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Edinosuke comments

Posted in: Japanese men share a list of common male woes before and after marriage See in context

What the heck!?! We are NOT slaves. I think equally. If the woman gets to use 3,000 yen at a shop and a man gets 380, and the woman spends three times as much as the man does then why do they care so much if their husbands get's drunk? I mean, he's doing all the work.

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Posted in: Man arrested for strangling girlfriend See in context

My, gosh. Can't people get on with life? Life isn't perfect and I'm not saying "Get over it you wimp" Put accept it. It's just that you didn't find the perfect person. You risk getting dumped if you want some one.

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Posted in: University student arrested for molesting 9-year-old girl See in context

Parent's and their children should be reading this and learn from it. But why would he molest some nine-year-old? That's just plain annoying.

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Posted in: Man, inspired by IS video, threatens to behead ex-girlfriend See in context

Man, he's really romantic. Attempting to get a girlfriend with a "I'll chop your head off"? Man, this seems to be happening a lot.

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