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Sea Shepherd founder Captain Paul Watson is nothing but a Terrorist. The Japanese Navy should escort the Whaling ship and shoot the Terrorists. Paul Watson you are a Terrorist. Your ship should be fired upon and sunk.

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Posted in: Chiba man arrested for kicking 2-year-old son in head See in context

You piece of CRAP! You deserve nothing short of life in Jail or a Bullet which may be too good for you. You should NEVER EVER EVER be allowed near that or any child EVER again. ROT IN HELL SCUMBAG.

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Posted in: Man held for beating 2-month-old son who wouldn't stop crying See in context

Shaking an infant can result in severe brain damage. For the husband, automatic divorce without question. Then put his backside in the slammer for a few years to cool him down. Or, he gets 50 rounds with the top UFC fighters without protection. For the wife, let this be a hard wake up call. Give yourself a bit of a shake and wake the hell up!

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"The store reopened its rooftop beer garden this summer for the first time in 15 years."

This article is not accurate. In 2003 i had gone up to the rooftop several times for food and drinks. It cannot have been closed for 15 years.

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