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Posted in: Over 80 Japanese nationalists approach disputed islands See in context

No different than what the Chinese do, and heck, the Japanese own the islands.

Here's a suggestion...how about China just go home?

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Posted in: Woman, 77, ordered to repay Y400 mil she got from 79-yr-old man for sex See in context

She really stimulated his economy, wow!

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Posted in: China calls on Japan to stop scrambling its fighters See in context

How about China stop being so boastful and self-righteous and work with Japan for once? If they want to stop Japan from scrambling jets, don't threaten Japanese airspace.

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Posted in: Syria warplanes pound Damascus See in context

My heart goes out to all the innocents caught in the crossfire!! This must be hell to live among.

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Posted in: 2 British men arrested for trespassing in imperial compound See in context

They must have smelled ripe after swimming in that moat!

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Posted in: Australia to tackle Japan on whaling at U.N. world court See in context

Ecoterrorist debate aside, I'm totally cheering for Australia on this.

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Posted in: Boxer's Olympic medal stolen during trip to Shibuya See in context

Good luck finding it! It's something important that YOU earned.

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Posted in: Have Japan’s anti-smoking laws gone too far? See in context

The title of this article made me laugh out loud. Japan? Anti-smoking laws? Cigs are so cheap here, and people smoke EVERYWHERE. It's incredibly offensive.

Japan's anti-smoking laws have barely started to go ANYWHERE.

The example given is quite extreme, but how about we compare it with the hundreds of thousands of times daily that people are forced to suck back second hand smoke because some old fart doesn't want to leave the building to light up?

Cigarette smoke is offensive, much the same as projectile vomit and public urination. I'll be a happy guy when all three can't be detected around a restaurant/city.

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Posted in: Theft of toilet from public park in Kyoto leaves authorities baffled See in context

It's amazing the crap people steal these days.

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Posted in: 60-inch Apple iTV to launch this year See in context

Part of me wants to be really excited about this, but another pragmatic part of me realizes that absolutely anything to do with this machine will involve having to buy apple branded products, subscribe to apple services, or be forced to use things in a specific way. If apple let you use third party programs instead of proprietary suites like itunes, then I'll get excited! The hardware sounds pretty cool, though.

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Posted in: Noda tells of nights of hard drinking with Geithner, Cameron See in context

As odd as it sounds, and offensive to an AA member; I'd rather be the political leader drinking with Cameron in his residence than the ostracized leader playing the straight shooter alone in his apartment. Even if just a bonding night, it still creates a solid connection to another leader of state or minister.

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Posted in: Swiss sommelier tops world wine waiter contest See in context

Fantastic! All my respect to everyone who competed here. I love a good wine, but to be able to do what you all do is beyond me. I can't believe the level of expertise and studies needed to participate at this competition.

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Posted in: Do you think North Korea will actually attack South Korea or U.S. bases in Japan or Guam? See in context

While a huge attack is probably out of the question, SOME kind of attack could very likely happen. It has in the past, most recently with the sinking of the ROKS Cheonen in 2010. I'm worried if they'll try to pull that stunt again.

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Posted in: Tokyo International Anime Fair See in context

It's not open to the public until tomorrow....when all the otaku will rush in for limited edition prints and figs. I have my ticket already!

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Posted in: Review: Tech in Galaxy S 4 doesn't come together See in context

This article just reeks of a writer that wants to defend himself for buying an iPhone 5 and sporting it while drinking at the local Starbucks.

Some of the issues I take up with the article include the design ideals of phones. The iPhone 5 brought absolutely nothing to the table. Yes the materials changed, I'm holding a 4 and 5 right now to look at the two generation gap. They look the same, but the 5 has what I'd argue as a fault with their materials choice. Both have small cosmetic scratches, but the scratches on the 5 appeared so much faster and are much more obvious.

Looking at what I'd argue as important for phones I'd upgrade to: which is faster, which has a better screen, which has good reception, which has good battery life?

I do agree that some things like the swipe gestures do sound gimmicky, but the auto-pause feature does seem nice. The comment here about it not working at all is the first time I've heard a press reviewer say that.

I'd have loved to see Samsung's flexible screen technology on this but really, when you look at it, this is a phone that improves on every hardware facet against other phones on the market. People try to compare it to the lackluster iPhone 5, but there's really no comparing.

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Posted in: Japan gives Canada $1 mil for tsunami debris cleanup See in context

subyyakiMAR. 14, 2013 - 09:27AM JST

My Canadian Gov't did basically nothing to support Japan after this disaster. The federal government sent some blankets and also gave this support very late in the process as well. Almost all support came from Canadians, not their government. Shame on Harper yet again. I apologize to the people of Japan who need this money to buy safe food and shelter.

Very late in the process? The planes were off the ground 12 hours after it was announced they'd do it, March 15th. Yes, 4 days may be a lot, but it doesn't sound like very late in the process? Also, based on what you said...the Canadian Government reached out to the Japanese foreign minister within 24 hours of the event and offered support with teams of technicians and gear for the nuclear emergency.

Please don't distort facts to press a personal agenda against the current prime minister.

Canada could have helped more, yes, but they did help. I think this million should be accepted but I love the "pay it forward" mentality in earlier posts. Either by returning the favor to the Japanese homeland, or by developing more cultural infrastructure inside our own country for Japanese-Canadians. We could use that well to develop homegrown interest and support. :)

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Posted in: Mating pandas off to good start at Ueno zoo See in context


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Posted in: Inspection tour See in context


I would be SHOCKED if they didn't have guys on the ground in each bid city doing work for them. Aside from the fanfare and bureaucracy of it all, I'm sure that the IOC probably has a system in place to ensure that they don't accidentally choose a bid based on their best face.

I'm really really optimistic for Tokyo 2020! Between all three cities, I think this is definitely the winning choice.

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Posted in: Father dies sheltering 9-year-old daughter from blizzard See in context

I'm shocked by the number of people commenting that don't know about this situation. There's a number of great websites and official safety postings that talk about what you should do in cases like these. I feel really sad for the father and family. I think instead of building shelters, or putting this on a lack of structures, the government should instead just make some commercials or pamphlets on how to stay safe in various blizzard conditions. Coming from a place that reaches -40, I'm sure they can just translate another country's materials.

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Posted in: Nuclear reactor makers must share accident costs: Greenpeace See in context

It reads as if you could say "I drank a bottle of vodka, went driving, and crashed my uninsured car into a telephone pole. Toyota should help pay for my repairs."

I think the total amount of damages should rest within the operators and personnel that placed, maintained, and profited from the production of energy there and, if they run out of money trying to pay for damages, then and only then should tax payers step in. And if they do, then that energy company should never show it's face again. I'm not against the usage of public funds in emergencies such as Fukushima, but I don't want to see the businesses that couldn't prevent this accident making money for a long, long time.

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Posted in: Anti-whaling group takes battle to U.S. Supreme Court See in context

I think Sea Shep can really go out to prove that they're the better people if they can interrupt and prevent whale killing while still maintaining the 500 yard distance. They can show that you don't have to resort to extreme sea-tactics or acts of aggression and still accomplish your goal. I think if they can do that, they'd have a lot more backers behind them, including me!

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Posted in: Ice moves See in context

Konsta; I can't agree with your opinion on this. I believe firmly that the sport of figure skating is about people working together doing what they can do. If a beefy woman wants to step on the ice and twirl a little man, that's awesome, I'd totally cheer for them if they're good at what they do. But you can't suggest to make something compulsory for a sport like that. I find that women and men equally have their strengths and weaknesses in this sport and it's a beautiful thing.

Women have the grace, poise and dexterity to complete many things most men can't. Men have the strength to lift, hold and jump to do many things most women can't.

I think it's misleading to immediately jump at that as being wrong. It is what it is and I'm going to cheer for the women and men that realize their dreams in doing it!

That and cheer for Canada. WOO!

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Posted in: Top 5 worst places to visit in Japan See in context

While I totally agree on the general travel advice on Tokyo for #5, I wouldn't say that you can use that to justify putting Tokyo on the 5 worst places to visit. I think it's great to experience the urban and the rural together. That, and Osaka should be on that list LONG before Tokyo. It's far less convenient, USJ is too dated, and people are way more rude to you there. Tokyo just has a better feel of vibrancy.

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Posted in: Monetary regime change See in context

I just can't get past how ugly that furniture is.

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Posted in: Okinawa demands investigation into 318 illegal Osprey flights See in context

DeploreDec. 27, 2012 - 04:03PM JST

Kind of defeats the purpose of it being, you know, a helicopter. Is it actually safer to take off and land like a plane?

I think you misunderstand that sentence. They aren't going to be landing in the residential areas. The complaint was that they're in that mode flying over residential areas. They can still transition to vertical-vector thrust over Futenma and land that way.

I have to agree wholeheartedly with Yubaru's post. I'm not one of the people that screams "US Military get out!" because I respect what they do there. But if they sign the agreement, they should stick to it. That kind of lax policy adherence is disrespectful in an already tumultuous situation! The last thing the US Navy should do is push boundaries in order to pursue their own training regimen.

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd defiant over U.S. court order to stay away from Japanese whalers See in context

Good on the US for doing this. I totally support this. I wish all countries would back such a move. They don't tell SS to stop all activity, just don't get physical. It'd be nice if SS can accomplish their goals without the eco-terrorism. I really won't feel bad if they lob a jar of acid onto the deck of a whaling ship and someone from that ship fires a few bullets back. ANY physical provocation is just instigation to a fight. And no matter how much of a "victim" those whiny environmentalists may claim to be, I won't be convinced it wasn't them that brought it on.

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Posted in: Man leaves box of fish at Japanese orphanage See in context

What a wonderful thing to read. I think the idea of random acts of kindness during the holidays is such a wonderful thing. I hope more will do this! So many people struggle financially and they feel added pressure during these holidays. It makes such a difference to get a little food or clothing to help you along.

I'm looking forward to volunteering over the holidays myself. Please, JT...report more on stories like these!

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Posted in: Activists convert ex-Tokyo gov't vessel for anti-whaling campaign See in context

I do wish them luck in their info campaigns and ability to grab media attention. I think that makes the bigger difference in the long run. I thought some of their info-ventures were pretty good ideas.

As far as these ships, if they start lobbing jars of rancid blubber/acid at people on ships...I hope one of them gets water-cannoned off the deck.

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Posted in: Which is considered worse, holding your chopsticks the wrong way, or eating noisily? See in context

Some Japanese people I know make the most disgusting sounds while eating a meal. The one that gets me the most is how they go above and beyond the noises most do while eating ramen. The slurp, while I can't understand WHY it's so important when it sounds so nasty, I can identify with the norm here. It's when they slurp and proceed to clear their throats and snort their runny nose because it was tantanmen loudly. It's just plain nasty.

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Posted in: PAC men See in context

Fantastic picture! I looked but couldn't find a current article on this but...where are all the missiles being set up? Is it exclusively Tokyo, and then the rest are off-shore on ships?

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