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EdwardCanada comments

Posted in: Prince Harry accuses brother William of 2019 physical attack: report See in context


she may appear to be difficult, rude, and abrasive. In America, that's called "being real."

Lol...come on dude.

Maybe she IS actually a spoiled entitled brat, rude and abrasive.

Is it that hard to imagine?

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Posted in: Prince Harry accuses brother William of 2019 physical attack: report See in context

GW says

Harry & Meghan need to just SHUT UP & live their lives away from cameras & books!

We all know both Harry & William have gone through a lot, but since Harry met Meghan he has turned into a whiny wuss

But how would they be able to make a living then, if not by talking sh*t (for the last few years now) about the Royal family.

Everytime I see them in the news they're generating money by talking sh*t about them.

The hypocrisy of these 2 is almost beyond belief. This D-list actress having a world platform, generating money only because she's associated with the people she's been trying to tear down the last few years.

Harry is reaching prison-snitch status. Why publish that? What kind of b*tch move is that?

Congrats to William for kicking his ass.

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Posted in: LDP policy chief Hagiuda visits Taiwan See in context

Good to see!

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Posted in: Japan gets 2 late goals to upset Germany 2-1 in their World Cup opener See in context

Holy smokes, it's a tournament of upsets.

Very happy for the Japanese team. Great win guys!

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Posted in: Blanchett and Yeoh films top indie Spirit Award nominations See in context

Michelle Yeoh's "Everything Everywhere All At Once"

Can't believe how much success this movie has had. I just seem to just not get it, when it comes to this movie.

LOVE Michelle Yeoh, and was looking forward to it when I bought the bluray. LOVE all Asian cast films and stories. I have a good collection of them.

Bought the Blu-ray, took it home, eagerly started watching it.

About 45 minutes in, I ejected the disc, threw it in the garbage, and fully expected this to be on a list of WORST movies in the history of existence.

So disappointed, was cheering for it to be good, but throughout the movie I was saying to myself WHAT IN THE LIVING HECK IS GOING ON? WHAT IS THIS MOVIE ABOUT? SOMEBODY'S L.S.D. TRIP?

There was nothing sane as far as a PLOT to grab hold of.

Later I hear how well the movie is doing. Just shake my head.

Just did not get it. Thought it was the worst thing ever, and lamented Michelle Yeoh's career and what this God-awful movie would do to it.


Congratulations for their success, in any case.

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Posted in: Foreign visitors in Japan surge after tourism reopening See in context

Would love to go to Japan one day.

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Posted in: Japan racks up trade deficit as exports, imports hit records See in context

Japan is an incredibly hard working and industrious nation. They'll bounce back. Never underestimate these fine folks.

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Posted in: Kishida fails to shine enough at G20 summit to boost his image at home See in context

I like Kishida, seems like a nice guy (bring on the down votes lol).

To be fair, I think Ukraine/Poland news (and the initial worry it caused) would steal anyone's shine.

And his "nuclear free world" cause, though extremely admirable and desirable is an utter PIPE DREAM. It'll never happen, until maybe post WW3 when the earth is destroyed.

Much respect and admiration for Kishida trying though.

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Posted in: Musk gives ultimatum to Twitter staff: Work intense, long hours or lose your job See in context

I can't even imagine how much it must suck to work there.

The employees must even have worse morale than the Russian troops.

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Posted in: U.S., Japan, S Korea vow unified response to North Korea threat See in context

@Kurisupisu said

How is it that nobody is talking to North Korea?

Maybe the antagonists should considers all the players?

Well North Korea has shut down any talks with the US the last few years, will not talk to them. NK is nuclear now.

NK has called the current SK govt "scum-like" and told SK they want nothing to do with them, and the best thing for SK is to not talk to them.

Who did you have in mind?

I'm sure NK and China talk in private.

But, (from NK point of view), why would they waste time talking to people that are going to ask them to de-nuclearize. That'll NEVER NEVER NEVER happen now during Kim's reign.

It's a brick wall impass.

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Posted in: Ukrainian troops met with joy in Kherson as Russia abandons biggest prize See in context

JeffLee says

Great news, but also depressing: an Al-Jazeera correspondent yesterday pointed out that when the Russian military suffers a major defeat, it responds by dropping lots of bombs on innocent civilians.

Yes, I'm concerned about this as well. I'll wait a week or two to celebrate. Thankfully the Ukrainian govt are just as wary.

Besides the Russian army members blending into the crowds, the looting, raping, killing, and absolute destruction of the city they're leaving - as has been their trademark throughout this war...

I'm worried about land mines, assorted booby traps, and some other malevolent trick the Russians might be planning.

Party in Kherson tonight... the Russians may wait until everyone is in the center of the town celebrating.. and lob a bunch of missiles into the center of it and kill as many men, women and children as they can.

They're petty, hateful barbaric monsters capable of anything. They don't care for life in the slightest. They just want to wipe Ukraine off the map, killing as many people was they can along the way. The more the better.

These are the "human beings" you're dealing with.

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Posted in: Putin will not go to G20 summit in Bali See in context

Rodney says

he does have 82% popularity in his democracy, so I’m sorry, that ain’t gonna happen

WTF is with this guy? Lol

Is he for real?

Is that you Putin? You posting on this site now, you little bald-headed homicidal midget?

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Posted in: Sean Penn loans Oscar to Zelenskyy until Ukraine wins war See in context

Sean's hitting the gym.

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Posted in: Japan, China eye Kishida-Xi meeting in mid-November: report See in context

Good. Keeping in touch, sharing views on issues is always the smart way to go.

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Posted in: N Korean ICBM may have failed in flight, officials say; residents in Japan told to shelter See in context

NK apparently launched 3 more missiles in response to SK and US extending their drills over the weekend (which was a response to the missiles NK launched in this article).

NK added the threat to the effect of... ooh you'll see how sorry you're going to be for extending those drills.

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Posted in: 2-year-old boy falls to his death from 25th floor of apartment building in Chiba See in context

Awful news. I'm so sorry for the family's loss.

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Posted in: N Korean ICBM may have failed in flight, officials say; residents in Japan told to shelter See in context

@Awa no Gaijin

Just a joke my friend.

Making fun of Kim's little man syndrome and the cult of personality he seems to take too seriously.

Didn't NK try to kill or hack the release of Seth Rogan's movie a few years back that parodied him.

Full weight of the NK hacking community trying to stop the movie.

I mean come on, lol

Maybe Kim actually thinks he's a God, who know.

He's sure ripe for parody though.

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Posted in: N Korean ICBM may have failed in flight, officials say; residents in Japan told to shelter See in context

Hell, I'm glad the NK missiles seem to be working well. The way Kim is acting, very easy for a miscalculation to be made in his megalomaniacal petulance.

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Posted in: Yoon, Aso agree dialogue needed to improve ties See in context

Good stuff.

Much to be gained. The 2 countries make a hell of a team.

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Posted in: N Korean ICBM may have failed in flight, officials say; residents in Japan told to shelter See in context

They should have a big blow up doll of Kim right on the DMZ..

Film it being decimated by some South Korean jets...

Broadcast it to the world.

Watch Kim go full retard.

Nuke test #7 on deck.

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Posted in: N Korean ICBM may have failed in flight, officials say; residents in Japan told to shelter See in context

Again? Lol

Kim's going nuts.

Definitely wants attention desperately.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. urging more students to study in each other's countries See in context

Good idea, let's add Canada to the rotation as well. Wonderful learning about each other's culture.

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Posted in: Germany stresses increasing defense role in Indo-Pacific See in context

Good to see. There's a lot of these strategic Asia-Europe country alliances happening...

You be with us on Taiwan's side, we'll be with you to help Ukraine.

Funny seeing these 2. And how time changes things. Back in Ww2 these are the West's greatest enemies. This is 2/3 of the axis of evil here.

Very glad to be on the same side as them now.

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Posted in: Japan, Finland pledge unity against Russia over Ukraine war See in context

Good to see European and Asian countries getting together and forming alliances.

Taiwan and Lithuania is another unlikely geographical hook-up - yet they have commonality in that they both have big bully assholes intimidating and bothering them them all the time.

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Posted in: China warns against Japan-Australia defense accord See in context

"China warns..."

The audacity China shows blows my mind.

It's like they strut around thinking "i'm daddy alright! We're calling the shots, picking the song, and you're dancing the tune ... "

Japan you don't team up with Australia, but daddy here will team up with Russia and North Korea, your enemies..

South Korea, we're daddy, we're running the world...you dont get those missiles but we'll go ahead and build the biggest military the world's ever seen...

Are you f'n kidding me? Gotta be a massive troll job.

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Posted in: Russia unleashes biggest attacks in Ukraine in months See in context

It could have been anyone really, but

Ramzan Kadyrov (Chechen leader) could have ordered this for all we know. You know, the idiot who wants Putin to start using Nukes.

He sure got the result from Putin he was hoping for.

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Posted in: Russia unleashes biggest attacks in Ukraine in months See in context


Please post your source saying Ukraine blew up the bridge as you claim.

I think you don't know what Khan really did, read a bit of history..

Raping, pillaging, torturing of testicles discovered on unearthed mass graves in the town just liberated.

Do you want me to go on? YOU read a bit of history comrade.

The barbarism is quite similar.

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Posted in: Russia unleashes biggest attacks in Ukraine in months See in context

The Russian government and all those hardliners are seemingly from a different century.

They'd make Genghis Khan and his marauding Mongol hordes blush with their barbarism and brutality..

Animals from another century.

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Posted in: Mourners pray at Thai temple filled with children's keepsakes See in context

So sorry about this. Saw the news report yesterday. Put me in tears. The whaling of the grieving relatives was unbearable.

So sorry.

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Posted in: Russian missile razes Ukraine apartment block; Putin's generals face public backlash See in context

I hope either the Americans or us take those Ruskies that sailed to the remote Alaskan island. Gutsy move.

I respect them not wanting to be involved in this madness.

Either us or the Americans grant them asylum I'm hoping.

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