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Posted in: Doctors: Radiation not biggest impact on Fukushima residents' health See in context

What kind of a story is this? Sounds like it was given to the press by something that is trying to cover up vital statistics. Sorry, but even though I am a mere layman when compared to a doctor, I cannot go with what the story says. I get the creepy feeling that we are being lied to about something that is bigger than what we are expected to believe.

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Posted in: Which do you think is Japan's most attractive city? See in context

I agree with all of the above. Japan just has too many "attractive" cities to limit the favorite to just one city. In addition to these, I'll add the place where I now live: Tokyo. I do a lot of walking wherever I go ... and right here in Tokyo I find "attractive" areas all over the place, from the Daiba waterfront to right in the heart of Shinjuku & the Ginza. No matter which city you are exploring, just get out and walk about the place ... you're sure to find an "attractive" sight somewhere.

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Posted in: Park ousted as S Korea's president by Constitutional Court ruling See in context

South Korea has a hard time finding good presidents. Hope the next one is honest. As for Park Geun-hye, she got what she deserved. She turned out to be a poor leader of that country.

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Posted in: Japan see off Cuba in WBC opener See in context

It's easy to see that the Cuban teams of about 20 years ago were much better than what we saw in Game 1 of the Tokyo round of the WBC. Seems as if all the good Cuban players are now doing their thing in the Major Leagues while the WBC Cuban group are struggling with what talent remains. Overall, Japan clearly beat the daylights out of the Cubans in game one.

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Posted in: Trump asks Congress to help find evidence Obama tapped his phones during campaign See in context

Say hey ... Zichi is still with us. Welcome back ol' boy ... been missing you. Always did like your comments, and reading what you wrote above proves you're still on the ball ...

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Posted in: SpaceX to send first space tourists around moon next year See in context

Wish I had the money to make the trip ... sure sounds like fun ... and perhaps wild!! But, alas, like all of you, I'll just have to sit by and watch someone else have all the fun & excitement as they zip around the moon.

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Posted in: Driver killed in car-train crash was policeman disciplined for 'personal' trouble See in context

The cop must have had mental problems because if he indeed did commit suicide, he endangered the lives of many innocent people riding on that speeding train. Anyway, if it was a suicide, he sure went out in a fiery story-making way. Lots of publicity ...

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Posted in: Motorist killed after train slams into his car on crossing See in context

Saw the accident on TV, too. The train was traveling at high speed when it zapped the car, so surely the driver never knew what happened. Instant death.

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Posted in: Golf unveils a modern set of rules to make it easier to play See in context

Sounds interesting. Still remember playing golf in Okinawa where just about nobody went after OB balls for fear they might tread on a habu. Why not permit longer clubs when playing around such hazards? Just another idea to add to the list.

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Posted in: Malaysia to deport N Korean in nerve agent probe, scrap visa-free entry for N Koreans See in context

I was told ages ago that Tokyo is the spy capital of the world. Especially in the spy wars between North and South Korea. So, if the North Korean released in Malaysia is truly a spy ... we might see him pop up here in Tokyo somewhere some day. But ... don't count on it. If he was indeed involved in the murder of Kim Jong Nam then he is a "walking dead man." Surely the North doesn't want him around in any form ...

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Posted in: Vardy lifts Leicester to post-Ranieri win See in context

Say hey ... Leceister finally won another game! Would like to see this 2016 Cinderella team hang on in the top division for at least one more year. And ... it beat traditional powerhouse Liverpool. Great!

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Posted in: Would you let someone who's not a dentist pull your teeth? See in context

When I was a kid I never went to a dentist to have my baby teeth pulled. I always went to my neighbor to get the toothie job done. My reasoning: She had four children, all older than me, and surely she must have pulled their baby teeth out. Thus lots of experience. So, I trusted her with wiggling out my loose baby teeth.

While still a child, I had a tooth that became infected. When a local dentist tried to pull it, he held a needle up in front of my face ... and I panicked. He couldn't touch me. My father then took me to another dentist in another town ... and he put me in a hospital to treat the infection. About 10 years later that dentist told me in a serious talk on his dentist chair, "If that first dentist had pulled that infected tooth ... it would have killed you." My savior: a new drug called pencillin. Tis a longer story, but I'll stop short here.

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Posted in: TV footage appears to show deliberate attack on North Korean See in context

Been watching this on TV all day today (Monday). Needless to say, it is fascinating. The perfect hit job, plus it was all captured on TV monitors placed at various locations around the Kuala Lumpur airport terminal. From the moment of the attack until he passes out in the airport clinic 27 minutes expire. Again, fascinating film. If you get a chance to see this TV footage, be sure to do so. Bet it's a popular film behind closed doors in North Korea.

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Posted in: Autopsy on N Korean inconclusive as 4th person arrested See in context

The story that is unfolding behind the death of Kim Jong Nam is becoming as exciting as book thrillers written by some of the best fiction writers around. We all know where the final solution lies ... but getting there and the story behind it make for some good reading. The full picture front-page layout in the New Straits Times newspaper, and being shown over and over again on TV, is also wild. In that photo we see somebody who looks like Kim Jong Nam sprawled awkwardly on some kind of a small chair or stool. Quite a story ...

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Posted in: Malaysia arrests 3rd suspect in N Korean's death See in context

I'm surprised the two women are still alive. Under intense questioning I'm sure they will produce an interesting story ... most likely leading back to North Korea itself ...

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Posted in: Japan's 'Battleship island' haunted by ghosts of its past See in context

Visited here several years ago. A fascinating place to see ... and it has an interesting history behind it, too. If you ever get to Nagasaki you've gotta take a boat ride out to Gunkanjima and see the place. It's a boat ride you won't forget.

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Posted in: On the alert See in context

Just hope the thing works ... if it's ever needed ...

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Posted in: People no longer care about the difference between men and women, making it easier for men to proudly proclaim, ‘I have a sweet tooth.’ For such men, Valentine’s Day is more than just a day of romance See in context

I really enjoy Valentine's time here in Tokyo. I like going around to the department stores and tasting their free chocolate samples. In the past it was usually just me among the many women who were savoring the chocolates. From the above comment ... guess I'll be getting some competition from more men this time around. So be it ...

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Posted in: 11th inning to start with 2 on in World Baseball Classic See in context

The changes sound logical. As the regular season begins after the WBC is finished, it saves wear and tear on the pitcher's arms. But despite the changes, if a game is still tied after more innings, say 15 or 18 innings, then what? I forget ... is there a certain number of innings that can be played before a tie is called like in Japanese pro baseball? Or is there no tie?

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Posted in: Japan to let North Korean athletes attend Asian Winter Games See in context

Let the North Korean athletes come in for the Sapporo Games. They have done nothing wrong. It's the North Korean leadership that is stirring up trouble. Be sure to keep them out.

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Posted in: Brady leads big comeback as Patriots beat Falcons 34-28 in OT to win Super Bowl See in context

What an exciting game. After the Falcons built up their big league one of the commentators stated what would be needed for the Patriots to pull even -- including the pair of two-point conversions -- and that's what the Pats did. And then they went on to pull in yet another Super Bowl title. Great!!

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Posted in: Lady Gaga lights up Super Bowl See in context

Great show! Impressed with the way she came down from the sky (roof). The above article describes what happened ... with the only thing missing being the actual singing. In her opening pledge of allegiance, she clearly stated "one nation under God" ... a good start to her singing performance.

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Posted in: How the decision was made (to sign the purchase contract) should be clarified. Mr Ishihara has given the public the impression that he is trying to evade providing an explanation. See in context

Yes ... he is purposely trying to evade providing an explanation. In TV views of him, he appears as a grumpy old man ... and always shakes off the news media ... especially when they try to get comments from him as he leaves or enters his home. It appears he definitely mismanaged the Toyosu market fiasco.

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Posted in: Takanashi wins for 7th time this season and 51st overall See in context

The way Sarah is going, she will have over 100 wins by the time she retires ... way down the road (slopes). She is only 20 years old and so far nobody is strong enough or good enough to beat her consistently. If she can keep this up she could be skiing for another 10 years or more ... with lots of wins each year. I refer to her as "cannonball" Sarah ... and credit her wins to the solid shape of her rather short body and the fact that she really practices and trains hard. So ... many more wins!

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Posted in: Who will casinos hit hardest? See in context

I've been following the casino issue since early in the 1970s. At that time Okinawans were considering opening casinos on the island of Okinawa to attract visitors from outside ... but the national government said: Nonsense. Creating a second Macao in Okinawa sounded good to me ... and still sounds good. Now the same party in power that was in power back in the 1970s is saying casinos might be good for Tokyo ... and perhaps all of mainland Japan. Too bad Okinawa didn't get a chance to try its luck at running casinos ... I think they might have been successful down there.

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Posted in: The best part-time job in Japan? Get paid Y50,000 per day to take naps See in context

50,000 yen a day!! An easy way to make money. But too boring for me. Anyway ... happy zzzzzzz somebody.

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Posted in: Ceremony held to mark completion of Ginza Six complex See in context

Am waiting to stroll through this "six star" facility. Looks/sounds exciting so far ...

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Posted in: Injured Otani says he won't pitch in World Baseball Classic See in context

As his ankle has been hurting since at least the Japan Series, it is a wise decision. If he plays with the pain he might also injure his pitching arm. Too bad because the Major League scouts wanted to see what he could do against Major League pitchers and batters in the WBC. Anyway, they'll get to see him next year as he has expressed his intention to play in the Majors next year.

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Posted in: Message for Trump See in context

Friends from five different locations in the U.S. say the demonstrators are mostly ... and probably all ... Democrats. They are still peeved that Hillary lost the election ... and, thus, they are continuing to show their anger by demonstrating against Trump and whatever actions he takes.

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Posted in: Hawaii bill would classify homelessness as medical condition See in context

Homelessness is a big problem in Hawaii. If such a bill is passed, how would the state pay for all those with the medical condition that would cover homelessness? There are just too many homeless people there now. If you're going to be homeless, there's not a better place to be homeless than in the paradise known as Hawaii. Make homelessness a medical condition and they're going to be flooded with homeless people.

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