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My 27-year-old son was diagnosed earlier this year with Dystonia. It’s another neurological disorder without a cure. I spend a lot of time reading up on treatments and the one that seems to work best ,which is Botox injections into the muscles, the doctors have yet to try. He has been on a medication for Parkinson’s now for 6 months with no improvement. I hope this latest drug will pave the way for treatment for other neurological disorders.

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Posted in: Japan reports 54,071 coronavirus cases See in context


Perhaps you don’t understand math very well

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 31 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 216 See in context

Before anyone starts complaining about the increase in last Thursday, please remember we had a national holiday last Wednesday. The numbers are still holding well here.

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I believe your town of Yamato (which is also my town) may soon bring back their Go To Eat campaign. Off topic sorry… Good numbers Tokyo! Let’s keep it up

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 19 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 236 See in context

There is still so much “hope for things to be worse “ very disappointing. Enjoy things as they actually are

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I have been tested several times with as little as a concern. It requires a bit of effort but nothing the least competent person can do.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 143 coronavirus cases See in context

Aly Rustom

Click on the red “new coronavirus numbers”. You can see quite a lot of information, including testing

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,242 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 8,892 See in context


If you trust these numbers I have a bridge to sell you!

Where’s the bridge and what are you asking?

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 4,228 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 24,321 See in context

ShinkansenCabooseToday  05:29 pm JST

Sotetsu Yokohama line now, jammed packed.

Should I show the people next to me hacking with a cough the numbers?

I was on the Sotetsu Line last night and it was way more crowded than the Tokaido from Tokyo to Yokohama. Fortunately, no one was hacking near me.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 5,074 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 25,492 See in context

Then take a look at Yamato City in Kanagawa, did not even bother sending out the vouchers to young people.

My wife and I both got vaccinated in Yamato well over a month ago. My daughter’s age group will start August 23 and we already have her scheduled next week. We didn’t have any problems whatsoever and when I went to my regular clinic right before Obon the doctor asked if I wanted the vaccine … said he had several openings. Sorry that your friend is having trouble but basically everyone I interact with in Yamato has gotten vaccinated.

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Posted in: Japan's Olympic security balancing act leaves few satisfied See in context

The other night I was out in an izakaya and met 2 Americans. I assumed they were US military. I’m former military so I approached them to say “thank you for your service”… they weren’t former military, they were olympic staff who had gotten bored and escaped their accommodation. They assured me they had been vaccinated but I told them that wasn’t the point… that this exact situation was what the local residents were concerned about. Our freedoms are being taken away and valuable resources are being directed towards these games that a majority of the population are against. They blew me off and continued drinking.

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