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Mike James: "Who can say this did not within the last million years?" Well, scientists can say, from analysing ice in glaciers which has been around that long. We have had several ice ages during that time, but not warming at this crazy pace. I am with you re. nuclear power, though. Whatever risks it has are more acceptable than the damage global warming is causing, which is going to get worse each year. What kind of planet are we going to leave to our grand-children, I wonder?

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More power to geriatrics, then. Except climate-change deniers like Trump, of course. China, Russia, etc, might not be laughing so much when their countries start to suffer big-time from the caused by global warming. So many people with their heads still up their rear ends.

Judging by the lack of laundry you see on verandahs, we also have this ridiculous problem of sun-drying bans in Tokyo too. We have to oppose things like this, and all think about what we can do individually to cut emissions: use baths less, wash clothes less, use cars less, use window shutters, etc, to reduce aircon.

Japan is a country where people co-operate well together in times of national crisis. I hope more people out there will realise that we are already in this crisis, and it is bigger than any crisis any of us has ever faced. Let's get moving.

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There are all sorts of ridiculous reactions to this, with people saying democracy is under threat, that this will change history, etc. I agree with Itsonly that this just one twisted, social outcast or just a nutcase who got lucky on the day. No society can really protect itself from such occasional cases of violence except by trying to look after the mental health of everyone. There are always a few that are overlooked by keeping a low profile or isolating themselves.

Basically Japan is such a safe country that security in such situations can be lax. You can see in videos that no security staff are watching Abe's back. Everyone is facing him, no one is facing away from him. That is the basic error the security staff are guilty of.

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A truly pathetic situation. At this rate, the govt here will give the tourist industry here such a bad reputation that it will be destroyed. Such a shame, when Japan has just been voted the most popular destination for overseas trips.

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Sorry, don't watch TV news much, but I can't understand why huge amounts of money are being spent to send divers down to search the boat, rather than just attaching cables to it and pulling it up. Won't that have to done later, in any case?

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