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Egle Singh comments

Posted in: Coast Guard searching Hawaiian waters for Japanese student See in context

I hope he will be saved by someone.

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Posted in: Japan asks U.S. publisher to change 'sex slave' reference in textbook See in context

What's so bad about admitting it? I don't get why do they fear it so much because we all had stuff we are ashamed of (concentration camps and gulags in Nazi Germany and USSR), Spanish Inquisition, all sorts of genocides done for own people. There could be some trial and whoever wins the case will be the winner and facing the facts like documents, photos and witnesses would be easier to determine who did what and how during the WW2. But I just can't forget a Japanese diplomat called Chiune Sugihara, who during the war saved thousands of Jews in Eastern Europe by issuing them transit visas risking his own life (I even think he lost it). So it's all so mixed...

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Posted in: Jordan ready to swap inmate for pilot but no mention of Goto See in context

I just wished these terrorists didn't exist. What they do is too much over the top already and even the powerful America cannot do anything. Looks like we are already experiencing a WW2 but it's more behind the scenes, not named or perhaps in the name of "terrorism". The most annoying is those who do all that are some tribals, very correct to say that reasoning is not possible with them. But in any case, Goto and his friend should not be blamed for what happened to them. They tried to be optimistic and confident by going there but when you are not there experiencing it, you can't tell what it is and how bad it is. I just really hope he is not suffering too much physically and I still think that miracles happen and he should keep the hope, perhaps in his country. Reading the other articles it seemed that people who are released later become kidnappers themselves, so perhaps this is the only condition that they agree to release the people upon.

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Posted in: A month after download law, consumers spending less on music: survey See in context

People should go on strike. That's what everyone does in India when they don't like something and no one listens to them.

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Posted in: Why you shouldn’t learn Japanese See in context

I have read this all very interesting article and all the comments. I've been thinking about this for so long! First I started to learn Japanese when I was 23 just like that without any reason. I wanted to see how kanjis work and all that. I got hooked up and spent loads of money on books during the 3 years I was trying to study it on my own. I never seemed to have time for drills as I have children and a busy home life. I was desperate to go to Japan but then realized that it's pretty unrealistic so I quit learning Japanese FOR GOOD. I can understand and agree with every sentence in this article. This is a fact, this is true. All the points are totally correct and valid.

After 3 years or so when I realized I've learnt my 3rd foreign language almost to the fluent level I felt I was bored and needed something in my life. For example: an extremely difficult foreign language. The candidates were Japanese, Chinese, Arabic and two Indian languages. I felt like I've achieved everything in material life and there was nothing to it. I felt I didn't want new clothes, new things, new trips - nothing. When I really thought what I wanted was the joy of using Japanese. But this time my priorities were different (I was very careful in setting my priorities):

I don't intend to become fluent in Japanese necessarily; I will speak and write it even if it's wrong and people laugh at it; I will use it everyday and it doesn't matter if I'm ever going or not going to Japan; I know that what I like about Japan can be only experienced in Japanese novels, samurai movies and museums; I know that even if I was fluent in Japanese, I would hardly ever "open up" with someone as I don't do that in my own language and I am not very outgoing either; The reason why I want to learn Japanese is I like Japanese writers, movies and books. I can include music and songs too. For that I don't need to live in Japan because if my priority are books, I can buy them from amazon.jp or read online. I think one should only learn the language if they intend to use it. One should learn the language not because of others but because of themselves. So, not because of Japanese or for Japanese but for oneself. Even if the whole Japan will speak English with you and Japanese - between each other, will it be fun to think they might be laughing behind your back in Japanese. And this applies to every language. After coming back to learn Japanese after the 3 years break I've noticed I could remember many words and many kanjis. And what I've learnt was so much more than when I started of from 0. We should divide the process into small steps and be grateful when we achieve them. 5 minutes a day is better than 8 hours on Sundays. If we get into a habit to do Japanese a little and daily, there will be no stress and no overwork. The same with body building. You just need 20 min of exercise per day and a perfect diet - secret to perfect body. The art is to stick to it for a long time.

That's only my conclusions and how I motivate myself. We should enjoy the process, if we don't, we should review our motivations. If there aren't any, we should create them. If learning Japanese doesn't seem worth it, look for a reason that will make it worth it. The reason shouldn't die when we meet a bad Japan related experience. Imagine you were a Japanese in your past life. So you are a Japanese, you knew the language. No one can take it from you. So you can remember it quietly :) You refers to myself or one.

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