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Posted in: Japanese high school students fail to meet English proficiency target See in context

For starters they really need to get rid of the Katakana-isation of learning. Being able to pronounce something like "cake" rather than "ke-ki" goes a loooooong way to being understood

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Posted in: MDs warn teens: Don't take the cinnamon challenge See in context

“thought it would be cool” to try.

If she thinks that's cool, wait until she gets to college, and all the "cool" things she'll be able to get up to then. Her dad will be so proud.....


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Posted in: JR East train travels 48 kms with door open See in context

My initial reaction was whoopty-doo. No big deal....then I watched the video.

Care to post a link to the video?

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Posted in: Obama unveils $500 million gun control package See in context

The NRA insists that the best way to prevent more mass shootings is to give more “good guys” guns.

And what happens when one or some of those "good guys" flip out or forget to take their medication.....? LOL, the NRA are nuts.

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Posted in: Royal hoax radio presenters off air after nurse found dead See in context

I don't understand why she killed herself for this though - all she did was put the call through to someone else, who divulged the details. She wasn't a receptionist or anything like that, so she wouldn't have had training on screening calls. Not that I'm making light of her death - the exact opposite, I think it's a horrible thing to have happened, but just seems so "harsh" to kill yourself for putting a call through. It's a 1 second decision that cost her life....I just can't get over that.

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Posted in: Women can tell which men cheat just by looking at them: study See in context

I agree with mikemiro - 34 women do not make a statistical pimple in the face of evidence. Actually I can't believe this makes news. This means I could get a bunch of my friends together, run a "test" and come out with the data, and hit the headlines. Hmmm....that's going to be added to the SEO arsenal....

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Posted in: Toyota to invest $1.3 bil in Indonesia over 5 years See in context

A very volatile place. The people,and the islands with earthquakes,and tsunamis. Not good IMO....

Ahuh. Sounds a lot like Japan....

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Posted in: Why Japan doesn’t give a Gangnam about PSY See in context

Yet another user throws down the gauntlet for PSY, saying, “I’ll recognize he’s the real thing when he starts playing to sold-out shows at huge venues in America.”

By that definition, essentially NONE of the Japanese pop stars are "the real thing", with possibly the exception of Ayumi Hamasaki

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Posted in: Gun culture thrives in U.S. despite cinema massacre See in context

Not intending to sound insensitive, but as the saying goes, this is the bed the Americans made; now they gotta sleep in it.

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Posted in: Boy falls onto train tracks while looking at handheld game console See in context

@Fadamor - you completely miss the point. Game console companies can't be held responsible for WHERE you use the console. Train companies, however, ARE responsible for providing a safe environment in which to travel.

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Posted in: Drunken man arrested after man falls to death off train platform See in context

My rules of thumb, in order of preference:

Stand with your back against a wall or pillar Stand side-on to the tracks with legs planted well apart Stand with one foot well ahead of the other, in a "bracing" type of way

I'm not normally paranoid, but since living in Japan, I follow these rules to a t.

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Posted in: Samba See in context

I wonder how they survived the heat, it must have been so very hot.

Are you talking about the performers, or the people that are watching? Because if you are talking about the performers ... did you see what they are wearing?

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Posted in: What would be your ideal summer fling? See in context

—We’re at a fireworks festival when he bumps into me and my yukata gets dirty. He’s so nice, and our love progresses very sweetly; but when the summer ends he’s killed in a motor-bike accident.


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Posted in: The expat summer See in context

This was the most pointless article....

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Posted in: Taxi plows into pedestrians near Dotonbori canal in Osaka; 7 hurt See in context

There were only 2 passengers in the taxi - read the article again.

I did. I saw:

The taxi reportedly let five customers in

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Posted in: Last Airbender See in context

Shymaladingdong (as Tarantino put it) has gone downhill since Unbreakable, which was COMPLETELY underrated

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Posted in: Blow hard See in context

If you can't beat them, join them...

Worst advice ever

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Posted in: Constant drone of vuvuzelas killing World Cup atmosphere See in context

Completely agree. Ban the things. They sound like a bunch of angry killer bees, not wanting to shut up. Totally kills the game.

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Posted in: Dance on! See in context

Thats pretty nasty putting the money in her mouth. She's obviously never watched Mythbusters before.....

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Posted in: Anti-base ad See in context

You guys sound like broken records - it's always the same arguements:

Their economy will go to the dogs Wait until China or North Korea attack

I think it's safe to assume they have considered those points, and irrespective of whether or not those things will happen, they have decided they would prefer facing those problems, rather than entertain US bases in their backyard. I can't possibly imagine WHY they would prefer facing those problems, but it says something about the relations between Okinawins and the US forces.

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Posted in: Travel chaos See in context

ahhhh. Nice to be able to skip work when I want.... ;)

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Posted in: Powerful typhoon lashes southwest Japan; expected to make landfall Thursday See in context

From my balcony I haven't seen any Shonan Shinjuku, Yokosuka, Yamanote, NEX or Saikyo lines going past in the last 40 minutes, so I'm presuming they are all stopped.

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Posted in: Powerful typhoon lashes southwest Japan; expected to make landfall Thursday See in context

How do I find out if the trains (especially mine this morning) are cancelled? How do I find out if my university has cancelled classes?

On the JR East website here - http://traininfo.jreast.co.jp/train_info/kanto.aspx

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Posted in: Man falls to death from 14th floor of condo, hitting woman passerby See in context

How did they know he fell from the 14th floor?

Um.....from the article:

"....a witness who saw the man fall"

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Posted in: Actress Riho Makise marries fashion designer Nigo See in context

Congrats to them, but they really don't look like a pair! Such different styles I guess......

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Posted in: Nomura: $306 million exposed in Wall Street Ponzi scheme See in context

The article mentions Santander. Anyone know anything about this?

Santander is facing the biggest exposure so far, at over $3 bn

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Posted in: Tourists to be barred from Tsukiji tuna auctions for a month See in context

Think out of the box people. Life is not black and white. Open/Closed.

You are talking about Japan here. Thinking outside the box is like the nail - it'll get smashed into place soonish.....

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Posted in: Try to get a credit card in Japan See in context

Here we go again... this has come up a few times on JT. You don't need to be in Japan for X years or anything like that. There are semi-automated machines in several train stations in Tokyo, at least, that will give you Saison cards in AMEX, MC or VISA flavours, in about an hour. You have to fill out a form, and have the machine scan your passport etc. The machine gives you a receipt which you use later to retrieve your card. Worked for me, and for some of the last batch of JT posters that asked the question. It's all in Japanese, of course, but what do you expect? Expecting to get a Credit Card in Japan using English is highly parochial and naive.


Thats really useful info - didn't know they had machines that do it. I got a new credit card about 2 weeks ago, all applied via online process with ebank. Absolutely no problem....

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Posted in: JAL map of Tokyo launched online See in context

For those wondering where the link is, it's


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Posted in: Race little altered by 2nd McCain, Obama debate See in context

To add to taikan's comment, Obama has also repeatedly questioned the need to invade a country that had nothing to do with 9/11 at the expense of not funneling enough resources to the country that DID have something to do with 9/11 in Afghanistan.

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