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@Christopher Glen...yes "it"was ohanami...

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I did it once at Ueno Park...and it was the last time...no more.

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Posted in: TEPCO says it will make plan this summer to clean up Fukushima plant See in context

A new plan? Only now? SMH.

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Posted in: Gang member detained for drug possession escapes from hospital See in context

Where's his mug shot - how can we give info if we don't know what he looks like?

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Posted in: Y200 mil gold Christmas tree on sale at Tokyo store See in context

sort of ugly

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Posted in: What do you think of Bob Dylan's continued lack of response to being awarded the Nobel literature prize on Oct 13? See in context

I sincerely think he is just being "Bob Dylan"...it's typical of him to thumb his nose at the establishment! Good on him. He knows it's all pompous show...something his lyrics talk against...what did they expect? Even Mother Theresa although she accepted the award, she didn't attend the grand banquet.

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Posted in: 14-yr-old boy dies after being beaten by teens on Oct 10 See in context

Why???? I'm shocked!

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Posted in: Daughter arrested for stomping on mother’s head, causing her death See in context

Thunderbird2, I have often wondered about that - with the way Japanese suppress their emotions, it's bound to build up and cause negative actions such as this one. We humans are emotional beings and need to let out steam in someway or else...

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Posted in: North Korea fires 3 ballistic missiles off east coast: Seoul See in context

Lil Kim wants to play with the big guys - and since he wasn't invited he decided to get some attention...

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Posted in: See how this robot makes sushi See in context

For sure it's not a "female"robot.

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Posted in: Abe unveils Y28 tril economic stimulus package See in context

Start up those printing presses Kuroda san...

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Posted in: The simple beauty of Japan’s 'rock-paper-scissors' culture See in context

Mike L. thank you for saying this. I bugs the beejeesus out of me when I have to ask for volunteers...sheesh.

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Please relax Your Highness! Maybe he can play Pokemon Go!!

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Hahaha...you put a whoopee cushion on my seat...

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Haha...they fell for it again...whoohooo!

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Posted in: Japan's ruling bloc wins landslide in upper house: exit polls See in context

Did you read this little gem? "Speculation has also emerged that Abe might replace Finance Minister Taro Aso, 75." I'm elated at not having to see his face on TV wearing his gangster hat and grin...oh please make it true.

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Ring around the rosie, pocket full of posies.. ashes, ashes... we all fall down...

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Duck70 - not sure, but the logos on either side remind me of devil's horns...

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Posted in: Governor under fire See in context

The Olympic logo above his head is supposed to be a halo or something?

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Posted in: Aso's staff say he 'misspoke' about some G-7 finance chiefs supporting Brexit See in context


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Posted in: Royal welcome for Abes See in context

Japan is a safety country your highness - please take some lessons from us.

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Posted in: Royal welcome for Abes See in context

You guys are so funny... love it... hahahahaha "4 seasons"....

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Posted in: String of burglaries reported in quake-hit Kumamoto See in context

I agree Yubaru...it has been here since forever.

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