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Well, I'm glad some ranting & raving has subsided.

I love German perfectionism, love my German friends and for their attributes that are positively excellent. I love sushi and the beautiful aspects of Japanese & culture, like rest of other civilizations that has to offer.

As Jewish generations can vividly remember of the recent past, so do others Chinese & Koreans. It's just too humongous to 'move on' just like that for anyone. Jewish people also won't forget it for long long time. It can never be easily forgotten. Certainly not yet. It may take a long long time to forget. Moving on would certainly not be easy for Koreans when Koreans could read such comments here that are very demeaning & sinister. Some may be able to forgive fast but certainly not easily forgotten. At least not yet.

To this day, continuously, Germans are trying to make up for the past in various ways. For their future generations to come. Germans are repectable in these senses. That is the right attitude, right approach. Recommend it to all.

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genjuro & anti-Koreans here :

Better go home & study a little. Or meditate too. The fact that you sound so angry is that because you are so guilty about the truth that you cannot mention and digest.

Asians or Westerners or Americans or any other nationalities do not like evil acts on this earth. Japan is the only Asian country that tried to attack so many other countries including USA in this history. For your info. In case you don't want to admit.

NO ONE wants to be any COLLABO w/ anyone, Japanese in this case, on this earth. Unless forced.

The rest of us, we are trying to be civil to Japanese inspite of the past. So be like Germans a little & apologize ...... anti-Koreans here. Repent & apologize a little like the rest of us. Japanese are so special that you cannot apologize at all ???

Just reminding in case you lost your senses w/ all that anger.

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Please people like black_jack & others, don't write here w/ stupidities. Wasting columns here.

TO those sympathizers of : "You see, it is funny Koreans never mentions German National Anthem to be a problem, although it was USED during Nazi era." .......

Japanese never apologized for anything. Never admit their fault. Only blames the others or the victims. Germans have apologized. Germans didn't exactly do what Japanese did to Asia, to Koreans. So do not compare.

I'm surprised not to hear any repents from these commentators. It's all that guiltiness, that dislike hearing about Korean mentioning Japaneses' past sins that were never apologized for.

No matter how long these comments may be, the fact remains. Truth remains. Your Karma is here. Repent a little. Like the rest of us. Apologizing for huge sins/errors is not a Japanese thing to do??? Learn from Germans a little. Teach your children with correct history, publish truthful text books.....etc..etc, Stop being so jealous of everyone who's a bit better than you Japanese, when neighbors do a little better at times.

PS: Of course not every Japanese is like the ones writing here. Thank God. The point is to improve civilization for the future, for future of your children & paying back the Karma would not hurt anyone. It's recommended.

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