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Eduardo Gonzalez comments

Posted in: Man arrested for posting death threat on Kawori Manabe's blog See in context

Another deranged Shinzo Abe supporter, planning a heavy assault on the imperial palace

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Posted in: Virtual boyfriends (cat ears optional) at Tokyo Game Show See in context

The main culprit for the present demographic crisis.

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Posted in: Foreign interns pay the price for Japan's labor shortage See in context

Still waiting for their court-ordered liquidation

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Posted in: Japan's Olympic organizers to review venue plans for 2020 Games See in context

They should had won the 2016 bid, leaving the 2020 with Istanbul...but too late, we better wait until traveling through time becomes a scientific fact

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Posted in: Fukuoka town experiments with new road markings See in context

It won't protect 'em from flying finns!

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Posted in: Nintendo's trailblazing Game Boy marks 25th anniversary See in context

I played the original one (not the pocket), the color, and the advance (not SP) versions. Back to my toddler days under the late morning sky, where most anime was broadcasted on WKAQ-TV on those mornings.

I had became a Pokemon freak with it from 1999 to 2003, enjoyed numerous titles with it, sigh, returning to a long gone era

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Posted in: Disappointed Abe says Japan will abide by ruling on whaling See in context

The reason why Abe is fully sad about the ban, is that the economy may collapse at full, back to the years of imperial military forces

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Posted in: Two detainees die at immigration center See in context

If it's for me to request political asylum, then let it be in Canada. Application first, then the hearing, and the decision. If approved, I could be eligible for PR, in which when going to Japan chase for the same thing

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Posted in: Japan ready to take over Qatar World Cup, JFA chief says See in context

USA sucks, Qatar is going nowhere, Back on european soil is impossible, Japan is building up xenophobia, Australia have no opinion, China is too unsafe speaking of environment and health.

If all else fails, the 2022 World Cup has to be cancelled

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Posted in: AKB48 creator joins Tokyo Olympic board; petition against him circulates See in context

And of course, the best replacement for AKB48...yes, Shonen Knife, since their inception in 1983 in Osaka (The only eliminated city during the 2008 host city election). They even speak english real well as it has been the language they used as default.

Miku Hatsune is also comin' in, not to mention the United Voices of Macross (Mari Iijima, Yoshiki Fukuyama, Chie Kajiura, May'n, Megumi Nakajima)

And please, Kyary Pyamu Pyamu ain't welcome. Perfume neither. We all know that AKB48, is gonna get CRUSHED by the state, before 2020

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Posted in: sarin attack See in context

PLEASE BAN THE BLEEP! CULT! Before the next attack may take place in the Imperial palace. Then it could become a worldwide scare from an already-xenophobic society

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Posted in: AKB48 creator joins Tokyo Olympic board; petition against him circulates See in context

When there's Gundam, there's olympics, as Haro ain't being enough to get the job done.

But bring AKB48 to the openig ceremony, and we may have a scenarion similar to Sochi's "dormant ring", unless the Japanese government is considering to crush the band at full, seen to most as a "threatening insult to the emperor"

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Posted in: Over 1,000 ill as Japan tainted food scandal widens See in context

Monsanto IS to blame, 'cuz for them, if scandals like these didn't exist, then Obama would be impeached and his re-election is "eternally impossible", bringing them their dark ages, forever

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Posted in: From Love Princess to Silent Hill: Japanese prefecture names changed into English See in context


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Posted in: Survey shows Japanese workers least likely to take vacation time See in context

Never changed since the growth went to decline by the end of 1989. In where vacations mean to their instincts as a precession to their dismissal, this wasn't true from 1950 to 1989

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Posted in: How much would the world miss Japan if it suddenly disappeared? See in context

For China, Korea, and Russia, rest assured that if Japan is geographically dissapeared from the face of the Earth, their disputed islands are once again theirs. And I mean it, as a dissapearance of nature as humans NEVER have the will to develop a weapon of geographical erasure

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Posted in: Which aspects of Japanese culture will 2020 Olympics showcase? See in context

Two thirds of the artistic programme must be based on the traditional cultural insights. The last one with the modern pop culture from the Cool Japan campaign. BUT PLEASE NOT AKB48! (That'll be the worst eyesore for both Mr. Bach and Dr. Rogge!)

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Posted in: Bad weather linked to train suicides in Japan: study See in context

Except on very hot days, where it has been proven to turn us into crazed killers. In this case, more police officers when temperatures climb over 40C

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Posted in: Chinese mock state media for 2020 Olympics blunder See in context

China's state-controlled media doesn't even know that 2 plus 2 is 4

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Posted in: ANA Boeing 787 has engine problem before takeoff See in context

A heavy chance that we might be risking a scenario similar to the Final Destination trilogy (And yes, it occurred once in 1987)

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Posted in: Parents advised to give the boot to their sponging adult kids See in context

In my case, my totalitarian abusive mother in her early 50s, prevented me from leaving home, getting a job, an start my own life, due to ideological reasons against me. I'm 23 and my parents were divorced in January 1997 for monetary reasons. And it wasn't until 2008 were after graduating from high school she opened a savings account on my name given that I could purchase a car when I have a balance of $20,000 to get a part time job. Only to realise that she has the money promised by her political affiliation, whereas an empty account from theirs means an electoral instability, only to remain locked to her being illegally married to her, get beaten up, and frequently threatened to death if I run away from her, thus my overage status was nullified on her behalf (Once again, underage, without any court order)

I am solely depending of my father for legal reasons at my favour, just as my child support check was illegally appropiatiated by my mother for her personal benefit, and so does my stuff given by everybody else, just to be under her legal ownership without my consent.

Given for that consideration, as she's putting the blame on me frequently for everything occurring in this planet, including terrorist attacks occurred, I have no other option but to go to the regional court and file a restraining order against her. If she bypasses it, well, better risk a prison sentence by murdering her, on a defensive nature.

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Posted in: Teacher suspended for taking part-time job as call girl See in context

Criminal charges are standing by

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Posted in: Scientists say they can 'read' dreams See in context

Not my perverted ones, though

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Posted in: Have Japan’s anti-smoking laws gone too far? See in context

Keep it as it is, at least we have the biggest lifespans on this planet

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Posted in: 10 drivers to be charged over 2011 pileup involving 8 Ferraris and a Lamborghini See in context

Much bigger than the taxes we pay daily

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Posted in: Saitama man dies after hospitals reject him 36 times See in context

Better not break any bones here, until the whole population gets hypnotised, to encourage the young to work, have families, and take mandatory vacations. Or do we need a dictator for the issue?

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Posted in: U.S. court calls Sea Shepherd modern-day pirates See in context

What if the Japanese Marine self defensive forces launched a torpedo at them? It makes sense to me

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Posted in: Sapporo restaurant fines customers who don’t finish every last bite See in context

Repeat offenders can expect legal action initiated by the restaurant's owner

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Posted in: 'Grand Theft Auto V' to be released worldwide in September See in context

Next achievement, assassinate Rockstar Games's CEO, or it may be as worse as Carmageddon

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Posted in: In Japan, gun ownership is a privilege, not a right See in context

Wasn't it restricted to law enforcement agencies? (total outlaw of private firearm ownership nationwide)

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