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Eddie Langdon comments

Posted in: Baseball, bowling, squash among 8 sports shortlisted for 2020 Games See in context

Football and soccer for the olympics?? Dumb 4 real!!

Bowling for the olympics? This is will be a great addition! Bowling takes strength, accuracy, and lots of balance and stamina. Its not just some outing on a friday night while drinking, its a sport that takes even longer to master than football or soccer and the competition is far more intense than watching buff men tackle eachother like your watching indenial ghey "video stimulation". People think bowling is just chucking a ball down a woodplank, people are clueless about the cores of a ball, oil patterns, adjusting, arsenals and the fun if it all. It takes someone like 2 months to master baseball or football because those sports are for pretensious 'murican patriots who disgrace a REAL american passtime. Bring bowling to the olympics and show the world what a real sport looks like!!!

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