 years in jail for corruption. Think they wouldn't bus a few hundred homeless from precinct to precinct to steal an election? And of course the mob famously bragged that they elected Kennedy in 1960 with the votes of dead people in Chicago.

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Posted in: Abe talks to Biden about Ukraine, trade See in context

Should have talked to his secretary, she would be higher on the power chart than Biden!

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Posted in: Good grief! It’s a Snoopy-themed Japanese tea house See in context

Watch out Starbucks!

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Posted in: IMF's Lagarde urges Japan to increase women's participation in work force See in context

Japan is too smart to ruin their economy by adopting the foolishness of the west.

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