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Posted in: Japan eyes reopening Kyiv embassy See in context

I don't see any problem with reopening the embassy. Anyways, there isn't seem to be any problem there anymore, you know after seen pictures of locals in Kiev partying, Hollywood do-gooders and politicians visiting and even the Zelensky posing like a super model for Vogue like nothing is happening makes me thing there is nothing to fear about. So go ahead normalise everything.

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Posted in: Taiwan launches English language TV channel to give it more international punch See in context

Chinese province of Taiwan launches English language TV channel to give it more international punch..

Don't you mean "The Real China exiled in Taipei launches English language TV channel to give it more international punch"?

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Posted in: N Korea fires ballistic missile over Japan; some trains suspended See in context

When is Japan launching a missile above Chōsen? Why is Japan response to threat and intimidation always so weak?

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Posted in: Japan protests possible gas extraction by China in contested waters See in context

Protest? What a weak leadership ths country has. When will this country take decisive actions against it bullies?

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Posted in: Little cheer as Japan, China mark 50 years of diplomatic relations See in context

Japan, China mark 50 years of diplomatic relations

China? Don't you mean the CCP controlled Rogue State known by the fake name of the People's Republic of China (Not of the people, not a Republic, not China) .

Wouldn't it be more appropriate to say that China and Japan haven't had official relations for half a century? Given the real China is the Republic of China whose government is on exile in a Taipei.

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Posted in: Dog office See in context

Imagine the stench of place in summer or if the animal has an accident. No thanks.

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Posted in: Kremlin stages votes in Ukraine; sees protests in Russia See in context

This is pure anti-Russia propaganda! Eastern Ukrainians want to become part of Russia. What's the problem with that? Let them join them.

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Posted in: 4.4 mil Americans roll up sleeves for Omicron-targeted boosters See in context

You still can pass the illness, you can still get ill, you need boosters every 3 months, you may get myocarditis, some places still force you to comply with the circus. Get it if you want and makes you feel better but I ain't getting that thing myself.

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Posted in: Kishida pitches Japan's permanent investment tax break at New York bourse See in context

Investing in Japan LOL. I I had kept my liquid assets in Japan during the last year. I would have lost a good chunk of my net worth just to the yen's depreciation against the US dollar.

Never ever invest in this country, use it to make it money (I think it is extremely easy to make Japanese people to part ways with their money and put it in you own pocket) then send your money to offshore accounts.

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Posted in: Man arrested for stabbing two minors over cannabis trafficking See in context

Then why do people smoke it?

Wanna be cool, fit in a group, they're sheep, became what I described in my previous post, etcetera.

Then why is it prescribed medically?

Tobacco, heroin, cocaine and countless other dangerous substances where once prescribed or at least recommended by physicians until studies showed they were detrimental for human health. I'm sure it will happen to cannabis too, specially the smoked form. Oils may be helpful, though.

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Posted in: Taiwan to scrap COVID quarantine for travelers in October See in context

The whole world except China and Taiwan have opened up

2 fake statements in one sentence:

1) Japan also remains closed

2)Taiwan is the real China, there's no "China and Taiwan", there is the Republic of China and the rogue usurping state CCP controlled PRC.

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Posted in: Man arrested for stabbing two minors over cannabis trafficking See in context

Man arrested for stabbing two minors over cannabis trafficking

This is what happens when you deal with that overglorified drug. I never understood the culture surrounding that plant. It makes you feel terrible, makes you stupid, smoking it is bad for your health and places that made it legal stink of that thing. Nothing would make yours truly happier than a universal 40-year mandatory sentence for simple possession.

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Posted in: International tourists return to Japan; spend big at top tourist spots in Tokyo See in context

What's the point of coming to Japan if you have to wear a face mask. Japan's tourism industry and it employees can go broke for all I care. Forced masking on westerners is unacceptable.

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Posted in: Japan weighs plan for ban on hotel guests without masks: report See in context

I guess hotels that implement that rule hate money.

My family and I since the start of this circus vowed never to stay at a hotel until the mask nonsense is finished. I don't mind paying more for an Airbnb.

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Posted in: What would you like to see the yen-dollar exchange rate stabilize at? See in context

300 yen per USD would be a dream but I wouldn't mind anything between 150 and 200.

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Posted in: Japanese man sets himself on fire in apparent protest at Abe's state funeral See in context

Well, let him protest whatever way he chooses to do so.

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Posted in: Hopes grow for win-win effect of inbound tourism in Japan, weak yen See in context

Masks will still be a significant deterrent to inbound tourism.

It's not a crime not to wear one. I never wear them, never had a problem. Just ignore the recommendations.

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Posted in: 60% of people with foreign roots questioned by Japanese police: survey See in context

I have never been stopped or questioned by the police despite my obvious foreign looks, that said, that's the way things are done here, just comply and go on your merry way.

No country is perfect and even though racial profiling may be considered discriminatory, here in Japan, it is not.

I was held 2 hours one time for grabbing a creep

Lawyer's Advice: Unless the victim is a loved one, you should never ever get involved in a 'Chikan' case. Even if you posess Japanese citizenship, the police will likely side with the local Yamato. Just turn a blind eye and mind your own business.

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Posted in: Japan set to waive some visa requirements in October to boost tourism: Nikkei See in context

United States and certain other countries

Gotta love the American-centric reporting from the Nikkei. Last time I checked Japan had visa-waiver agreements with more than 60 countries.

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Posted in: Gov't shares nationwide info on abusive baby sitters See in context

Call me old-fashioned but unless you have kids of your own, a male should never be a babysitter or take care of other people's kids. That would bring the problem to a stop, a list won't do anything.

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Posted in: Man arrested over murders of wife, 2 children to undergo psychiatric evaluation See in context

undergo a psychiatric test to determine if he is mentally fit to stand trial.

The only test this monster should undergo is the one that measures the strength of his neck against gravity, long drop and a sudden stop.

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Posted in: Gov't to request energy-saving measures in winter over power crunch concerns See in context

Their winter request will be dully ingnored as I enjoy some hot wine in my toasty home. I pay my bills anyway, am I not?

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Posted in: Arrests of UK anti-royal protesters spur free-speech debate See in context

I'm not a royalist at all and I think prince Andrew is a disgusting individual, but I find it interesting that all of a sudden the msm cares about free speech and letting people speak their minds when it comes to criticising the the Queen and her family while having censored all those who dare to have a different opinion to the current narrative for a few years already.

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Posted in: Japan OKs distribution of Omicron booster shots from this month See in context

Omicron booster shots

Don't you mean the vaccine that skipped human trials and was rushed by the CDC and other global health bodies. No thanks, I'm fine with my natural immunity.

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Posted in: Yen tumbles to lower 144 range against U.S. dollar See in context

Please get to 200!!!!

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Posted in: Japan to cut COVID isolation period to speed up economic recovery See in context

What about cutting it to 'whenever you feel better' and reclassifying the rona to the level of the common cold if not to a lesser level.

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Posted in: Russia scraps visa-free visits to islands disputed with Japan See in context

It's Japan’s fault for trying to appease their American overlords by sanctioning Russia for a war nobody cares about anymore, at least here.

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Posted in: Ex-baby sitter appeals 20-year prison term for sexually abusing 20 boys See in context

Let him appeal and change the ruling to the good ol' rope+trapdoor combo with a side of long drop.

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Posted in: Japan to penalize hospitals not accepting infectious disease patients See in context

they will lose their special designations and will not be eligible for preferential remuneration for medical services.

Only that? What about jail time for the hospital owner or 院長 and revocation of medical licenses of all the staff on premises.

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Posted in: Moment of truth as Japan eyes review of foreign 'trainee' workers See in context

Stop importing modern day slaves and pay decent salaries to local people!

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