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I don't care what others think, the stares or the criticism. I will never ever wear one. I know some people will say it's not about me but protecting others, but those at risk shouldn't be outside in the first place. Ultimately, if I don't care about me getting it, why should I care about others?What makes a random stranger so special to the extent of making others to forcefully wear a cloth over their face just so such person feels safe? I don't get it.

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It could jump to 5000 cases a day, it doesn't matter. People don't care anymore, yesterday I went out dining with the fam and a group of friends. It was a pleasant surprise to see the restaurant packed and everyone enjoying their lives.

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This is beyond ridiculous, another place to avoid while this nonsense is running, I honestly like the food at that restaurant, but even if they don't force you to use that thing while eating I refuse to support a business that keeps pushing the masks-are-our-saviours narrative.

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So is the Arlington National Cemetery in the US and nobody complains about it.

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Ironically, loads of Japanese love the USA and their culture, after visiting the museum in Hiroshima I really can't understand why. Had my country of birth been the target of those horrible bombs made by the Americans we would certainly hate them until now. I can't understand the Japanese sometimes.

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The reality is that they don't have enough money to give to businesses and people should they decide to declare a national state of emergency. And since most of the infections are among young people who will probably not die and the number of deaths isn't rising, I agree with Mr. Abe on his decision to keep the economy open.

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As it should be, why would let's say... Canada worry about a country like... idk... Congo. Every country should care about their own people only.

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Latin America has the most corrupt governments in the world after Africa, Latin Americans live very unhealthy lives, most people being obese and ridden with chronic illnesses, plus the health system is a joke. Lived there for many years, not surprising really.

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Not Japan's problem, want a muslim style burial go to some muslim country.

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Stronger request duly noted, thanks.

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Yep... no one cares.

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I meant: Japanese are not confrontational on my previous post.

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I will never ever wear one, I refuse to do so. Why should I unwillingly put a cloth on my safe so others can feel safe? I don't get it, if not feeling safe, just stay home at let others live their lives. Fortunately, Japanese are confrontational and the government can't demand people to wear mask due to the constitution, therefore, I will continue to go maskless regardless what others think.

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Posted in: If the virus is still not contained by December, what do you think Christmas will be like for the world (and for you personally)? See in context

Globally it will be a very sad Christmas, and as someone said, will bring most people back to the essence of it, which is good. Personally, it will be same as usual as my friends, family and myself aren't worried at all about the virus.

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Everyone should have the right to die the way they want, it is unfair for the doctors as the only thing they did in the end was helping her.

Even myself, despite being healthy as a horse, if I didn't have a wife and kids to look for, I'd do it right away if it was legal as life during this pandemic has become unbearable with all the social distance thing, travel bans and mask wearing, etc.

I have read about ALS and seen people suffering from the illness and it's something I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemies, not surprised at all by her decision and the doctors'.

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Posted in: Do you think not buying a Nissan car, even if you liked the design and other features, because of what happened to former Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn, is a rational decision? See in context

I personally don't care about their corporate scandals, as long as their product is of good quality their problems among executives aren't my concern. I've been a loyal Nissan customer since I've been a car owner in Japan and expect to be one for the foreseeable future.

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Whatever! Most Japanese are tired and don't care anymore about the numbers.

If we get it and die so be it, death is an inevitable part of life. If afraid, stay home. let others live their lives.

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Posted in: Japanese social activist’s anti-groping poster proposal met with overwhelming praise online See in context

If I witness it, unless is a family member or a friend, I will keep pretending I didn't see it. Even though I'm a naturalized citizen, if I get involved, the police will be more suspicious about me than the chikan perpetrator, not worth the hassle imo

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What about not caring anymore and just accept that illness and death have always been a part of human life. What's with the irrational fear of death? I honestly don't care if I get it and die of it. Life will always entail risks.

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Posted in: No Tokyo Olympics likely means no Beijing Winter Games either, says Pound See in context

Whether the virus comes under control or not, Beijing should be stripped of the Olympics as a punishment for the economic havoc the CCP and their virus have created.

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Posted in: Nissan rolls out new electric crossover to boost image See in context

I've been eyeing the car since its concept stage. It will probably be my next acquisition, pending a test drive and reviews from first buyers.

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I've got an easy fix for y'all. Don't wear one!

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Posted in: Japan to begin Go To Travel Campaign on July 22 See in context

Right on, can't wait to tour the country with the fam! Isn't it a great privilege to be able to live in this awesome country?

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Posted in: Teacher arrested over alleged child prostitution with 16-year-old girl See in context

She's 16, old enough to know what she was getting into. Why is police checking private messages anyway? Scary

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Posted in: Tokyo coronavirus cases hit record daily high of 224; 80% in their 20s, 30s See in context

We can't put the toothpaste back in the tube. The Japanese public saw the monetary and psychological damage caused by shut-downs and have chosen to take their chances. The low death rates have turned out to be an "accepted risk" just like with other dangers in society. These higher positive numbers will keep some at home and will also trigger more personal prudence for those who are out and about. It is refreshing to see the general population decide their own fates rather than a few people in government. You wouldn't know it from reading JT forums but most Japanese people are objective, sensible, and reasonable. I trust Japan won't turn out to be a Corona disaster.

Best comment ever!

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Posted in: Tokyo coronavirus cases hit record daily high of 224; 80% in their 20s, 30s See in context

Judging by the number of deaths and the amount of serious cases, 200+ new cases in a city were 40 million people converge, it isn't that bad, stop the fearmongering. Japanese people for the most part are very clean, take baths, remove their shoes in the house, eat healthy, aren't on meds or are obese, this won't go exponential like in the west.

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Posted in: Some people argue that mandating anyone to wear face masks during the pandemic is a violation of human rights. Do you agree? See in context


If I'm dead, having money or not won't matter. But since I'm alive I certainly prefer to have some money.

I honestly respect the opinion of the maskers and if it makes you feel better go ahead and wear one. Idk maybe if I lived in Tokyo or a country where the virus is out of control, I'd wear one. But given my circumstances and the ones of the prefecture where I live (0 cases for weeks already), i prefer not to wear one, it is just a matter using common sense and judging your personal circumstances.

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Posted in: Some people argue that mandating anyone to wear face masks during the pandemic is a violation of human rights. Do you agree? See in context

Proud anti masker here! Not even the risk of death will make me wear those things, although, admittedly due to the fear of losing money, I reluctantly wear one if visiting a client that requires one on their premises.

The infirm, immunosuppressed and fearful should stay home and let the rest of us enjoy life without a cloth on our faces.

Wear a mask if you want but don't force it on others!

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