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Typhoon Tom is 100% correct. I was poisoned during tests 24 years ago and am going thru some things no physician has seen before. I have drugs to help w/the pain but it doesn't completely ease it. My bones, flesh, cartilage, blood vessels, etc. in and out of the radiated areas are growing thinner or becoming thicker with radiation scarring. It has literally effected my entire body, head to toe. I was 36 at the time & had years of a healthy life before I was caught off guard. This poor little girl-only 5, if I could still produce tears and cry for her and all others, I would. Instead I sit here dry eyed and my heart aches. I'm positive just from what I've studied over the years that some of these people, animals, plants, maybe even sea life, will not go unscathed. There are things about radiation that those in the know won't share with the public or patients-they'd rather have us be surprised by experience or viewing the reactions, I guess. I'm not looking for pity, I'm just sharing because I know what could lie ahead for too many kids & of course, those older-it's more than just the burn. And to think they've lost family & have the memories of all additional that they've suffered...I can't even imagine how they feel. God bless those that have stayed there to help-the ones that know what they could also be facing (radiologist, physicans, surgeons, nurse, NPs, aides and more). I hope the gov't there treats them well now & in the future, they're definitely soldiers of courage & care.

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