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Posted in: Park employee didn’t collect admission fees from 160,000 foreigners over 2 1/2 years because one scared him See in context

OK this sounds like a cover-up:

first of all they have automated gates that only open if you have a ticket with a bar code they would notice discrepancies of tickets vs number of times the doors opened since the purpose of selling a ticket and then using it to go through a gate is to keep track and statistics 160.000 in 2 years and nobody noticed earlier? That's over 200 people a day if he never got any vacations and worked 7 days / week... who this guy had to go out of his way, use an employee access card to let through since all gates are automated over 200 foreigners a day could not figure out that, just like Disney, there's a big place you buy tickets right next to the subway like ticket gates???

I think someone stole the money in the back end and the poor old guy took the fall for it... Why not blame it on rude foreigners :))

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Posted in: Islamic State claims responsibility for Berlin Christmas market attack; driver still at large See in context

You wanna know why we have terrorists and ISIS??? We should all thank the USA and Obama for all the recent terrorist attack. They destabilized the Middle East for their own gain. Basically Quatar and Saudi Arabia sponsored terrorists to fight against Assad for not letting them build the pipeline from Quatar to the EU.

Quatar and Saudi oil money and interests used their finance to sway US politicians and diplomacy (we hate Russia and Iran just like the US) to turn USA in their own puppet of destruction.

USA used it's normal tricks and proven "democracy call" strategy like:

financing NGOs that stir negative public opinion against the leader, start riots, opposition, and force the leader to violently stop the protests make media exaggerate and propagate the message that Assad is bad go to the UN assembly and claim "chemical weapons" or "weapons of mass destruction" without any proof (remember Iraq?) topple the regime either by public pressure to force a resignation (Ukraine in the 2000s), terrorists called "freedom fighters" (Nicaragua and Afghanistan in the 80s) or military force (Panama 90s, Iraq 90s, 2000s, Afghanistan 2000s, Lybia 2000s)

It didn't work because Russia and China played tough and defended Assad.

So then the next option is sponsor ISIS and create total chaos and a war of attrition until Russia pulls out and the US gets in there as a saviour and saves the day and builds the pipeline.

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Posted in: Trump puts new spotlight on Long Island gang killings See in context

So the anti-Trump liberals are saying that the poor immigrant gang members should be left alone to kill people because they are imigrants, and they have a right to be here, nevermind the people who they kill, they don't have the right to live.

what happens in Japan if you stay here illegally? Oh yes, they kick you out.

The level of political correctness hypocrisy knows no boundaries. What you're saying is that Trump is a racist for wanting

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Posted in: Osaka train driver apologizes to Japanese passengers for ‘having many foreigners’ on board See in context

I do t really care about what one train conductor said. But I care about the thousands of racist and xenophobic comments made by Japanese on Yahoo News... That's the part that reveals the truth and pulse of the society and hpe racist it is. They should bad tourism if they font like tourists, they should also revoke all visas and foreigners should do the same yo Japanese living abroad, and let's see how long the country can survive.

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Posted in: Increasing number of women leave rice behind at revolving sushi train restaurants See in context

Actually I understand the women. I'm trying to cut back carbs and it's almost impossible to find a place that serves you meat or fish and vegetables and no rice in Japan. I don't want the freaking rice but half if the dish is always rice.t ry buying a bent without rice, the only thing close to that is a small, very badly made combini salad.

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Posted in: The populists are revolting See in context

Populism? What I see is the majority trying to get rid of a fake democracy and rigged system sustained in place by puppet politicians in the name of the corporations. Hilary Clinton for example has supported every disastrous war for her corporate friends, has also supporyed NAFTA, TPP and now she is saying she hasn't, she got caught breaking the law and she wasn't indicted. A lying, corrupt politicians above the law. No wonder people vote for the clowns and exteemists, at least they are not corporate puppets.

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Posted in: Abe aide says raising sales tax would win global trust See in context

I am not sure how raising the income tax can raise global trust. I'm also not sure why he is spendinghige amounts of money to help corporations who can't increase sales due to low demand which is a direct consequence of decreasing spending power which is influenced by the tax hike. Well I guess He is helping his rich boys clubs. Keep bankrupt businesses going so he can win the next election.

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Posted in: To halt smartphone slide, Samsung rewrites playbook See in context

Wow. Some people here have no clue about Android phones. One said all Android OS look alike., As opposed to the crappy Apple one that can't let you customize anything.

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