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Posted in: Maruti Suzuki shuts riot-hit car plant See in context

All the "first world" nations taking advantage of low wadges in india, how could suzuki not know about unrest on the scale that could lead to this sort of thing? Ohhhh thats right, its a Japanese company. Never mind.

Seriously tho, this will only get worse. China is due for a popular uprising too. So are Pakistan and south asian countries.

Where oh where will the big corporations turn to when people over there actually start to demand decent wadges?

Another nail in Jcoffin.

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It's already crashing. Look around you, the signs are everywhere. Unemployment going up, birth rate going down, debt rising, mega corps posting back to back losses, production shifting to 3rd world countries, shops closing all over the place, financial companies and their shinanigans, natural disaster issues, radiation issues, revolving door of goverment leadership. The list goes on and on. Get some youth and females into office or it wont change. Old dogs cannot learn new tricks.

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Posted in: Flood risk rampant across Asia's factory zones See in context

Not much can be done to help those who continue to build in disaster prone areas.... neuclear plants on coastlines in japan along fault lines no less. Houses built near sea level where tsunami have come for thousands of years, often right at the base of a hill usually. Mudslides destroying houses due to deforestation, or simply being too close to the mountain. Huge houses built in tornado prone areas in south central US. only do be destroyed a few years later, and rebuilt again.


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Posted in: Mother suspected in murder of 1-month-old baby boy See in context

Japan cant keep looking the other way here... more support for parents is needed, especially the deadly 20's age group. Affordable and no-waitinglist daycare (dont forget the ENFORCED BY LAW standards btw) is needed.

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Posted in: 18-year-old girl's buttocks slashed with knife on Tokyo cruise ship See in context

Of course no weapon found. They were ON A BOAT lol. It's been deep 6'ed. GL finding it.

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Posted in: Three 17-year-old boys arrested for nearly drowning student in river See in context

There were onlookers...

They took the time to video it, and thats it?

Japan, the morally bankrupt country. again.

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Posted in: Nuclear fears galvanise usually sedate Japan See in context

I am frankly amazed that people here are actually thinking for themselves and paying attention.

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Posted in: Authorities probe radiation dose cover-up at Fukushima plant See in context

I smell a class action lawsuit against the subcontractor and any links to other companies who knew this was going on by the families of the workers (or the workers themselves). Wouldnt be surprised if jgov was included as one of the parties involved. Over a year, and they are just now checking to see if the people are safe? One more nail in the coffin that is Japan. Leaning more and more to moving back to Canada. This boat be sinking.

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Posted in: TEPCO report admits flaws worsened crisis; denies plan to pull out staff See in context

adapt or die. darwin dont just apply to people, but also to companies, governments and whole countries.

japan, mired in institutionalised government and corporate incompetance. led by old men who put money above their own populous. a people who have been bred as like lemmings to not buck the WA. the list could go on forever.

i honestly feel sorry for the population of this country. they are trapped by their own culture.

just hope some can one day stand up and draw a line for themselves, rather than relying on those overseas to do it for them.

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Posted in: Commuters' tolerance tested in face of declining public manners See in context

gaijinfo - "Oh, the horror."

I once entered a train with 1 open spot next to a fat salaryman. his legs were so spread wide he was occuping 1.5 seats (hence no one was sitting there). Using my leg strength I moved into position to sit, moving his legs into a more acceptable closing position so that I could sit. He freaked out and slapped his knee hard and called me out on it. I told "taro kun" to look at the people around him and count how many were sitting like him. Then I congratulated him on his upcoming baby being birthed, because he looked like he was about to go into labor with his posture. He shut up after that. Other passengers had smiles in response.

OMGhontoni - ".....but you still get the odd few who say "screw you, I was here first"! "

I see this a lot. Have yet to see someone refuse to get up tho. Once called out 2 young budding salarymen about this. I was seated in a super packed train and got up to get off, they pushed in front of others to get the seat, one of which was a pretty old woman who had just gotten on the train. Called em out in loud japanese what kinda manboy they think they are when women are around. They capitulated without a word. I firmly believe we can thank the fact society avoids confrontation and it's so embedded in the culture here that some extroverts take advantage of it. Only solution is to call them out publicly imo. Strategic use of words usually will resolve the situation (assuming no language skill issues, and ability to speak calmly during a situation). I occasionally eat some nigiri or bread on the train when I havent had a chance to take a lunch (usually when servers have crashed during the morning). This is also almost always standing up (not by choice!). Not much more difficult coordinating your eating than using a phone imo... so long as 1 hand is on the ring its all good i think. Wouldnt want to try this with a chilli hotdog tho.

ReformedBasher - "....I've had to educate people on what a bus queue is and how to participate in it constantly. "

I once encountered a line jumper like this while waiting for a bus years and years back. I called him out on this and made sure to put my body in between bus entrance and him, while directing the rest of the line into the bus. I was first in line, but small price to pay for educating childmen.

Probie - ".... who think it's imperative that they read their silly little book when the train is packed"

I am guilty of this! I had a fairly large book on how to learn the meaning and history of Kanji. 1 hand held a ring, the other was crooked to hold my book. I was standing in front of the seats middle between doors. I didnt realize at first but my elbow was rubbing up against a woman beside me. Didnt think much of it at first until that area became fairly firm and hard. Got no complaints from the incident =)

Another such incident I witnessed, a lanky white dude (musta been early 20's). He was emailing someone in english on his phone. He had poor eyesight so he used big text mode. I could clearly read his message "wont make it to the party on time, am too busy looking down the shirt of this cute japanese girl in front of me". I didnt say anything, but lol'ed because of the fact that he was surrounded by overweight salarymen. Poser.

An american coworker a while back was telling me a story of some yout picking his nose and pulling out a big chunk. He proceeded to plaster it all over the hand rail. No one called him out on it, and the coworker actually said he had wished I was there (guy doesnt speak Japanese well) to do so. I admit that it did sound like a situation I would have felt compelled to speak out about. Disgusting.

Overall tho, I am somewhat tolerant of music, beeps, games, books, etc.... Porno, taking up more than 1 seat, groping, blocking doors... those are unacceptable.

What gets me going is the dudes standing in front of the door of packed train who when the door opens do not move out of the way for those exiting the train. Those ones get a good shove. Also, those waiting to board the train who do not respect those getting off - if they did it orderly they'd get on sooner. Once had to palm push yet another overweight salaryman who was standing right in the middle of the 2 doors waiting to get on the train while several people wanted to get off. He got moved back and to the right (into the line of other people waiting to get on properly.

I guess that makes me one of the "rude" passengers...? but IMO i believe I am only enforcing common sense. Something that is lacking in this society.

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Posted in: Wrongly jailed Nepalese man returns home from Japan See in context


A casual google of "Murder of Yasuko Watanabe" shows the victims name, there was no attempt to withhold the name, except on JT. Been several articles already on this... here are 2:



So, if you read above, you will see that Yasuko's boss(es) at TEPCO were also her clients for prostitution. It may turn out to be one of them (you can see their names on the wikipedia link above).

Given a choice between their buddies at TEPCO and some unknown visa overstayer, it's a wonder how he was targetted by prosecution to take the fall for this crime.

The real test will come in finding the people who left their sperm inside the woman on the day of the murder.

All this focus on the release of Mainali is all fine and good, but we havent heard about what the jsatsu are doing to find who the real killer might be.

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Posted in: American father wins custody of child after divorce from Japanese woman See in context

better safeguards need to be in place at airports related to single parent travel w child when destination is a country that harbors and protects child abductors.

a lot of greif could be saved with little effort.

no excuse in this age of computing and interconnectivity.

congrats to father, wish more rational parents can see justice served in the future.

japan will change but must be from the will of its people. like china, its coming. nothing we can do but wait.

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Posted in: Nepali man to leave Japan on Friday See in context

i wonder who else was up there? which of the tepco bosses was engaged in paying for sex? will the prosecutos be facing trial for rigging? how about the forensics lab staff that did the testing and the aides that processed their reports? where exactly did the results of the original dna test get up to before being altered to portray mainilh as the only possible suspect? anyone want to take bets on if the dna will lead to further indictment? and possibly point to the true killer?

i seriously doubt it. japan, land of the rising sun, and just as morally bankrupt as their neighbours.

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Posted in: Nepali man to leave Japan on Friday See in context

found on wikipedia "murder of yasuko watanabe". seems she keeps her sex clients names in a notebook. among the men she serviced, her bosses at tepco. hnmm, werent they recently in the spotlight for something? top this off with procecuters office conveniently not mentioning ms watanabe had unreported semen of other men in her. recent dna tests show the semen are not all from Mainali.

so.. coverup. a list of names. dna evidence. tepco employees...

mainilh buddy, you picked a bad day to fool around mate. i hope you get justice served, in the form of monumental wads of cash.

wont buy back missed years but better than nothing.

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Posted in: Husbands who take active role in family life have more loving wives: study See in context

Darren Brannan: I work with a guy who is in a similar situation. Mental disorders are difficult to treat here because of the shame involved in admitting it. I would suggest trying to get her to see a doctor. If that doesnt work, you could do the same thing the guy I know did - go to a weekly mansion and live there for a while till she calms down and recognizes your contributions.

On the flip side, there's always another side to it. Have you asked her to detail WHY she wants you to die/hates you etc... maybe she has valid concerns as well. Who knows.

Divorce is just about as simple a matter to do as marriage registration in Japan. You can even submit it without her consent/stamp if it involves abuse.

Always good to have video proof tho, and keep it backed up somewhere you can access remotely.

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Posted in: Husbands who take active role in family life have more loving wives: study See in context

2 way street. Dont dump it all on the father.

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Posted in: Obama requests Iran to give back downed U.S. drone See in context

Yes, we want them to be diplomatic, while we invade their airspace.... nice

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Posted in: Second AKB48 documentary to hit cinemas on Jan 27 See in context

I'll take Nakama Yukie any day over these under developed super-averages. /pass.

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Posted in: Kumi Koda announces upcoming marriage to KENJI03 See in context

yeh... was quite sure the last I heard from this "female" was that she was dating the smap guy that likes to cover his head all day with hats etc.

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Posted in: Man arrested for abuse after breaking 6-month-old baby's leg See in context

ReformedBasherNov. 19, 2011 - 09:55AM JST

"As for this stain, I hope he get's his just deserts. The fact that it has happened twice is proof that he should be nowhere near that kid. His mother should have moved out/kicked him out the first time too."

I think it's a fail to assume only the guy is at fault here... both the father and mother are likely responsible to varying degrees. I mean... come on... 21 year old girl? the most important thing most 21 year olds think about is drinking, making sure their makeup and hair are perfect, and browsing useless blog sites.

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Posted in: Man arrested for abuse after breaking 6-month-old baby's leg See in context

children having children. there is a reason why most people say late 20's to 30 is the best time. Gotta give the youts time to mature enough to be able to handle things like this. 13-27 or so = playtime to find the right qualities in a mate. Sounds like these 2 didnt plan on the baby.

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Posted in: 11/11/11 -- It's also 'Pocky & Pretz Day' See in context

I enjoy Pocky. I will likely enjoy eating Pocky on 11/11/11 while enjoying Skyrim as well =)

Might even be doing so tomorrow, if download goes well overnight =)

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Posted in: 11/11/11: Are you one with this week's fateful date? See in context

I will concur about the skyrim. 11/11/11 is going to be a good day. 12/20/11 will also be a gooder day =)

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Posted in: Three policemen injured in hit-and-run See in context

was the trailing bike rider (who's job is to chase down checkpoint jumpers) sleeping? more incompetence...

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Posted in: Tokyo starts radiation checks on city's food See in context

..... the level of incompetence in Japan still amazes me. only NOW are they checking? I have seen people with geiger counters being used while shopping. Why do they need to buy it to test it? Stick the reader next to the product, wait a few seconds, and then move on. Even considering getting one myself.

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Posted in: If you had a baby with an AKB48 member, what would your child look like? See in context

Ok, this article is extremely inappropriate, as well as the content of the newly opened site.

Arent some of the girls in current AKB lineup minors?

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Posted in: 36% of single Japanese women more positive about marriage since March 11 disaster: survey See in context

"Papa_will_preachOct. 23, 2011 - 09:39AM JST

Two big things women want from a marriage: security(safety) and company.

But Japan is one of the safest countries in the world, so they already had security, and so crowded that they do not want for company, as in a husband and children."

I still laugh when I see people claiming Japan is so safe. It must be nice to be able to screen out negative news or stuff thats happening right in front of you and completely ignore it all whilst inside that fantasy safe bubble =)

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Posted in: 36% of single Japanese women more positive about marriage since March 11 disaster: survey See in context

Perhaps these women dont know about the new divorce type that came from the tsunami "divorce due to natural disaster" - wherein the husband ditches the family in favor of taking care of his birth parents in their home town. Ah well... they'll figure it out eventually.

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Posted in: More than 100 lawmakers oppose Japan's participation in TPP See in context

Uh... radiation concerns?

No sane market outside planetJapan would buy Japanese produce, regardless if it was grown in Kyushu or right next door to the daiichi.

I am actually seriously considering buying a portable gieger counter to check food before buying in super markets. I can guarantee you a good portion of the stuff labelled from XXX prefecture is falsified just to get it to sell.

Let the housewives continue to buy fukushima or tohoku products on purpose and feed them to their families to "help tohoku".

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Posted in: 38-year-old man admits to groping 100 girls See in context

If some of you are digging for root causes, try laying blame on poor parenting skills in relation to treating females properly. Poor parenting, or in many cases no parenting... since apparently the children are supposed to learn stuff like this from school? LOL at that. Another FAIL for Japan.

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