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Also think JT should run an article apologizing for the sneak attack (JT could have run articles touting it ahead of time like "We're excited to tell you about the great changes coming up. Look forward to a new fresh user-friendly design coming [date].), the headaches and utter wasted time caused, and the uncompensated use of readers as beta testers. Maybe give each reader a code good for ¥1,000 on or something.

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It's getting better but there are still many annoying aspects. As before, on iPhone.

One is that after opening an article from the main page, it opens up the article and any comments on it simultaneously. That's fine, but after I've finished reading and hit the "take me back to the previous page arrow", it takes me "back" to the same opened article and I have to hit the button a second time to finally get back to the main page. Either consider the comments a separate page or not, but please be consistent. If it took me one "click" to open it, I want to be able to get out of it with one click.

Another is that this this article has disappeared from the main page even though it's still needed as JT is tweaking things (I have it bookmarked). To me that indicates a callus disregard for the readers on top of the unprofessional way this changeover was handled from the beginning and the reliance on readers to tell JT how to make a usable website.

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Posted in: A guide to Japan’s faux holidays from ‘Cat Day’ to ‘Thank You Day’ and everything in between See in context

Fun information for those not familiar with these XYZ Days, but the headline and use of term "faux holidays" is misleading. No one here considers these holidays, real or faux.

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apologies to any readers cant be bothered with capialization and correct spelling or punctuation until jt gets the iphone keyboard issues fixed

noticed that on thd main page some articles have the number of comments including zero showing but others do not even those ive confirmed they have numerous comnents

i tend to judge whether to open an artcle again by the number of comnents that have accrued

if i cant see whethef new comments have come in at a glance i wont be bothered to open up an articlemore than once or to follow the discussions

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coming back after a day away i notice several if thd priblems have bedn fixed thats goid but as sppardnt frim lack if cspitaluzation pubctuation snd proper soelling incthis post thd iohone jeyboard issues havent bedn fixed making fir a headache inducing experidnce

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Disillusioned Apr. 20 06:45 pm JST "Now, they are all dead."

although its very possible the two in critical condition may end up dying, at this point they are still alive.

according to other media, the mother was apparently out because she was at work and the fire appears to have started in the vicinity of a microwave oven that was kept on the floor of the living room.

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if our posts arent originating from the expected site, just where were they expecting us to come from?

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unlike Thunderbird's other posts, the one from the iPadPRO in the store is not cut off along the right side!

just as with all the problems we have to point out with the writing and translations on the articles, I'm starting to think JT should be paying us for taking the time to struggle with the typing headaches to tell them all the ways they've gone wrong with this, ha ha. AS strangeelznd says, it is good theyre listdning and making somd changes but a lot if it seems so elementary (like dont mess with my keyboard!). if they did pay an outside agebcy to do this job they should certainly ask for a refund!

some people are saying we dont need the larger photos because we could click to enlarge before, but that wasnt the case on the iphone. i was often irritated by not being able to ses what was in thd photos, so i do like the larger photos.

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so, in spite of being opposed to the idea of the up/down vote system, i tried it out just to see how it works. Reordered comments to show latest on too, scrolled down to a comment i liked, upvoted it, got bounced to the top of the article, scrolled down to top of comments to find they've been reverted to oldest on top, gad what a pain.

skimmed the moderation policy last night, was falling asleep but think it said all caps posting is not allowed? THAT POLICY should be disabled until the stuck shift key keyboard issue is fixed!

also noticed as im typing a comment it doesnt float up and so becomes hidden by the keyboard until i pause and scroll it, makes the spelling problems that much more of a struggle.

the new function that tells us hos many words arr in a post seems quite unnecessary, especially in light of all the important things that have been left out. if there was a limit on length of comments i would think it is handy but otherwise....

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sigh, just had a post id struggled to write (pkease fix the jeyboard and autocorrect issues StAt!) disappeared by hitting a bad gateway when posted. what strangerland said about the amateur method of implementing the changes sounds likely to me.

so what id said was the right side of some comments (particularly of thunderbird and choiwaruoyaji) is cut off (vertical smartphone). cant be bothered flipping from vertical to horizontal.

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thanks for the hint strangerland

doesnt seem to work for me though. there are four things at the top of the comment box: a B, an I, a quote mark, and an eye symbol (maybe that is preview?). tapping on any of them results in thd disappearance of the keyboard and a freeze. had to refresh thd page to get back to an empty box with keyboard. Well, in the old version i could use the prdview function (but usually forgot to, ha ha). BUT quoting, bolding etc never functioned for me so I'm accustomed to not using them and can probably deal with that. ITS THE changes to tge way thd jeyboard and spelkcheck function (or rather, dont function) and placement of thd comment box at the too that will probably be the death knelk for me. AS TOWNSEND suggested, perhaps this gas veen designed to eliminate comments, ha ha.

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nice to see a search function now available on thd smartphone version. sadly if doesn't seem to work. Tried several terms, including "ice breaker" which is part of the headline of the top story. All resulted in "Sorry no result"

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another dislike: no preview function

just posted a comment and got the got that "form didnt originate...." mystery message. had to tap post again and then scroll all the way down to see if my comment had actually gone through. in previous version could watch my comment upload right above thd commdnt box. this aspect of the new system is horrid.

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Will preface by saying I normally only ever look at this site on the mobile version on my small iPhone screen (in which the up/down vote function, search function, etc were unavailable, and articles seemed to disappear sooner than from the PC site.)

Yesterday was too busy/sleepy to do more than have a quick look and post one comment. Like any new thing it will take some time to get used to but here are a few first impression thoughts.

What I like:

  1. Photos and user icons (avatars?) much easier to see.
  2. Seems a bit easier to read the text.

What I don't like:

  1. The way it changes my (iPhone) keyboard functions (two taps on Space no longer result in a period, tapping Shift results in all caps rather than reverting to lower case after the first letter, etc). Misspellings are now highlighted in red but not autocorrected resulting in more time and struggle trying to type something legible. These changes are so annoying that I'm typing this in the memo pad and will later login and copy/paste to a comment box. If this doesn't change I don't know if I can be bothered to ever comment. (Now that i finished writing and logged in to copy/paste/submit, it then took forever and numerous Bad Gateway notices to finally get to this spot, not fun.)

  2. Returns don't seem to show up in the final "product" thereby totally messing up the paragraphing.

  3. Comment box at the top of the comments, ridiculous!

  4. After tapping Post got this message: "The form submitted did not originate from the expected site" No idea what that means and had to tap again to get the comment to be sent.

  5. Up/down votes now visible on mobile. I find the very idea of such voting very juvenile and of no interest or consequence (especially if you can't see the actual numbers of each type of vote but only the total). So to me they waste space and are just that much more that needs to be scrolled past.

  6. Automatic linking of ads to keywords, resulting in promotions of knives next to reports of murder by stabbing in at least two cases. Not cool at all.

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Posted in: Man arrested over murder of woman whose body was found beneath kitchen floor See in context

bogva, She didn't actually live at that home (which had been her parent's), she lived in a condominium elsewhere and only visited the house to look after it. Also family members had filed a missing person report back in January.

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Posted in: Suspect may have dumped Vietnamese girl's body before daybreak See in context

Disillusioned, "

He cannot be indicted for murder unless they can prove he did kill her, which means they either need a confession or a witness......This is the way the law works in Japan."

Have you not read the article about the upholding of the death penalty in the Kijima case? As the article states: "Kijima was convicted without the witness testimony or confession often relied upon in Japanese prosecutions." Why are you so certain that the same can't happen in this case?

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Posted in: At least 47,000 evacuees still in temporary housing 1 year after Kumamoto quakes See in context


"I hope their 'temporary housing' isn't the tents I helped erect. "

Tents/school gymnasiums and such are emergency shelter/evacuation centers. Temporary housing (kasetsu jutaku) refers to the prefab units erected for the next step in housing disaster victims, getting them out of the shelters. And "minashi" kasetsu jutaku, or "considered to be temporary housing" refers to the subsidized renting of existing vacant housing rather than the prefab units.

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Posted in: Man arrested over murder of 9-year-old Vietnamese girl in Chiba See in context

Disillusioned, "It's the way Japanese laws works. Without a confession or witnesses he cannot be charged with killing her. He can only be charged with abandoning her body"

Then how do you account for the Kijima case, in which the accused received the death penalty? Apparently the law doesn't necessarily work the way you think it does. As stated in another article on this site today:

"Kijima was convicted without the witness testimony or confession often relied upon in Japanese prosecutions."

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Posted in: High court upholds obscenity ruling against 'vagina artist' See in context

Not that I agree with this artist's conviction, but wasn't there something in the laws about a distinction between, um, generic genitalia, such as that at festivals, and the specific, realistic depiction of a specific person's bits?

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Posted in: At least 47,000 evacuees still in temporary housing 1 year after Kumamoto quakes See in context

sensei258 at Apr. 14, 2017 - 07:54AM JST "Let's remember that most of those people were voluntary evacuees. Who would want to leave new, free housing?"

I haven't seen any such statistics for the victims of the Kumamoto quake/s. Mind giving us your source?

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Posted in: Severed crow head found on tree branch at Kobe school known for infamous 1997 murder See in context

"Why havent the parents demanded the profit of the book from the publisher. "

I believe I saw on a TV report that "Sakakibara" wanted to give the profits (or a portion, don't remember for sure) to the family but they refused to accept the money.

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Posted in: Japanese singer Peggy Hayama dies at 83 See in context

A classy woman of great accomplishment. Always enjoyed seeing her (on the TV) whenever there was a chance. Glad she was able to be active until right before the end.

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Posted in: Kobe to open center to support people with low vision See in context

Some of you may want to have a look at tge American Academy of Ophthalmology's Explanation of low vision:

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Posted in: Severed crow head found on tree branch at Kobe school known for infamous 1997 murder See in context

"In 1997, the same school became the base of one of Japan’s most brutal serial murder case, in which a then 14-year old boy, known as “Sakakibara Seito,” killed two other boys and injured three more. "

The article is incorrect. "Sakakibara" killed one boy (Jun) and one girl (Ayaka Yamashita) and attacked other girls.

@Disillusioned at Apr. 11, 2017 - 02:31PM JST "I remember the original incident well. It was extremely macabre with heads of children stuck on the school fence"

No, you do not remember it well. There was only one head of one child stuck on the fence.

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"and it took her sister three months to pop over for a visit? what the..."

Actually a sister and police looked through the house in February but found nothing amiss and the sister filed a missing person's report.

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Posted in: Man dies, woman in coma after jumping from love hotel room on fire See in context

Apparently there were a number of other people in that hotel room with the pair that jumped. Otherwise how would the posters here know that they were smoking, having an affair, etc? I wonder how they would feel if a member of their family, maybe their brother or daughter, died in what might have been an accident/through no fault of their own, and people immediately made all sorts of assumptions and nasty comments?

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Posted in: Osaka 1st city in Japan to recognize same-sex couple as foster parents See in context

The more foster parents and adopting parents the better.

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Posted in: Another arrest warrant served on ex-NHK reporter over 3rd rape See in context

lationz at Apr. 07, 2017 - 07:32AM JST "How the hell is this rapist allowed to walk free and commit more rapes, even after they have him on the books for 2 already? WTF Japan?"

WTF lationz? He's been in custody for months, since his first arrest.

Magnus Roe at Apr. 07, 2017 - 11:01AM JST "So all these adventures of his have been swept under the rug by the rest of the staff?"

What are you talking about? Has there been any evidence presented that other staff knew what he was doing?

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Posted in: Japan's education reforms stir memories of wartime indoctrination See in context

Cricky at Apr. 07, 2017 - 02:54PM JST "I actually laughed when told bayonet practice was Ok for children, who in their right mind expects a positive outcome. Kids with edged weapons?"

Just as kendo uses "swords" made of bamboo, jukebdo uses wooden equipment.

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Posted in: Japanese women list top 10 romantic scenarios by which they’d like to meet new boyfriend See in context

"it’s important to bear in mind that the researchers asked the women for their ideal situation, "

Umm, well they only asked them to choose from the preset scenarios, as us made clear earlier in the article. Who knows what they might have said if allowed to give their actual, own ideal scenarios? That would have involved more work for the survey administer and author of the article but it might have been more interesting. And there maybe would have been less emphasis on good looks. Then again, maybe not. But I have known many women here who have told me they they really don't care whether their potential mate is handsome or not as long as he's kind and gentle.

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