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Posted in: Johnny Depp film sees Minamata pollution issue as cautionary tale See in context

The LDP-Keidanren-Kokkakomuin nexus is sure gonna be hopping mad about this movie. Probably accuse it of being financed by the Chinese government.

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Posted in: France accuses Australia, U.S. of lying in escalating crisis See in context

Of London's role in the pact under Prime Minister Boris Johnson, he added with derision: "Britain in this whole thing is a bit like the third wheel."

C'est la vérité! An accurate description of the British since 1945.

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Posted in: Cyprus recovers looted 18th century church doors from Japan See in context

Sounds like a Japanese art collector got them off some rapacious Turks back in the day. Nice to see them finally go home, but I wonder what the quid pro quo was to do this?

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Posted in: GSDF troops begin nationwide drills for 1st time in 30 years See in context

Chatter in certain military circles that it's about to kick off around Taiwan.

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Posted in: Little to celebrate after 50 years of activism: Greenpeace chief See in context

Those guys in that pond need to try harder - have they contacted the XR theater directors, they usually have some good ideas.

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Posted in: UK gov't ditches plans for vaccine passports at crowded venues in England See in context

Unethical, unworkable and unprofitable. Many business associations were lobbying the UK gov to drop this whole idea. To say nothing of the push back from citizens' rights groups.

Big Pharma may be making out like the bandits they are in the current climate of deliberately induced fear, but other powerful, well-connected sectors of the economy/society are not going to sit back and let them eat their slices of the pie as well.

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Posted in: Canada election up in air with one week to go See in context

Trudeau is the poster boy for the neo-liberal globalists, so no doubt Dominion will be available to secure his 'victory'.

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Posted in: Medvedev ends Djokovic's bid for year Slam at U.S. Open See in context

Fantastic Medvedev! Beat the GOAT and the obnoxious NY crowd who booed, forced him to play through noise on match points, called “out” during points, and cheered faults from both players. Classless, as usual.

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Posted in: Britain's Raducanu, 18, beats Fernandez, 19, to win U.S. Open See in context

Raducanu may have won the match, but Fernandez won the post-match on court speeches to the crowd. She paid a wonderful tribute to NYC on the anniversary of 9/11, even though she wasn't born when that tragedy took place. It was a bit tone deaf of Raducanu not to do likewise.

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Posted in: Djokovic to play for Grand Slam against Medvedev in U.S. Open final See in context

GOAT and anti-woke/anti-vaxx. Love the guy!

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Posted in: Australian states free of COVID resist opening their borders See in context

Always said WA should be an independent country.

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Posted in: Biden calls Xi as U.S.-China relationship grows more tense See in context

"Hello, is that Mr. Xi?"

"Yes, who is this?"

"It's Joe, I wanna talk about the thing"

"The thing? What thing?

"C'mon, maaan, the thing, y'know, the thing!"

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Posted in: Teens Raducanu, Fernandez advance to U.S. Open women's final See in context

To all the usual whiners complaining Emma Raducanu is not really British, she is more British than Greg Rusedski was or many of the other so-called 'Brit tennis players' who take UK citizenship in their 20s after having been brought up and learning their tennis outside the UK.

Emma has lived in England since the age of 2, attended local schools throughout, and is very much a product of the LTA and it's tennis development academies in the UK. She is culturally and socially way more British than people like Rusedski, Norie, Edmund, Konta, etc.

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Posted in: Machines not missiles on show at North Korea anniversary parade See in context

It looks like Kim has been dieting a bit. Obesity and Covid are a dangerous combination, so that was probably the motivation to do it.

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Posted in: Canada PM Trudeau dukes it out with Tory rival over climate, election timing See in context

I don't like these neo-liberal/neo-con globalist career politicians, but it's kinda cool that these guys do debates in both French and English.

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Posted in: Now that the Paralympics have ended, are you glad that Japan went ahead and hosted them and the Olympics? See in context

Ditto the above responses: A 'NO' that is harder than diamond.

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Posted in: Mural of murdered Japanese doctor in Afghan capital erased See in context

The fate of Dr Nakamura and his mural is symbolic of a lot. I mean, how could the whole Washington/NATO defense and foreign policy establishment get it so wrong? One answer is that, if you want to become and remain a member of the establishment, you must never make waves. Since almost all the people in question want to be something, not do something, they follow that rule regardless of where it leads. A defeat in a war is but a small matter when compared to a risk to their careers.

Another answer is that members of the Western foreign policy establishment are almost all nominalists. That is to say, if they give something a name, it takes on real existence in their minds. The Afghan National Army offers a perfect example. Because we called it an 'army', gave it lots of American money, equipment and training, and knew its order of battle, it was an army, dammit! But it wasn’t an army. Apart from a few commando units, it was a ragtag collection of men who needed jobs and had little or no interest in fighting. Those men seldom saw their pay, because it was stolen before it reached them. Rations and ammunition often suffered the same fate. That army collapsed overnight because it never really existed outside the minds of Western nominalists.

That same nominalism applied to the entire Afghan government. Washington nominalists thought it was real; Afghans knew it was not. A Marine battalion commander wisely noted back in 2011 that “Talking to a 14th century Afghan villager about the government in Kabul is like talking to your cat about the dark side of the moon: You don’t know for sure what it’s like, and he doesn’t care.”

We see the same inane, inept nominalism running all through American policy-making. Washington nominalists think Iraq is a state. It isn’t, because real power is in the hands of ethnic and religious militias. The state is merely a facade, but since it has a parliament, elections, cabinet ministers, ambassadors, etc. it is 'real' to the nominalists. Not surprisingly, US policy there has been a series of disasters ever since the initial disaster of invading the place.

The Washington establishment’s civilians have been soaking in nominalism ever since they began their “education” at various elite institutions. Woe to any who pointed out that the U.N. has proven worthless in one crisis after another, that our “democratic” allies are all really oligarchies or that “human rights” vary enormously in their definition from one culture and people to another. To call an entity a state or an army or a democracy means it magically becomes one. And the magical thinking that dominates the establishment’s picture of the world leads to repeated debacles from which it learns nothing.

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Posted in: Djokovic lets emotions out in win over Nishikori at U.S. Open; Barty ousted See in context

Djoko seems to wind up the woke/pro-vaxx types something chronic, so I'll cheer for him.

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Posted in: Osaka smashes racket in U.S. Open loss; says she is considering taking break from tennis See in context

Always a pleasure to see Osaka lose. The Canadian girl played very well and also behaved very well.

Also, a shout out to Dan Evans who came back from 2 sets down to win his 3rd round match and make the last 16. Nice to see some Brits still have that bulldog spirit of old.

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Posted in: Brazil bank robbers strap hostages to cars during deadly raid See in context

Given the darkly violent, exploitative history of Brazil, are people surprised by things like this? The whole history of the so-called 'New World' is an obscenely tragic one, from Canada to Peru.

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Posted in: Planet in peril: Global conservation congress urges wildlife protection See in context

I'm sure millions of discarded face masks for getting into rivers and oceans are helping the situation.

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Posted in: U.S. climate envoy Kerry in Japan to discuss effort to cut emissions See in context

Flew in on a private jet and no quarantine. The gap between these elites and the average schmuck is now greater than that between Louis XIV and the average French peasant. And all we get from the so-called Left is crickets...

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Posted in: Osaka makes winning return; Murray tumbles out of U.S. Open against Tsitsipas See in context

C'mon, the AP love her, they can barely conceal their glee when either she or Gauff or Serena wins.

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Posted in: High blood pressure doubled globally in 30 years, study shows See in context

When you've got a ton of sugar, salt, trans fats put in all kinds of food and drinks, and a stressed, depressed population who are then bombarded with ads for said 'goodies', what do you think is gonna happen. Meanwhile, healthy food gets more and more expensive.

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Posted in: Japan halts use of 1.63 mil Moderna vaccine doses over contamination See in context

Hard evidence is coming in from the United Kingdom, and it conclusively establishes that the vaccines are NOT reducing the likelihood of a Covid-infected person dying.

The UK government just reported the following data, tucked away in their report on variants of concern: Less than a third of delta variant deaths are in the unvaccinated.

Let me say that another way – two-thirds of Delta deaths in the UK are in the vaccinated.

To be specific: From the 1st of February to the 2nd of August, the UK recorded 742 Delta deaths. Out of the 742 deaths, 402 were fully vaccinated. 79 had received one shot. Only 253 were unvaccinated.

Look at the bottom line: 402 deaths out of 47,008 cases in vaccinated; 253 deaths out of 151,054 cases in unvaccinated. If you get covid having been vaccinated, according to this data, you are much more likely to die than if you were not vaccinated!

Do the math. An unvaccinated individual in the UK who contracts COVID has a 1 in 597 chance of dying. A fully-vaccinated individual has a 1 in 117 chance of dying, which is 5.1 times greater.

The vaccines are clearly not effective, as they actually increase one’s risk of dying of Covid. And that doesn’t even account for the mounting evidence of serious adverse effects.

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Posted in: Motegi discusses regional tensions with new Iranian president See in context

Japan skating on thin ice by playing nice with Iran. Israel and its proxy armed forces, aka the USA, are watching.

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Posted in: Which is more popular in Japan: British English or American English? See in context

Yeah, like this is the most pressing problem regarding ESL in Japan...

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Posted in: Biden says he stands squarely behind Afghanistan decision See in context

The astonishingly rapid victory of the Taliban may be the Imperial USA’s Suez moment: The scale of global humiliation is almost off the charts.

This is entirely obvious to any historically literate observer. This catastrophic defeat was the neoclowns’ war. This was the failure of the self-styled “national security right” who flattered themselves into believing that they dictated reality with their words. Afghanistan is the neocons’ failure. It is AIPAC’s failure. Genuine Americans never wanted, supported, or endorsed the concept of an empire in the Middle East.

To quote one veteran who served in it: “My friends died for nothing. My soldiers died for nothing. I served for nothing. And the communists took over at home.”

Adolf Hitler erroneously blamed the Jews for the German defeat in WWI. He was wrong to do so because Germany never had any chance of winning that two-front war even before the USA got involved. But anyone in the future who wants to blame “the national security right” for the US defeats in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan will be absolutely correct. This was Bill Kristol’s war. This was Paul Wolfowitz’s war. This was Richard Perle’s war. This was David Frum’s war. This was Max Boot’s war. This was Michael Ledeen’s war. This was Jennifer Rubin’s war. This was Ben Shapiro’s war.

But it was not America’s war, and no American should ever forget that. These second- and third-generation immigrants to America have systematically labored to destroy what was once, briefly, the greatest nation, the greatest Christian nation, on Earth. Now, imagine how much worse the situation would be today if the cursed neoclowns had gotten their way and US troops were also trapped in Iran and Syria and Pakistan and Ukraine.

But their time is passing. Their failure is inevitable. Those who corrode and corrupt their way to influence and power will never be able to hold on to their positions, because with power comes responsibility and neither corrosion nor corruption are capable of serving as a foundation for building anything but chaos and Hell on Earth.

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Posted in: Japan to evacuate embassy in Kabul See in context

The US retreat from Kabul is rapidly proving to be even more ignominious than the famous flight from Saigon:

The US Ambassador to Afghanistan and some of his staff were seen fleeing their Kabul workplace with the stars and stripes flag Sunday, as the Pentagon increased the number of troops deployed in the region by 1,000 to 6,000.

Ambassador Ross Wilson and the flag were both seen arriving at Kabul Airport, as other Americans still in the country were ordered to shelter in place, with shots being fired at the city’s airport.

Embassy staff will be evacuated within the next 72 hours, as the Taliban makes stunning advances into the Afghan capital city, which worst-case scenarios estimated lasting at least 30 days after the US withdrew from it.

An official security alert was issued by the US government after shots were fired at the airport, sparking fears American jets could be shot down as they try to flee the country, which the Taliban have vowed to rename the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

The Imperial USA has not yet been destroyed, but this marks another step toward its eventual collapse. The nations are rising.

Only 1.85 million people in a nation of 36 million bothered to vote in the last Afghan election. The Afghans knew they were being ruled by an illegitimate foreign government.

Just like Americans.

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