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Posted in: Thailand to restart quarantine-free travel from February 1 See in context

PCR test? hotel waits? 7-day restriction of movement? Vaccines? LOL No thanks,

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Posted in: Gov't OKs Pfizer COVID vaccine for children aged 5-11 See in context

I feel sorry for the children of people who will be duped into this by the msm and the government. I sincerely hope this is not something parents will be regretting down the road.

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Posted in: Foreign visitors to Japan in 2021 fell to record low 245,900 See in context

Do you want us to leave from Japan?

No, why would I want that? I was once a foreigner here too (and most probably I am still one in the eyes of the native Yamato) I'm only referring to new entries with no ties to Japan and non-PR residents who leave the country during these times. I couldn't care less about foreigners currently living here.

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Posted in: Foreign visitors to Japan in 2021 fell to record low 245,900 See in context

Do it and see the results in next 10-15 years.

I guess you are already resigned to a 15-year long corona circus.

With the issuance of new visas suspended, the labour crunch will only compound. 

I guess greedy corporations will have to start paying living wages to the locals instead of bringing modern day slaves disguised as "trainees"

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Posted in: Foreign visitors to Japan in 2021 fell to record low 245,900 See in context

Still too many, the country should be completely sealed off. Only citizens, PR's and their families should be allowed in and out the country.

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Posted in: Olympic athletes urged by activists not to criticize China See in context

Well it's their fault for going there, nobody should be going to that hell hole.

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Posted in: Japan looks to expand COVID quasi-emergency to Tokyo, 10 other prefectures See in context

As long as my favorite joint for steak and craft beer ignores the SOE as they did last time, I don't really care about any government requests, they will be duly ignored.

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Posted in: Clap, don't chant: China aims for 'Zero COVID' Olympics See in context

Don't shout, don't cheer, don't talk, don't have fun. Just shut up and comply!

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Posted in: Djokovic loses deportation appeal in Australia See in context

Regardless where you stand on the issue, I guess most can agree that the tyrannical Australian government is an utter joke and laughing stock of the world right now.

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Posted in: Gus works See in context

Reminded me of a sign I recently saw at a Takino Park in Sapporo which translated ゴール(Goal) as GORL

where the ( great ) majority of the population can only speak their native tongue.

Basically, English speaking countries and Latin America. Most of my friends are from those regions and when they came to visit me in Japan and heard me speaking Japanese they reacted like if I was doing some sort of witchcraft.

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Posted in: Japan to begin COVID booster shots for general public sooner than scheduled See in context

Booster? Pff I haven't even gotten the first shot. I already have natural immunity from the real virus and since the vax doesn't prevent transmission or infection, there's literally zero incentive for me get it (I still have to wear a mask indoors, can't travel and have to forcefully comply the rest of the circus).

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Posted in: Thailand to introduce $9 visitor fee from April See in context

I wouldn't mind to pay the 9 bucks but, do you need to take a PCR test and do quarantine? Bah! No thanks, I'll stick to domestic travel for the time being, Thailand's economy can tank for all I care.

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Posted in: COVID vaccination requests at work pose worry in Japan's booster push See in context

What about ignoring the requests or emails? This is not France, America or any of the tyrannies of the west. At my company I don't ask nor I care about my employees vaccination status, we are here to work not to play doctor.

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Posted in: Masks: Consider them a sign of progress in the fight against COVID See in context

In other words the vaccines did not work and finally they have started to accept it. I'm so glad I was not duped into getting the jab, the false promises of an unmasked life almost made fall for it.

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Posted in: Quiet reminder See in context

Don't talk, don't show your face, don't have fun, just go to work and obey!

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Posted in: Australian judge overturns Djokovic's visa cancelation See in context

One rule for the elite and one for the regular bloke. And then Aussies get angry when someone calls the country a neo-communist state. Once again, I'm glad I left that place.

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Posted in: Japan will not seek immigration law amendment before summer election See in context

I think the system is fine right now, why fix what's not broken? The only two things I would change would be faster deportation of illegal aliens and overstayers and the elimination of the Specialist in Humanities/ International Services and Trainee Statuses of Residence as their are mainly used as gateway to Japan by people with no ties to the country.

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Posted in: U.S., Japan agree to keep troops on base to curb COVID spread See in context

Can it be a permanent thing? They have everything they need within their bases, I was in Okinawa a couple of weeks ago and most servicemen I saw act like if they owned the place, are loud, obnoxious and they seem to love shouting in loud English to local retail workers like if they were back home.

Of course none of them know a word of the local lingo.

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Posted in: Quiet reminder See in context

It's good ! But why is the English bigger than the Japanese ?!

Don't ask, you won't like the answer.

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Posted in: Doctor arrested for filming up girl’s skirt See in context

Unfortunately, he's likely wealthy and didn't actually touch the girl which means he'll probably be out quite soon.

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Posted in: COVID quasi-emergency imposed on 3 prefectures hosting U.S. bases See in context

Point being ?..you really think bases are the only routes that Omicron got through ?

The point is not even the 'rona or omicron I couldn't care less about it. The problem is them having a different set of rules, like coming and going out of Japan without quarantine like the rest of us. Being able to get in and out their base as they please and causing troubles to the locals, in this case it was corona but it can apply to all the annoyances they normally cause.

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Posted in: COVID quasi-emergency imposed on 3 prefectures hosting U.S. bases See in context

Wouldn't it be easy just to put some prefectural police cars blocking all gates and access points of the bases and just arrest everyone with a "Y" plated car trying to get out. I mean these people have everything they need, parks, schools and hospitals all in-base, why are they even allowed to be out in normal circumstances?

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Posted in: Transgender woman referred to prosecutors for using Osaka ladies room See in context

I he's got a phallus, he must use the gents, period.

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Posted in: Tiger attacks 3 workers at Tochigi safari park; one loses hand See in context

Put the tiger down, it already attacked humans once, it'll do it again for sure.

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Posted in: Djokovic given medical exemption to play at Australian Open See in context

What about the thousands of vaxxed Australian citizens and their families wanting to visit relatives and friends down under.

I hope this finally shows to everyone that vaccination is not about health but compliance. One rule for me another for thee. I'm so glad I left that tyrannical state years ago.

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Posted in: Japan starts year's 1st day of work amid Omicron fears See in context

Fears of omicron? Who fears that thing? I just came back to the mainland from Okinawa a few days ago and my plane was full, next to my boarding gate there was a huge JAL A350 bound for Haneda, also full. Nobody cares anymore.

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Posted in: Japan reports 1,268 new infections; 225 in Okinawa, 151 in Tokyo See in context

You know who is to blame for the cases in Okinawa, American inva... I mean servicemen.

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Posted in: Travelers returning from New Year holidays crowd roads, airports See in context

You realize these are children not eligible for vaccine, right? Or you just like inventing alternative facts?

Are you sure they are all children, I know quite a bunch of unvaccinated adults including yours truly.

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Posted in: Do you think the world will be rid of COVID and all its variants this year? See in context

It will never go away because that's what the elites want, total fear and control. The life you had before 2020 is over, you will never have a normal life again. Masks, forced vaccination, division and hate will be a normal thing for the rest of our lives. It is certainly sad but the quicker everyone realizes this the the lesser the pain.

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Posted in: Man suspected of killing wife, 11-month-old daughter See in context

Another sub-human scum who deserves nothing but the long drop. Crimes against children are unforgivable.

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