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Posted in: France take down All Blacks 27-13 in Rugby World Cup opener See in context

After seeing that arrogant clip from John Kirwan on ITV before the game started, I was even more glad that France won

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Posted in: A divided Australia will soon vote on the most significant referendum on Indigenous rights in 50 years See in context

It's long overdue. The treatment of indigenous peoples by all the ex-colonies of Britain has been disgusting. White Australians need to ask for forgiveness and make amends.

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Posted in: Australians to vote in referendum on Indigenous Voice to Parliament on Oct 14 See in context

"The time has come to say fair's fair, the time has come to pay our share"

Midnight Oil sang that in the 1980s, and still white Australia hasn't gotten the message.

It will be disgusting if this referendum doesn't result in a resounding "Yes!"

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Posted in: Trains, flights canceled as typhoon rips across western Japan See in context

Yawn, whatever. It's fine in Kanto.

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Posted in: Royal sport See in context

Another manlet controlled by a strong-willed woman.

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Posted in: Smithsonian museum plans to show photos of A-bomb aftermath in Japan See in context

Anyone who is flippant about one of the worst events in human history is morally reprehensible.

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Posted in: 2 U.S. Navy sailors charged with providing sensitive military information to China See in context

Clown word and its military just keeps on providing the laughs!

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Posted in: Unlikely hit 'Sound of Freedom' opens new front in U.S. culture wars See in context

Once again, Jim Caviezel is doing the Lord's work and the usual suspects are screeching and gnashing their teeth. How you respond to this film is a great test of the state of your spiritual health.

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Posted in: France deploys 45,000 police after riots over teen's death See in context

Have they tried playing "Don't Look Back in Anger" and calls for peace?

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Posted in: Author Murakami pleads for keeping Tokyo park and baseball stadium that inspired his writing See in context

As if Tokyo needs any more concrete, glass and steel monstrosities.

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Posted in: With right attitude, Japan can go all the way at Rugby World Cup, says Leitch See in context

Japan win the WC? Sure, if they pack their side with foreigners.

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Posted in: If AI is able to create movies using images of deceased actors, would you watch such films? See in context

As nothing is sacred anymore, sure.

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Posted in: Knife attacker injures several people, including children, in French Alpine town See in context

Illegal immigrant from Syria. Little children suffer because of idiotic and treacherous adults.

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Posted in: Japan to consider allowing tattooed youths to join SDF See in context

This move isn't so much about "letting them join" but rather "making them eligble" for when the draft comes. And it's coming.

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Posted in: Australian war veteran loses defamation lawsuit over Afghan killings See in context

The case against Roberts-Smith, a Victoria Cross recipient, has put a spotlight on the secretive wartime conduct of Australia's elite SAS troops.

Just delete the 'A' from 'SAS' and it would be a more apt moniker for these people.

So, we can expect his extradition to the ICC in the Hague soon, eh liberals of JT?

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Posted in: Systems error affecting electronic gates leaves travelers to UK waiting for hours See in context

Russian payback for UK sending more war toys to Ukraine.

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Posted in: Head of Russian private army Wagner says his forces are handing control of Bakhmut to Moscow See in context

The Marketing Director of the Wagner mercenary company gave this informative summary of its successful operation to take the city of Bakhmut from the occupying Ukro-NATO forces:

We fought in Bakhmut against superior forces, destroyed about 50,000 Ukrainian Armed Forces and wounded up to 70,000

PMC “Wagner” had 3.2 times fewer dead than the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and about 2 times fewer wounded.

The PMC in Artyomovsk had 50,000 people at its best, and the Armed Forces of Ukraine – 82,000, and the ratio for the assault should be 3 to 1 for the attackers.

During the operation, we took 50,000 prisoners, 20% of them died, another 20% were injured.

The goal of Artemovsk was not Artemovsk itself, but the Bakhmut Meat Grinder. And in Artemovsk, we destroyed everyone we were supposed to destroy, we completed the task.

From this, we can glean a few useful observations. First, the Russians aren’t even using their military to accomplish their goals. Except for the initial attempt on Kiev, it appears their regular Army hasn’t suffered any significant losses at all. To date, they’ve primarily utilized convicts, Chechens, and ex-Ukrainian militia, and that has sufficed to devastate the Ukro-NATO forces.

Second, the Ukro-NATO military has been severely degraded. There is no way an outnumbered attacker should be able to drive a first-class military from prepared defenses, let alone in an urban environment. Wagner had one-fifth the number of troops the military textbooks say it required to take the city. Since it is not credible to suggest that a mercenary company consisting of convicts is a first-class organization, this suggests that the UFA forces are operating at a level more or less comparable to the Arab armies of the 1960s. This is not surprising, as conscript armies tend to be low-performance and low-morale.

Third, the Russian focus is on the enemy forces, not on the terrain. This is consistent with what Marshal Zhukov records in his memoirs of the Russian civil war and World War II. Consider the way in which Zhukov didn’t hesitate to advocate the early abandonment of Kiev in order to preserve its defenders, whereas Zaluzhnyi, like Hitler, refused to countenance the retreat from even a small, strategically meaningless city in order to conserve tens of thousands of soldiers.

Fourth, the real war hasn’t even started yet. The battle for the Donbass is little more than the opening skirmish in a much larger war between Clown World and the sovereign nations.

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Posted in: Pair of Hokkaido melons fetch ¥3.5 mil in auction; 2nd highest bid on record See in context

It's tough to find a genuinely nice pair of melons in Japan - oftentimes when you see some that are of a decent size by Western standards, it turn out they were artifically grown and I'm just not interested. However, now and then, if you're lucky, a 100% natural pair will come your way.

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Posted in: G7 urges China to press Russia to end war in Ukraine, respect Taiwan's status, fair trade rules See in context

The US should claim coercive diplomacy as their intellectual property.

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Posted in: Health ministry panel OKs oral abortion pill for 1st time See in context

Any society that expedites the murder of unborn babies is highly disfunctional and morally sick.

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Posted in: Connecticut woman missing since April 10 after going on hiking pilgrimage in Japan See in context

These kinds of hiking disappearances happen more than people care to admit. The famous British actor, Julian Sands, has been missing since January after going hiking in California. If you get into trouble, being alone isn't great.

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Posted in: Have you ever been to a hostess bar in Japan? If so, what was the experience like? See in context

No thanks. It's a short hop and a jump from that scene to full blown mizu shobai for many women.

I count it among my greatest achievments that I personally turned 2 Japanese women away from the darkness of that seedy world towards the light of the Lord. They are both now happily married with children who attend my church.

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Posted in: Climate battle heats up over fate of Tokyo stadium where Babe Ruth played See in context

To hell with trees and quirky old stadiums, more giant ugly towers of glass, steel and gray concrete is just what Tokyo needs!

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Posted in: Half of unmarried people under 30 in Japan do not want kids: survey See in context

The future belongs to those who show up for it.

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Posted in: Companies hold in-person welcome ceremonies for new employees See in context

Possibly one of the most depressing photos ever.

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Posted in: Last students graduate: School closures spread in aging Japan See in context

Awful picture, like something out of Children of Men.

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Posted in: Japanese musician, actor Ryuichi Sakamoto dies of cancer at 71 See in context

Very sad news. In addition to being a great musician/composer, he was no mean actor either - I loved his performance of a very conflicted and intense character in Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence.

At least he can now meet up with David Bowie again. RIP

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Posted in: Kishida pushes rule of law in U.S.-led democracy summit See in context

Dance little puppet, dance! And when the time comes, your vassal state will be sacrificed like a pawn on a chessboard...

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Posted in: More clashes as French protesters rally against Macron's pension bill See in context

Best placard I saw was

"16-64 C'est ma biere, non ma carriere!"

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Posted in: Relocated Japan Cultural Affairs Agency opens in Kyoto See in context

I'm totally 100% sure the Minister, his advisors, staff, and all the high ranking bureaucrats working here won't at all be hitting the Shinkansen back to Tokyo every Friday afternoon


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