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Posted in: Street Kart company ends crowdfunding campaign with dismal support See in context

Ludi stultis

"Games for fools"

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Posted in: Hospital grapples with coronavirus aftermath See in context

Genuine question: Does the concept of the "Hippocratic Oath" apply in Japanese medicine?

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Posted in: Hong Kong police make first arrests under new security law See in context

HK freedom fighters are already engaging 4th Generation Warfare against the despotic CCP state. We, the free peoples of the world, must do all we can to aid this campaign. Make Beijing feel real pain!

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Posted in: Poster girl See in context

I think the image has been "over exposed". But yeah, I'm seeing too much of her these days.

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Posted in: Those who have been teleworking have shown a big change in their mind-sets. We see this as an opportunity to solve the issue of population concentration in Tokyo and hope to introduce measures to promote that. See in context

Too many Japanese like being crammed in with other Japanese. They feel uneasy if there isn't a literal herd to follow. It's not all people of course, but a significant part of the population. I can't count the amount of times I've seen beautiful rolling countryside with a solitary house or tiny village in it, only for some Japanese person to pipe up "Sabishii! Soko sumitakunai!"

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Posted in: Trump posts video of couple brandishing guns toward protesters See in context

Private property rights, huh? Funny how Europeans/Americans didn't give a fig for the private property rights of native Americans back in the day and seized an ENTIRE CONTINENT BY FORCE. The times are a changin' my friends, better get used to it.

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Posted in: What every fiance should know before meeting his father-in-law See in context

The correct thing to say to a prospective father-in-law is

"Domine, filiam tuam in sanctum matrimonium ducere volo... Benedic nos, quaeso."

"Sir, I wish to lead your daughter into holy matrimony... Please give us your blessings."

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Posted in: 'The Simpsons' ends white actors voicing characters of color See in context

This is all the "logical" conclusion of Enlightenment liberalism: it removes values from the political realm and society eats itself. Enjoy.

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Posted in: 6 injured in Glasgow stabbing; suspect killed See in context

I pray for them all to find peace and happiness. We are all the same, we are one. End these petty distinctions of race, creed and class.


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Posted in: The Dixie Chicks officially change their name to The Chicks See in context

So, the Dixie Chicks will remove Dixie from their name, huh?

Such a magnanimous decision only begs the question (by their own hair-brained standards) that their remaining name, "Chicks" marginalizes women.

Inevitably, all that's left is "DUH" . Maybe they'll extend it to DUHHH.... with proper intonation to reveal their super-intellectual zeitgeist genuflecting. Sooner or later, one of the three will discover zhe's not white and not a woman. Then the circle will be complete.


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Posted in: Cryotherapy — Cold is the new hot See in context

ZaphodJune 24 07:59 am JST

Joe Rogan has been going on about this for a while. Will try it.

Joe Rogan isn't tall enough for this ride.

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Posted in: Man arrested for kicking pregnant woman in Sapporo See in context

While what he did is reprehensible, it is more than likely he has undiagnosed mental health problems. We know how cold this society is for people who fall outside the narrow defonition of what passes for "normal" here, and by the time you're in your 50s, well, a lifetime of that treatment, can mean someone's heart going to a very dark place.

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Posted in: Half of telecommuters in Japan work longer hours than before pandemic: Rengo See in context

New style of work will inevitably need to new styles of exploitation. Workers need to collectivize and stand up to unscrupulous employers who seek to use technology to extract ever more output from them.

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Posted in: Are there any circumstances that justify war? See in context

Only holy wars are justified.

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Posted in: Hollywood mogul Steve Bing dies after falling from 27th-floor apartment balcony See in context

The dark night of the soul comes to us all eventually. Requiescat In Pace

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Posted in: World No. 1 Novak Djokovic, wife have coronavirus after his exhibitions See in context

The man has had a troubled soul for a long time, way before Covid-19 appeared. He knows the guilt of his sins is becoming too big for him too bear alone.

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Posted in: Trump visits border wall in Arizona as coronavirus cases surge in more than 10 states See in context

I wish there were no walls, it breaks my heart. We are all one, and we should be free to go wherever we want.

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Posted in: Fans rush to see panda cub as Tokyo's Ueno zoo reopens after 4-month closure See in context

Zoos have no place existing in putative first world, "advanced" countries.

"But" you say, "The animals habitats are being destroyed so zoos are the only safe places for them."

Then I say, "Stop destroying their natural habitats in the first place. Curb your insane lust for economic growth and learn to live much more modestly."

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Posted in: Okinawa marks 75th anniversary of fierce WWII battle See in context

The Okinawans still suffer military occupation to this day.

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