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Just like other people mentioned, 'spouse or child of Japanese national' is a single status worded like this in the certificate of eligibility, that's why it was mentioned like this in the article. We can only guess, but most, if not all, of those people are likely to have been spouses. As for children, there can be adopted children living with this status in Japan still as foreigners, and there can be biological children who were not assigned with Japanese nationality at birth, for example, if born outside Japan. Also, I know cases when, let's say, a foreign mother goes to a consulate of her country in Japan and applies for her to child to have the same nationality as her, then she returns to her country, and several years later, when the Japanese passport of her child expires, she goes to renew it and learns that her child is no longer a Japanese national, because the loss of Japanese nationality happens automatically when the mother's nationality is assigned to the child. Assigned here means that there is a procedure of application for nationalty, which is opposite to automatic assignation which requires no special procedure. I understand that if a Japanese father then would like his family to live with him, the child who lost the Japanese nationality would have this status.

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