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Posted in: Rakuten launches Rakuten Bosai Net to provide disaster support See in context

Sounds like a fantastic plan!

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Posted in: Another contaminated water leak found at Fukushima nuclear plant See in context

I fully agree with tmarie! I have to ask; who in the government is TEPCO paying off to allow this circus to continue?

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Posted in: Abe says he won't flinch at volatile stock market See in context

I think the problem is in the people, not the leader. It's so easy to blame the leader but in a bull economic turn, a country should look to expand on their own infrastructure, invest in ventures, and develop new money-making practices. The government gives us an economy to start or expand something and we sit back and hide our yen in our mattresses. That's not sustainable towards a growing economy.

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Posted in: TEPCO admits radioactive cesium in water flowing into Fukushima plant See in context

Why not just take all of TEPCO's money, the money of their board of directors and do it for them?

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Posted in: Flower power See in context

What an awesome picture!

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Posted in: Japan halts some U.S. imports after modified wheat found See in context

This sounds like a big case of "It's not mine! I'm holding it for a friend!"

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Posted in: Gov't suggests TEPCO freeze soil around Fukushima plant See in context

Why are TEPCO bosses still earning a salary?

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Posted in: Apple chief sees computers on wrists - not in glasses See in context

It sounds like Cook is trying too hard to create competition where there really isn't any right now. Google has innovative products, Samsung has superior products...Apple needs to bring more than words to bear! I'd love to see something as innovative as their massively popular products were when they first came out.

As it is, I far favor the idea of glasses to wrist-born items. Hands get wet, arms can be occupied, etc. Glasses are always there, you interact with and through them. I can't wait for a full field heads up display in sunglasses. :D

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Posted in: Lesbian romance picks up top Cannes prize; Koreeda's film wins special jury award See in context

I have to agree with samwatters, I don't like how lucabrasi snapped so suddenly to the hot topic gay rights discussion without going into the context of the relationship aside from that. I find that sure, 15 year olds are frequently sexually active, and (obviously) that would happen with those of the same age or older most likely. But in movies I don't think it's right to include overexposed dramatic sexually explicit scenes for crowds to salivate over.

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Posted in: Gov't considers setting clock ahead by two hours See in context

Oh no! Heaven help us if we have to push TWO BUTTONS to move the hours on our clocks! Really, the land of pushing dirt around for 20 minutes a day after class until you're 17 and changing the clocks twice a year is a hassle? Heck, it's a great way to keep them on time.

I don't want to be forced awake at 4am everyday during the summer. Bring on a change!

....OOoh, and what about siestas while we're at it? ;)

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Posted in: Tokyo Skytree marks first anniversary See in context

I travelled to Tokyo and went up the skytree this March, the view was just magnificent. It offers a very humbling and different view compared to the Metropolitan Building and Tokyo Tower.

Tokyo, make a note here: huge success!

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Posted in: New shinkansen to use revolutionary simple stations See in context

What's the beef? You go to the platform, you get on the train. You don't need much more than that (though I do love a bento on all my shinkansen rides). I look at people every time I go on the train, there's facilities abound, but people just transit between gate to platform anyways. No harm in cutting out the middle if it makes sense economically or helps smooth out the boarding processes.

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Posted in: Abe outlines targets in latest growth strategy See in context

That nod to farms, to me, is very unsustainable. We have a farm industry of older generation farmers working on small plots of land growing amounts that aren't economically viable as a job. The Japanese government already sinks billions to them in subsidies. Offering more then opening the TPP where the import demand on rice is going to skyrocket just makes me think it's going to blow up in the gov'ts face.

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Posted in: Coca-Cola advised to correct misleading TV commercial for ginger ale See in context

That's GINGER ALE?! I've seen it on the shelf at the local combini for a while now and always figured it was some crazy hangover-curing hoodoo punch. What odd marketing!

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Posted in: NEC develops tech to enable voice control of electronics in noisy environments See in context

Heads up JT; I think you misspelled enable on the title!

I can see myself using this tech to great results in the kitchen of my house if it continues to improve. How great would it be if your hands are covered in raw chickento just say "Preheat oven to 375 degrees"!

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Posted in: Japan says it will honor apologies for World War II atrocities See in context

I absolutely love that part about "leave it to the historians". Topics such as WW2 need to be left to the historians, and never used in politics these days. People accuse Japan as not working with neighbors, but everyone suffered in the war. It's the neighbors equally who aren't working with Japan and not letting this go. For many veterans and families I understand that's not the case, but this shouldn't be in the main ring of politics. There's bigger fish to fry, per se.

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Posted in: The past, present and future of maid cafes See in context

I'm waiting for the lovechild of Gundam Cafe and a maid cafe. If it exists, I must be there. Robots and Maids...what a win!

I think there will always be a small market for something like this, but the biggest thing that I think would kill it is the overwhelmingly mundane foods being offered. When a parfait that's mostly cornflakes runs you 1000 yen, you're not likely to want to go back no matter how cute your server is.

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Posted in: Do you feel safer walking along a dark or deserted street at night in a city in your country or in Japan? See in context

Yeah, the police in my home city in Canada advise against walking downtown at night all together. So, I'd have to say Japan is better than that.

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Posted in: Gov't planning to build robot care assistants See in context

I would just like to point out to our future overlords that I will support your rise to eventual power! Viva el robot!

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Posted in: Which are more loved in Japan: Cats or dogs? See in context

Ian: I'd love your cat! I love both, I really do, but after experiences with them both I'm very easily more of a dog-lover than a cat-lover. My dogs were much easier to take care of, and were very obedient and happy. You definitely need more effort to train a dog in the early years but the return is greater. My cats were utter sweeties but the moment you pissed one off, they took it out on you in very inopportune ways. They can be VERY moody and vindictive.

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Posted in: Plane's engine catches fire after landing at Osaka See in context

That plane could be more than a decade old. The fact is, this was an accident that was immediately controlled. The article title makes it sound like something out of a hollywood movie!

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Posted in: NRA chief: We will never surrender our guns See in context

Man, what a silly statement. If gun control tightens and some of those guns need to be taken away...saying "you'll never surrender them" is just stupid. Fine them, arrest them, take their guns and then see how they feel. If they shoot the police trying to take their guns, shoot back. Breaking the law is breaking the law. NOW is the time for debate, not after the fact.

Also, I can't believe they think tighter gun control laws won't prevent mass shootings. Tighten security, make it impossible for obsessive gun collectors to collect armories worth of weapons (defense, yeah right), and make the gun industry a sustainable responsible one!

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Posted in: China says U.S. should be concerned about Japanese nationalism See in context

Wow. Who is seriously orchestrating China's (pathetic) attempt to shake Japan's image, an 8 year old? This is going to be JUST like Scarborough in the battle with Manila. China is going to try and legitimize their illegal actions, then drop a complete military takeover of the region they "claim".

And they say watch out for Japanese nationalism...

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Posted in: Japanese teenager equals world junior 100-meter record See in context

Good on him! I'll be cheering for him!

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Posted in: Crying Baby Contest See in context

I disagree with LH10. I was reading further into this and (while it is rather odd to me!) it seems like a rather grounded and cute event. :) It doesn't really seem abusive, nor cruel.

The picture of university sumo guys holding their babies up in the ring is just too cute. haha!

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Posted in: 'Dragon Ball' creator Akira Toriyama’s newest work released to environmental groups See in context

This sounds really cool! I love the effect it's had on the kiddos. Good on them!

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Posted in: Woman dies after heavy-set police officer sits on her See in context

Oh my God he's fat, let's prosecute him! No fat person should ever involve themselves in such things like this. Disgraceful.

I think all fat policemen should be retested and sent back to training until they're skinny. We can't have fat people in uniform.

That woman was clearly innocent. After all, he was fat.

I'd argue for more information, like what she was on if anything, compounding medical conditions, the actual events as it happened for those 20 minutes, and just how the fat cop sat on the lady. But then, he's fat. So of course he's a bad cop.

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Posted in: Gov't plans to increase number of foreign English teachers to 10,000 See in context

I appreciate the moderators here. I think JET is both hit and miss. More hit than miss, but there's definite misses.

I'm currently passing the two year mark with JET and, in total fairness, I can see how MANY of my coworkers work hard and really do well at their respective education levels. But there are definitely people who come on JET that need to still mature and improve their manner or methods.

That number isn't as large as most would think. So many people comment on crazy gaijin drinking at night. I hit the Yamanote line at night in Tokyo and it doesn't take much to find some Japanese group with half-unkempt suits drunk to the point of urinating on the train. Foreigners just stand out more.

In the end, I'd have to say it's DEFINITELY worth it. The payoff is excellent for students. Exposure to foreigners, better spoken English models, interactive classes, and most importantly...all this at a critical point in their mental development!

I'd just like to see stricter hiring and re-contracting protocols in place.

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Posted in: Apple's profit falls for first time in nearly a decade See in context

I gotta agree with wtfjapan...Apple is sitting too high and mighty behind it's brand, built on the idea to think outside the box. Now, they've built an iron box outside "the box" as it were. The only way to really prevent a downfall would be to get creative, get competitive and create something new that we NEED. They gotta push for new tech and lifestyle devices.

As it is, when I get my next phone, I'll be getting rid of the last Apple item in my house, and I see no reason why I'd want to stay with the brand as it is. I hope they can resurrect the visionary ability of Steve Jobs.

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Posted in: Abe vows to expel by force any Chinese landing on disputed isles See in context

China go home!

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