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Posted in: Man who refused to wear mask on plane arrested again after trouble in restaurant See in context

I hate masks from the bottom of my heart but if a business owner/manager of a premise I must be at verbally requests me to wear one, I immediately comply no questions asked. This man child should be locked up until we're done with this nonsense if that ever happen.

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Posted in: Large numbers of people out and about despite gov't antivirus pleas See in context

It would be a crime not to be outdoors with this wonderful weather. Glad to see Japanese people being rational and not freaking out about the scamdemic.

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Posted in: Man arrested after spitting on store manager who asked him to wear mask See in context

While I don't condone the actions of the pitiful man-child, this will continue to happen if you keep forcing people to do what they hate.

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Posted in: Leukemia survivor Ikee wins another Olympic swimming berth See in context

Good for her!

Unfortunately she won't be able to compete as the masked, cheerless games will be cancelled.

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Posted in: Do you feel that you have become complacent about anti-coronavirus measures in one way or another? See in context

No, I have not changed at all. I'm as careless as I was a year ago. Masks only when verbally required by private businesses I really have to be at, zero social distance and heaps of gatherings and domestic travel with friends and family. I have always washed my hands a lot, regardless of corona.

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Posted in: Nurseries, kindergartens mull how to teach issues of gender identity See in context

Teaching gender issues at nursery schools and kindies? Leave that kind of nonsense to the west, we don't need the radical left agenda here in Japan.

If a boy brings a dress, dresses like a girl or acts like one, of course he will be called out and laughed off, not out of malice but because most young kids are like that.

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Posted in: Osaka governor requests stronger anti-virus steps amid resurgence See in context

What does "designate the prefecture's capital as an area that needs stronger anti-virus measures" even mean? If it is not a SoE does it mean it is okay to ignore it just a bit more than a full on SoE? What a bunch of nonsense.

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Posted in: Health minister apologizes for late-night party by 23 employees See in context

Apologizing for having a party. The world has certainly gone mad.

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Posted in: Osaka reports more new coronavirus cases than Tokyo; nationwide tally 1,785 See in context


If those are our last words too, so be it. We do not fear death, it is a natural part of life that will keep occurring regardless the existence of the coronavirus. I'd rather die than live without freedom or in fear.

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Posted in: Osaka reports more new coronavirus cases than Tokyo; nationwide tally 1,785 See in context

I arrived today in Okinawa with the fam and a group of friends. Glad to see the plane, airport and tourist places packed, all helping the local the local economy. Numbers of infected people do not matter to most people anymore, life must go on.

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Posted in: 47 anaphylaxis cases reported in Japan after 580,000 Pfizer vaccine shots See in context

Yet another reason not to take that rushed thing.

The more concerning news is that it took over a month to do 580,000 vaccinations.

Even if the vaccines were available to all, Japanese people aren't dumb, I doubt most would take it. Apart from 1 person, all the Japanese people I know are skeptical of the jab and would not take it immediately. Including people in the medical community. Good for them.

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Posted in: Osaka YouTubers’ stupid plan to live-stream marijuana dealer’s arrest backfires See in context

Snitches get stitches

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Posted in: Tokyo Disney parks abandon 'ladies and gentlemen' announcements See in context

Yet another reason not to go to that mess of a place.

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Posted in: Korean kids nurtured to remember history with anti-Japanese toys and games See in context

What about educating the young about the barbarian pre-colonial Korea and the things they used to do overt there as well? Like fathers impregnating their daughters to prove their fertility to potential bachelors.

What about teaching them about how Japan helped the people of Chosen to become a modern society and sowed the seed for them to become a technologically advanced nation and how the Japanese government helped to preserve hangul (seen at that time as the writing system of the lower classes) when most locals would rather use Hanja or Japanese.

I guess playing the victim card pays off better these days.

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Posted in: Life sentence upheld for man over 2017 murder of 9-year-old Vietnamese girl See in context

Life sentence? That scumbag deserves the rope after a few years in solitary, no less.

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Posted in: 10 killed in Colorado supermarket shooting See in context

Not news at all! Just another day in the land of the 'free' and the home of the ※brave.

※Only if carrying a gun, otherwise they flee.

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Posted in: Do you agree with the decision not to allow spectators from overseas to attend the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games? See in context

No, I don't agree. They should be cancelled entirely. Why do they insist on having the masked, joyless games? There is nothing to celebrate.

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Posted in: Miami Beach declares state of emergency over uncontrollable crowds See in context

police efforts to prevent alcohol consumption on the beach.

The land of the free? What a joke. You can't even crack open a beer in public without getting arrested. So lucky to be in Japan.

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Posted in: Is bitcoin environmentally friendly? See in context

Hell no! It's terrible for the environment, but the monetary gains are awesome, so who cares?

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Posted in: 25 health care workers in Japan suffer anaphylaxis after vaccination See in context

No need to fix what's not broken. I won't be taking the shot.

No international travel, no problem.

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Posted in: COVID-19 inoculations in Japan off to snail pace start due to vaccine, syringe shortages See in context

Take your time, there's no rush. More than half of the population don't even want it anyway.

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Posted in: No. of people out and about in Tokyo up despite extended virus emergency See in context

People don't care anymore, good for them. This pandemic is not as bad as they want us to believe specially here in Japan.

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Posted in: 16-year prison term upheld for man over fatal abuse of daughter See in context

16 years?! He should've been given the rope.

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Posted in: Supercomputer shows doubling masks offers little help preventing viral spread See in context

Whatever, I almost never wear mask anyway. And if I must be at a place where the request to wear one is a more than a mere onegai, I wear them either under the nose or on the chin.

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Posted in: Swiss to vote on whether to ban full facial coverings in public See in context

I would rather ban the useless corona masks.

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Posted in: Fans from abroad unlikely for postponed Tokyo Olympics See in context

Cancel that thing already, have some dignity plus cancel the winter ones' in Communist China, now that you're at it.

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Posted in: Woman dies from brain hemorrhage days after receiving coronavirus vaccine, but link uncertain See in context

I'm vaccinated, my kids are too. I believe vaccines are one of the greatest inventions in human history. That said, there's certainly something wrong with this one, follow your gut feeling.

Governments, big pharma and media keep pushing this on us, and whenever there's a problem they try to cover it up and label those who question them as conspiracy theorists. Wake up people!

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Posted in: 1,032 shots of COVID-19 vaccine wasted due to freezer malfunction See in context

The vaccines are untested and so are the freezers...

Comment of the year!

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Posted in: Go To Travel campaign to remain suspended after March 7 See in context

Whether there's campaign or not, I'm traveling. I'm tired of this nonsense scamdemic. I've already booked a trip to Okinawa with friends and family for the spring.

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Posted in: Relief, concerns mixed over having state of emergency lifted early See in context

The only people concerned is the JT comment section crowd, all the Japanese people I know are tired of this nonsense. Those politicians from Chubu are only trying to look worried on TV, I bet you they can't also wait to go back to their fancy steak dinners with their cronies.

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