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Bungle, you have made an assumption that makes the rest of your questions moot. Beyond that, what is your point? That men do a variety of selfish, unthoughtful, dishonest things, and those things “trigger” women and? Men should lie and coverup their actions? Men are justified in beating women who have been “triggered”?

Me, I think couples should use honest communication and understanding to achieve a trusting relationship in which they both support each other and allow each other to engage in the pastimes they enjoy.

BTW in case anyone doesn’t know, opening mail addressed to someone else (even a family member) without a legitimate reason (such as being responsible for the affairs of a person with dementia) is against the law in Japan and punishable by a jail term of up to one year/fine of up to ¥200,000.

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“Rule no.1 : Never fess up to cheating.”

One would think No 1 would be “Never cheat.”

I have some vague memories of seeing a program maybe a few years ago that showed Olugun with his family and pursuing his other work which I think was buying and renovating properties. So maybe if he loses his entertainment work he can still make a living. But more important is that his family members are safe.

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“And at 42 years old, I wonder just what kind of "principal" you really are??? More like some "son" of an owner, who put you in that position, without an iota of experience "educating" anyone!“

Looks like someone could use some reading lessons.

“Kazuhisa Tazuke, 52, principal of the school”

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Posted in: Pandemic claims another U.S. retailer: 118-year-old J.C. Penney See in context

My family did a lot of shopping at Penny’s and Sears especially from the 1950s to late 70s. They both had various items that we needed or wanted and that weren’t available elsewhere locally at comparable price and quality. All our bed sheets, blue work shirts and socks for Dad, and such came from Penny’s. Tires, tools, appliances from Sears. Both had good, knowledgeable clerks in those days. Many fond memories of shopping outings at both. Later, on trips home I’d sometimes stop in but the stores were increasingly dirty and rundown with a poor selection of goods, it was hard to find a clerk and when you did they knew little and only tried to push a sale.

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Posted in: 100 tons of water 'stolen' from Ibaraki karaoke venue See in context

i hope/suppose they’ve confirmed it was actually water used/stolen and not just a mistake by the meter reader? I once nearly had a heart attack when the monthly printout left by our propane gas meter reader said the next payment to be withdrawn from our bank account would be over ¥100,000. After I calmed down I thought surely they’ll realize the mistake and decided to wait a few days before calling. Sure enough, a printout with a normal amount for that time of year of around ¥4,000 appeared in the mailbox a couple of days later.

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Posted in: During the state of emergency in Japan, have you been getting takeout meals to support restaurants in your community or shopping more at supermarkets? See in context

We’ve been occasionally buying some prepared foods at supermarkets or convenience stores. Haven’t bought any restaurant takeout as we would have to travel too far from home to find one doing takeouts. On days when I might want to eat something while out alone doing some errands and essential work in an area with restaurants again no, as there’s no where for me to sit and eat a takeout.

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Posted in: Green tea infused with little-known Japanese fruit is Lipton’s new convenience store summer beverage See in context

I generally prefer non-sweet beverages but I love hyuganatsu....

If I manage to actually come across this in a store I’ll probably give it a try.

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Posted in: Turkish pilots, others, to stand trial over Ghosn escape See in context

“The company employee and four pilots remain in custody”

Why have they not been bailed out? Are they considered flight risks?

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Posted in: Koike unveils road map for easing of restrictions in Tokyo See in context

Bass, “now they want to make a mass dash to re-open the schools, no phasing in, no daily checks”

Don't know about Fukuoka, but the public schools in my prefecture that have reopened are doing twice daily temperature checks at school, have staggered attendance hours on school days plus having some days off, have put space between desks, have students just raise their hand and not speak out for roll call plus a variety of other measures.

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Posted in: Abe's virus-relief ¥100,000 cash program faces barrage of criticism See in context

Note that people who already have been using their My Number Card to submit taxes online and such will already have a card reader.

In my opinion anyone rushing out now to get a My Number Card just for the purpose of applying for this payment are daft. People who already had the card but let it expire or forgot their password and are now clogging up the local offices have only themselves to blame.

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Posted in: Abe's virus-relief ¥100,000 cash program faces barrage of criticism See in context

JsapcToday  09:35 am JST

“Everyone is complaining that the online application requires a My Number card”

The My Number Card is not required. You can mail in your application.

“Why do I need to buy a one-time use card reader to get the money I'm supposed to get?”

You don’t need to buy anything. you’ll only need to spend ¥10 to make a copy of ID to include with your mailed in application. (This is assuming, that as in past similar cases, the reply envelope will be postpaid and not require a stamp.)

Dagon, “the linking of the current payout to an identification system only a minority of the population hold”

I wouldn’t really say it’s linked to the My Number Card. That’s only an option people can select if the want to submit their application online rather than fill out and mail back the paper forms they receive in the mail.

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Posted in: Koike unveils road map for easing of restrictions in Tokyo See in context

Northernlufe, “less than 100 tests daily today in Tokyo”

This makes no sense. It’s too early in the day for figures for today to have been released. And if you meant daily figures, while there have been some days with less than 100 tests there are plenty of days with more, such as the 211 performed yesterday, Friday the 15th.

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Posted in: We're doing what we can to boost the server, but under current circumstances, we're unlikely to see any immediate alleviation of the trouble. See in context

Jeff Lee, “"applying for a password"? I didn't know about that.”

From what I’ve seen in the TV news I believe this is actually people applying for a new password because they have forgotten the one they set when they first got the card. Also some people have let their cards expire and are applying for new ones. Both indications that even the minority if the population who have the cards do not really use them frequently enough to remember the password (and either didn’t keep a note of it or can’t remember where the note is) or pay attention to the expiration date. As getting these issues straightened out require visits in person at the local office this is having the effect of causing crowds gathering, exactly what we’re supposed to be avoiding. It also takes time to check the info given in the application with the original info on the card to weed out people trying to use someone else’s card etc. which means long waits at the office. They are now advising that doing the application for the ¥100,000 may go faster by mailing in the paper application rather than doing it online using the my number card.

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Posted in: Pepsi’s Japan Cola and Japan Cola Zero to relaunch promising an even more Japan-like taste See in context

“Japan-like taste“

The mystery flavor of the week.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics closing 5 souvenir shops; downsizing another See in context

Tokyo spokesman Masa Takaya 

Tayaya was asked 

Which spelling is correct?

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Posted in: Häagen-Dazs 'Matcha Ensemble' combines four matcha sensations in one See in context

“The fist sensation you bite into”

I don’t know what a fist sensation is but it sounds rather nasty.

Moderator: Thanks for pointing out the typo.

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Posted in: Jerry Stiller, comedian and 'Seinfeld' actor, dies at 92 See in context

I was already long in Japan when Seinfeld started and only ever saw maybe 4 or 5 episodes when on trips home, with no memory of whether Stiller appeared in those particular ones. But I certainly remember enjoying Stiller and Meara on the Ed Sullivan Show as a child.

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Posted in: 'Sazae-san,' world's longest-running TV cartoon show, switches to reruns as virus halts production See in context

“It seems to be set in some permanent 1960s or something.”

I also used to think it was set in bygone days until I saw an episode that showed a current calendar hanging on the wall. But it’s certainly not up to date either. The landline phone in the hallway is a black rotary phone and I don’t believe I’ve ever seen any character using a flip phone much less a smart phone. Then again some of my neighbors and in-laws in real life are also still dialing numbers on their black phones and have never had a cell phone...

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka making the most of isolation; remains focused on Olympics See in context

It was reported that she chose to relinquish her US citizenship.

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Posted in: Feeling lonely during lockdown? Why not have dinner with Naomi Watanabe? See in context

“After failing to enter high school”

“Indeed, from high school drop out to superstar influencer”

How is it possible to drop out of high school if you’ve never entered high school?

Not surprised to see the perfect specimens and God’s gifts to women, are once again busy telling women what they should look like and what they should do. People like that may (or then again may not) look physically beautiful themselves but their souls and moral characters are far from it.

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“Child care chaos looms if both parents fall ill with coronavirus”

I would think this would also apply in the case of single parents falling ill. Tokyo’s Gov Koike addresses this issue in her press conference this afternoon. I wasn’t paying full attention but I believe she said medical institutions would care for such children (as there would be a possibility they would be infected) and urged people to consult with officials in such a case. They’ve also put in place measures for people who are infected and need someone to look after disabled or elderly family. Also for those who have no visblevoptions for looking after their pets should they (the humans) be hospitalized.

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Posted in: If you receive 100,000 yen from the Japanese government, what are you planning to spend it on? See in context

So I just found in the local paper a list of all the cities, towns, and villages in our prefecture with their projected dates of delivery. They are all over the place with some already started, some vague like “late May at the earliest” and our location being the only one that says “undecided”. Sigh.

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Lucas, “! I can't believe it's still business as usual!”

See the word “now” in the sentence below? That indicates it’s not business as usual but something different from usual. Whether the measures taken are adequate will be told by time. I personally think barbers and hair salons are non-essential but if adequate measures are taken probably not riskier than going grocery shopping and such.

“Yoshida says he now accepts only one customer at a time by appointment as a measure for preventing the infection.”

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The AvengerToday  07:15 am JST

“I'd like to hear from Chiko-chan.”

Well she’s definitely going to give him a scolding and I think it’s highly likely he’ll be removed from her show. Must go look to see if NHK has put out a statement yet.

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Posted in: UK leader Boris Johnson, partner announce birth of baby boy See in context

The Avenger,

I believe his divorce was just finalized in February was it? And he’s been sick and kinda busy. Give him a chance, ha ha.

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Posted in: If you receive 100,000 yen from the Japanese government, what are you planning to spend it on? See in context

Forgot we’ll also use it to buy some hand sanitizer if we can ever find some for sale, ha ha.

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Posted in: If you receive 100,000 yen from the Japanese government, what are you planning to spend it on? See in context

We’ll probably use ours for purchasing some things from local businesses we want to support, some for food, some at the home center for DIY home improvement projects, probably put some aside for new eyeglasses when I get a chance to go to the eye doctor.

There’s a village in Aomori that will start distributing the money tomorrow, April 30. They’ve already sent public health workers to the homes of people aged over 75 and living alone to deliver and help them fill out the applications. They’ll be delivering the cash to those who requested that as opposed to bank account deposit.

Other places are prioritizing delivery of the applications to households with pregnant women, to be within the next few days etc.

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It’s no surprise there’s lines at the ATMs lately. It’s the end of the month when salaries are being received and many bills paid. A lot of people need to move money around between their accounts. I used to do that because the rent had to be paid from an account at a specific branch of a specific bank. I disliked that bank for various reasons so never used the account for anything else. Plus it’s the start of golden week and people probably want to have some extra money on hand even if they are not traveling.

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BTW I’m old enough to remember having bank books in the US before they started the practice of mailing out a printed statement every month. No ATMs either. I believe the transactions were written in the book by the teller by hand, although later maybe they had some kind of machine to print the transactions. I also remember having to physically take paychecks to the bank and wait in a long line to cash them. Back in the late 70s in Japan being able to transfer money into people’s accounts without writing and sending a check seemed quick and wonderful.

Now I’m quite happily using my nanaco and other cards but always mindful that in time of disaster etc there are other ways to do things.

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Arrrgh Type, “As you can expect, that book will fill up over time, and to get a new one you have to physically go to the bank branch and request a new one. As far as I know, there’s no other way.”

At my regional bank we can get a new empty bank book at ATMs.

Do the hustle,

“This is quite a self-contradicting comment.”

My point is that your claim of Suica being about the only option if you don’t have a credit card is far from the truth. Nothing in what I wrote contradicts that.

”Incorrect! With the ‘touch and go’ ...”

I was (obviously I would think) not referring to the situation in Australia, I was referring to the situation in Japan.

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