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I've always wondered what constitutes child porn. For example, if a female student who is under 18 sends nude photos of herself (sexting) and one of the students that she sends the photo to is 18, can he get into trouble for child porn if they find this image on his cell phone? There could easily be a 17-year-old student among a high school student body and she could distribute these photos to college students (if she is part of a college release program in high school) and college classmates would have no idea she was under 18. What happens if someone takes artistic nude photos and a female misrepresents her age and even provides a fake ID? Does the photographer still face charges of child porn even if he didn't know she was a minor and was deceived by her? What about someone who surfs a porn site and a producer misrepresented the age of the person in the video. With how the law works now, you can get into trouble for possession or receiving child porn even if you realize afterwards that it wasn't adults and deleted the video or photos. I don't condone child porn, but it seems that there are a lot of ways you could easily get into trouble with child porn even if you aren't a pedophile. And then you will also have to register as a sex offender if convicted.

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This article is about the newest way that pedophiles are being trapped: http://m.ibtimes.com/sweetie-20-software-uses-virtual-girl-lure-child-porn-offenders-out-dark-1848724

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Anyone who takes away the INNOCENCE of a child is wrong. A childhood should be filled with love, caring, respect, and above all; INNOCENCE.

Adults should act like ADULTS. An adult does not pose a child in a provocative way to be photographed. An adult does not do anything sexual with a child.

An adult does not confuse a child about what love is. This also applies to sons, daughters, stepsons, stepdaughters, nieces, nephews, grandsons, granddaughters, or ANY child. {A child (also called a minor) is anyone under 18 years old}.

Photographing or videotaping any minor being sexual VIOLATES that minor and produces "CHILD ABUSE IMAGERY" (formerly known as child porn). - "Child abuse imagery" is evidence of a CRIME. VIEWING the crime is a CRIME. And viewing the crime RE-violates that child. And SHARING the crime is a CRIME. And SHARING the crime RE-violates that child. Even VIEWING a "sexual selfie" of a minor is a CRIME. (photos AND videos) And viewing the crime RE-violates that child. And SHARING the crime is a CRIME. And SHARING the crime RE-violates that child.

You DON'T have the RIGHT to violate the privacy, chastity, and dignity of a child.

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I am old and wise. I am retired and a philanthropist. I hope and pray to reach the conscience of the pedophile out there. Maybe I can prevent a child from being exploited or even sexually assaulted today. I wrote this methodized and perspicuous comment about curime because I am taking different things that people in law enforcement have said about this scourge, and I am using my English degree to spell it out from beginning to end, so those few bad apples can read it. If I can save one child, I have done a good deed. :-)

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