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Posted in: Green men pitching a tent: the mascots of Japan See in context

Man, this guy is amazing. I have a couple of the onsen edition charms of him. It NEVER fails to make me laugh.

As far as a mascot goes, I think he's doing his job, ne? :D

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Posted in: Japan mulls nationalising unclaimed islands See in context

Nice move!

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Posted in: Scientists power mobile phone using urine See in context

I am not carrying a container of piss in my pocket!

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Posted in: Man demands divorce after his wife throws out his anime collection See in context

I wish the guy luck in his new Anime collection, and on finding a better wife!

Seriously, if a wife or husband thinks they can "fix their partner" by taking things their partner loves (which they may not understand) and forcefully destroying it, that's a jerk move.

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Posted in: Apple seeking next big direction, says co-founder See in context

Sounds like someone trying to put bandages over holes in a sinking ship. A little drastic since Apple is so financially stable still, but relatively, they ARE sinking.

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Posted in: Japan says Australia trying to impose its culture in whaling row See in context

Yeah...all the Japanese people in my town that I've talked to wouldn't really care if it's stopped. If it's that much about culture, wouldn't members of that culture express the same thing as reported? Most of them would be happy if Japan stopped whaling (while some didn't want to talk about possible action, yet were ok with the idea of not eating whale again).

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Posted in: Who is winning the game console battle? See in context

Completely and utterly Sony. Microsoft's latest debacle (has anyone noticed they're not mentioning that the camera is still going to monitor everyone in the room constantly?) and WiiU's lacklustre performance (it's fun, but not insanely engaging long term) has had me sing praise for Sony.

BUT, that being said, I doubt I'll be buying into a console until later 2014 to see where the market really turns. Nothing is really making me so excited to jump on the wagon at release.

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Posted in: Apple applies to register 'iWatch' trademark in Japan See in context

Still more excited about heads up transparent displays in glasses, but if it's stylish, it'll be a hit with me regardless.

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Posted in: Civil War buffs See in context

Looks like a ton of fun!

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Posted in: Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie to visit Japan in late July See in context

He looks like Kid Rock now!

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Posted in: Australia harpoons Japan's whaling program at U.N. court See in context

I hope they can do something to shut the whole whaling system down.

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Posted in: Gays celebrate landmark U.S. Supreme Court rulings on same-sex marriage See in context

JT: I think the title is inaccurate. Like it was said above...I think it should just read "People celebrate...". I'm straight and still celebrated the ruling with a gay friend. It's great to see DOMA struck down.

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Posted in: Goodwill visit See in context

gaihonjin; those school uniforms are based entirely on said Naval uniforms. I think it's a generally accepted fact.

This news is great! Hope everyone does well over there!

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Posted in: 40% of consumers prefer drinks sold at room temperature on hot days See in context

Can you break down how much of that 40% includes old people or Japanese people that believe black is a fashionable choice for sun-wear?

I'm down for the Daily putting lukewarm drinks out, long as they keep stock of them cold, too. :)

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Posted in: Gamer outrage prompts Xbox One policy change See in context

There's still a lot of unanswered issues regarding licenses, DRM, and the creepy big brother eye.

Citizen2012: The case here isn't that people whine about paying for a cheap app, it's that Xbox wants to say that any games you buy aren't yours to own and that even after you buy it, you have to pay more to share it. If you bought a car, I don't want to pay Honda if you give me a lift.

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Posted in: United 787 Dreamliner heading to Tokyo diverted to Seattle See in context

I'd argue the plane has problems, but I've flown United before. This could be anyone's guess.

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Posted in: Apple looking at bigger iPhone screens, multiple colors See in context

"...has sought ways to re-energize its flagship line."

Hit the coffin-nail on the head there. In today's technology market, you don't re-energize a line of products...you evolve them into something new and competitive. Putting a paint job on an inferior product doesn't make it go faster.

I especially LOVE the hype they're trying to garner about colored plastic, especially since we're all going to chuck it in a case soon as we get it anyways.

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Posted in: Hooterville See in context

There is ALWAYS room for chicken wings, Martine. :)

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Posted in: JR East offering one couple chance to get married on Yamanote line See in context

I kinda like it. If I lived in Tokyo all my life, it'd be kind of fun to dress the inside of some cars up and get hitched while Tokyo unfolds around us. I'm sure it can be made to be VERY creative. :)

Heck, riding on the train with 120 people max across ALL ELEVEN cars would be spectacle enough. I'm used to 100+ in ONE car. haha

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Posted in: The new consoles from Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony See in context

The NSA is denying watching your every move in the US. Microsoft is requiring you to let them do it.

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Posted in: Which pop culture character do you think is the most recognizable on the planet? See in context

If it were in America or 1st world countries I'd say Disney has the head and shoulders advantage for market visibility, but in 2nd and 3rd world countries, I'd think Santa Claus is more generally "known" or recognized!

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Posted in: Cheaper solar panels fuel rise in renewable energy See in context

Hats off to China for putting money INTO the solution!

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Posted in: Sony wins opening skirmish in new-gen console war See in context

The idea that microsoft's camera can watch your room at all times and monitor who is watching movies with you in case you have too many for the limited license in place to watch the movie is just darned creepy.

The motions of making the players personal info a profit source, and giving the gamer nothing more than time for the money we pay is just silly.

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Posted in: Hooters to open 1st restaurant in Osaka; 3rd location in Tokyo See in context

Man, Hooters is a go-to destination for some of us in Canada and Japan. The Japanese place is much nicer, though. We go for the good wings and tvs in Canada, but the waitresses are just full of themselves and bad at what they do. Here, the waitresses are cute and bubbly, atop keeping some good, unhealthy wings.

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Posted in: World judo chief urges Japan to clean up its act after scandals See in context

While I fully agree that the Japanese Judo team(s) need to clean up their acts. This guy picks a really interesting time and way to declare this out loud. I can see him personally benefiting if Turkey gets the 2020 games, so close to Romania.

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Posted in: Amid safety fears, U.S. Navy jets train on Iwo Jima See in context

I really think a fully international and combined allies training site would be great. If Japan could create a large site somewhere uninhabited, or even create a series of islands off the mainland it'd be fantastic for both the international allied community and to help reinforce the political presence in that area.

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Posted in: Fuji climbing fee likely to be Y7,000 See in context

Why do we need so much on a mountain anyways? I climbed Ontake-san and it was wonderful; i didn't see anyone aside from other hikers. I'd rather not see a suki-ya and flushing toilets all the way up a mountain.

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Posted in: Royal wedding See in context

Very cool picture. I'd love a comprehensive guide to what all the medals mean from various countries on dignitaries jackets...it's getting confusing now!

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Posted in: Have you ever hit your child, no matter how lightly, as a means of discipline? See in context

I put 'yes' on the basis that when I do raise a kid, I will. There's no way my child will be raised with the satisfaction that he's above any kind of spanking and can do whatever he wants. I won't raise a little spoiled brat that extrapolates his immunity in the house into society and grows up learning he can push the rules and break the law without fear of reproach.

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Posted in: Encounter with an American school lunch See in context

"...but I noticed that a lot of the kids were sloppily slurping up their milk."

How is that a but statement? I see teachers and salary men sloppily slurping EVERYTHING. >:)

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