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El Rata comments

Posted in: Elderly driver hits 2 pedestrians, killing one, near Nara temple See in context

Stubborn grampas do it again. No one over the age of 60 has business behind the wheel, period.

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Posted in: Japan to OK train fare hikes for holidays, weekends due to 'overtourism' concerns See in context

Yeah, I'd say quadruple the prices. It is annoying to travel on a crowded shinkansen.

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Posted in: Shibuya mayor says 'Don't come' for Halloween See in context

El Rata, When you are a guest in your friends house do you act like a moron? You are guest in this country so you should act the same, no?

I'm a natutalised citizen therefore not a guest I can do as I please.

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Posted in: Updated COVID shots coming are part of a trio of vaccines to block fall viruses See in context

Are people really still thinking of getting those things after all the negative info that has recently come to light regarding the jab?

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Posted in: Shibuya mayor says 'Don't come' for Halloween See in context

LOL security guards? What power do they hold? I feel like going to Shibuya just defy their orders, there's nothing they can legally do.

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Posted in: If you heard someone screaming or what sounded like a violent argument nextdoor, would you call the police, or do nothing and just mind your own business? See in context

If you are a foreigner or a non-Asian looking naturalised Japanese, you never ever get involved in other people's business, ever. You will lose if you do, you always will, it doesn't matter your intentions.

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Posted in: Japan to issue new banknotes See in context

Put Abe on the 1 man note!

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Posted in: Recruit fatally shoots 2 SDF instructors, injures 1 at Gifu gun range See in context

Following the incident, the GSDF will immediately suspend all shooting and explosion drills across the nation to ensure the safety of its troops, according to Morishita.

One crazy idiot ruins the fun for everyone

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Posted in: Student in Tokyo arrested for giving illegal haircuts to thousands See in context

That seems quite harsh.

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Posted in: Kishida unveils plan to tackle birthrate crisis See in context

What is the small man proposing? Exactly what kind of subsidies, as usual nothing concrete is being said by that pitiful politicians. Just make the jidou teate monthly instead of quarterly, easy fix.

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Posted in: Nagoya court rules not recognizing same-sex marriage unconstitutional See in context

Based Aichi, central Japan is quite conservative, it was to be expected.

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Posted in: Body of partially burned newborn baby found on Shizuoka coastline See in context

Some people are just demonically sick. RIP pour soul

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Posted in: What is the biggest change to your life that was brought about by the COVID pandemic during the past three years? See in context

I learnt to never trust the msm, the governments or big pharma, also to never underestimate what fear can do to the common sense of people.

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Posted in: 9 Australian Rules fans banned for life over racial abuse See in context

Well deserved ban, but I'm always wondering how such bans are enforced. Can't you just have your mates buy tickets for you. It's not like at the gate they stop you and ask you: 'G'day mate, let us check your identities for possible bans'

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Posted in: LDP resistance imperils passage of Japan LGBT law before G7 summit See in context


Media polls

Manipulated or cherry picked in order to shift the sentiment to fit their narrative. Go ahead and ask random people on the street if they even care about the issue.

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Posted in: LDP resistance imperils passage of Japan LGBT law before G7 summit See in context

This is not the west, Japan has a different set of values and has seen what the problems the deification of the LGBT movement has caused to the western societies and their children. I don't expect any changes coming regarding that topic in Japan anytime soon.

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Posted in: Eased COVID measures boost travel during Golden Week See in context

Eased COVID measures

Do people still care about covid? Honest question, no troll. I'm not asking about masking or other measures due virtue signaling, not wanting to stick out or self-loathing. I mean the illness itself, is there someone really worry about getting infected and sick with COVID? Anyway it is cool to see a little bit of common sense coming back to Japan and people finally traveling.

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Posted in: What do you think of "kei" cars which are popular in Japan? See in context

They are way cheaper than regular cars, just the tax alone is a huge difference I posses 4 regular vehicles and a Kei. The tax on the regular ones is between 4 man and 10 man, the kei car is like 1 man I think. as second cars and just to go around town are excellent especially the new electric ones, that said, I still think the petrol Kei cars should be banned from the expressways, they simply cannot keep up with the traffic flow and if you crash at high speed you're basically dead.

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Posted in: Musk says owning Twitter 'painful' but needed to be done See in context

I think you guys forgot to mention on how Musk owned the BBC reporter by pointing out the network's double standards on misinformation and how the British government exerted pressure on the editorial team to convey false narratives to the British public.

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Posted in: WHO revises COVID-19 vaccine recommendations for Omicron-era See in context

I can't help but to feel sorry for those parents gullible enough to force the shot upon to their children.

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Posted in: Japan reluctant to accelerate G7 power sector decarbonization push See in context

*no change

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Posted in: Japan reluctant to accelerate G7 power sector decarbonization push See in context

Japan knows it's all a farce, therefore no chance here

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Posted in: Japan reports 7,207 new coronavirus cases See in context

Until when will these meaningless numbers be announced? No troll, serious friendly question.

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Posted in: Japan grants long-term visa to gay U.S. man wed to Japanese See in context

As long as it is not an official 'Spouse Visa', I agree with the ruling.

Live and let live.

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Posted in: Kishida says ban on same-sex marriage not discrimination See in context

I don't see the problem, in Japan, marriage is the union between a man and a woman. The law is clear.

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Posted in: Twitter cuts more staff as Musk turmoil grows See in context

He's not wrong, black-on-white crime is out of control in the US and a recent poll suggested that more than half of Black-Americans dislike White people, how is that not anti-white racism? Imagine the outcry if the races were reversed. It's his right to cut of the company everyone who does not agree with the new values of the company.

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Posted in: Japan establishes simplified visa track for skilled foreigners See in context

I agree with Japan on this one. If you're going to have foreigners with no family or ties to the country, at least you should aim for the best.

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Posted in: Fukushima fishermen pin hopes on pufferfish See in context

Radioactive Fugu, the newest Tohoku delicacy.

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Posted in: Kishida pledges to boost child-rearing budget to 4% of GDP See in context

Yay! Probably more beer money coming to all of us family people!

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Posted in: Japan to ease COVID-19 guidelines for mask-wearing on March 13 See in context

Lol, do you really still wear mask in non-job related situations? I'm referring to people with western backgrounds. I mean the locals love to do what they're told, but actual westerners complying with the what is more than a mere 'onegai' has always been beyond my comprehension.

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