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She is ready and able to be our next president

It's people like you that will get McCain and Palin into the White House, and the rest of the world will watch as the last superpower crumbles under it's own failures.

It also surprises me how the fact John McCain was a POW for 5 years somehow equates to him leading the country into some sort of military "victory" in Iraq.

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Run buddy run!

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Posted in: S Korean female tourist shot dead by N Korean soldier See in context

Fact of the matter is - what was she doing wandering around at 4.30 in the morning anyway?!

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Hope those new subscribers enjoy paying the 7000 yen (minimum) per month.

That's essentially what Docomo subscribers pay anyway.....

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Reading this post reminds me of something that I have always used to describe Japan. It is a land of extremes.

Absolutely agree with you. After living here for a month or so, I started calling it the Land of Contradictions - for exactly the same reasons you've listed.

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Posted in: New Fukutoshin subway line plagued with trouble for 1st three days See in context

Another solution is the creation of fully automatic lines.

You mean like the Oedo line?

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Posted in: Raiders of the lost SMAP See in context


The questions tend to be the same world over. The 10 minute segments that interviewers have are also done world over - they're called press junkets and most of the time the stars have to sit through and do a good number of them a day, sometimes up to 60-80 of them in one sitting.

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Posted in: NTT DOCOMO unveils new handsets for summer See in context

Where's the iPhone?!?!?!

Probably told to hold on announcing it until Steve Jobs delivers his Keynote address on the 9th June. There's expectation that he'll announce the release in Korea and Japan at the keynote, as well as announcing that the iPhone will finally be 3G capable, which it would need to be to be competitive in the Asian market....

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