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Posted in: Campaign encourages commuters to stand still in two lines on escalators See in context

The fact that the people of Japan abide by this rule that standers stand on one side of the escalators leaving room for people to walk by on the other side was actually one of the best and most orderly things I'd ever seen the first time i landed in Japan. I love it! I cant help but think this initiative is also to prepare the people of Japan for the olympics, as they will have to suffer foreigners standing side by side on escalators and not politely standing to one side to let people through. It is a daily frustration i have in Sydney stations and shopping centres after having spent time in Japan hah.

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Posted in: Australian man arrested for spraying graffiti on Tokyo subway cars See in context

Lately I have been really embarrassed of more and more Australian people and their behaviour in Japan! They're such morons! Drinking on the streets, not following the rules, swearing and yelling in public because they seem to be of the opinion that no one knows what they're saying because they're speaking English. It's appalling and so ignorant. I hate being lumped in with this kind of Australian as one of their "fellow Aussies". It seems because of cheaper flights, Japan has become the hot new destination for the former Bali bound Bogans of Australia.

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