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Posted in: Dead hikers found crushed between rocks on volcano See in context

you cant take take dogs!!! Into an ash environment the dogs would die from lungs internal bleeding just for breathing.

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Posted in: Delta CEO calls for open skies in Japan See in context

Been reading all this sounds like most have no idea, how things are handled in US talking about air carriers US skys are more open to several airliners from around the world, obviously like any country domestic traveling like Japan is handle by local airliners this is in every coutry. Now if delta asking for spots to get a piece of the local market thats a fair request. But if Japan thinks protecting fail bussines like JAL and ANA willl do any good thats a total mistake rather have those bussines rebuild from the ground and see why they failing at a level they need to be protected in the first place,

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Posted in: Japan 'stole' our islands, Chinese foreign minister tells U.N. See in context

at the end china wants to do like any other country with military power, get what they want whenever they want it with force if necessary over the rights of anyone and everyone. hopefully they are not colonialist or imperialist at all lol yeh right. well this king of arguments been use a lot and are over rated I mean Chinese arguments to show off their strength and control.

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Posted in: Swamped Apple pushes back some iPhone 5 orders See in context

all i can say is besides the need from many people to own a product that from the beginning apple created the need to own Steve Jobs stated thats the core create something extraordinary that in some way everyone fan, pro apple, non apple supporter will talk about in the end you all are part of this collective experience and you all in one way or the other end up talking about apple thats the whole point.

about the iPhone and apple totally disagree with people that pretend to know or express uninformed opinions about such products first inform yourselves then share your thought otherwise you are only sharing ignorance I been immerse in technology products all my life call it nintendo, compaq, imb, sony ericksson, vaio, microsoft, apple, toshiba etc so basically I know much of these products and been involve one way or the other with android, windows, iOS or MacOS so know by experience a lot more than regular folks.

about iphone can say openly that this new iPhone form the start its a most device to have solid proven on the field that works and will respond to whatever need you may have in one word its reliable with new cool futures that in the end you will apply to whatever you do before starting to say i don't like apple products try to at least get the complete picture compare with the rest of good smartphones such a samsung, nokia etc.

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