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Elbuda Mexicano comments

Posted in: 7 killed, 51 injured by multiple letter bombs in China: state media See in context

This is NOT good for CHINA!!! I hope CHINA can control these acts of terrorism against its innocent civilians.

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Posted in: Prosecutors investigate deadly St. Louis shooting by police See in context

Are there police murders and cover ups in the USA and all over the world? As Kabukilover points out, this is very sad fact, but as Lizz also points out, most Black being killed night and day in the USA, even a poor little 9 year old girl doing HER HOMEWORK on her own mom's BED, and gets shot to death, in just insane! We should be angry at racist police but also African Americans can go on protesting night and day, but this will NOT get to the root of the matter of the violence and overwhelming APATHY and lack of hope in most Black communities in the USA.

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Posted in: 11-year-old gives birth to girl in Paraguay See in context

That is one messed up country in a very messed up continent. Please do NOT FORGET, the new president of PARAGUAY, used to be a CATHOLIC PRIEST, he quit that and ran for office, while the presidential elections were going on, about 15 young ladies with BABIES came out of the wood works, they all turned out to be HIS BABIES!!!

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Posted in: Woman arrested for attempted murder over cash card embezzlement See in context

Dang Mirai! You beat me to it! I was thinking just the same thing, FRIENDS?? No need for so called FRIENDS like this crazy, psycho woman, do hope she gets the DEATH PENALTY!!!

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Posted in: 7 decades after WWII, many praise Germany, scorn Japan See in context

I know many JEWS, Poles, Russians, AMERICANS etc..and they have NO PRAISE for NAZI GERMANY, with or without any apologies from their government.

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Posted in: Ex-Schindler employee stopped elevators to make trouble for company See in context

What an idiot, I wonder how many time Mark Twain said that in his life time? Anyway, assuming this jack ass is Japanese, I am sure NO COMPANY will ever want to hire him!!!

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Posted in: Republican debate: the good, the bad and the Trump-y See in context

Thank GOD for this idiot Donald Trump! This a GOD SEND so I am so happy!!

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Posted in: Trump says he can't recall using insults; then attacks Kelly See in context

So fun to see the REPUBLICANS stick there foot in their MOUTH! As a Mexican, it only makes me happy to let these fools like TRUMP keep shooting themselves in the FOOT! Let Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz, nice try but they will get ZERO VOTES from ME!! and MILLIONS OF OTHER LATINO US VOTERS, and anybody else who has felt INSULTED by DONALD TRUMP and all of these other crazy REPUBLICANS.

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Posted in: 6-year-old boy drowns in Nara swimming pool See in context

Terrible! RIP poor little boy down there in Nara

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Posted in: Temp workers: Helping or hurting Japan’s future? See in context

Much room for improvement here in Japan and all around the world.

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Posted in: China to close Beijing's airports during military parade See in context

They are more worried about terrorists, the Muslims Uighurs, Tibetan Buddhists etc...and your average HAN Chinese who are also pissed off at the corrupt Beijing Chinese government.

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Posted in: Hundreds dead, millions displaced as monsoon heaps misery on Asia See in context

As long as JapanGal does not try to blame this bad weather on President Obama, I just feel sorry for the poor people in those affected disaster zones. I do Hope Japan, the USA, Western Europe etc...do send help and ASAP!

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Posted in: Packed pool See in context

I am so bloody disgusted by all of these male chaunavinstic comments, like check out all of these dirty easy to pick up Japanese chicks etc..I bet the they will go to bed with any WHITE DUDE with half a decent heart pulse and a bit of warmth in their body temperature. People just want to ESCAPE from the HEAT, if you have MILLIONS and MILLIONS of people in the TOKYO area, what the heck do you all expect???

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Posted in: 2016 Republicans use Trump, TV to make debate cut See in context

I just want to say MUCHAS GRACIAS Señor TRUMP!!! Thanks to Señor Trump, his insulting legal, illegal not yet born MEXICANS, well, you all get the picture, we all got quite offended, and if there were any LATINOS of Mexican ancestry with voting rights in the USA that were still thinking they should VOTE REPUBLICAN, well after all of these INSULTS, most of us now feel DONALD. J. TRUMP is way to racist and crazy to be anywhere near the US WHITE HOUSE, the millions and millions of US Mexican American and other Latinos voters will make sure to vote for anybody, even a DEAD SKUNK, rather than THE DONALD! You are FIRED Señor Trump!!!

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Posted in: 21 dead, 10 wounded in Afghan wedding gunfight See in context

I bet RICK PERRY would say, wait, if they only had MORE GUNS, MORE WEAPONS then a SUPER AFGHAN could have jumped out from behind a wall RAMBO style and saved the day!

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Posted in: 2 yakuza members arrested for obstructing Sanja Festival See in context

Thanks Toshiko san, very interesting information, so were these guys just stupid and drunk?? Or are they trying to get money and more power from their rivals?

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Posted in: 2 yakuza members arrested for obstructing Sanja Festival See in context

If you do not know ANYTHING about the yakuza, you will think they are a PUSH OVER but if you mess with them and end up really hurt or dead, well it will be too late to understand why regular Japanese stay the heck away from them.

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Posted in: Turkey allows U.S. planes to bomb IS from Incirlik base See in context

The Middle East is one huge MESS! Sure the Turks do not like the Kurds and are none too happy to see the Kurds fighting off the ISIS, ISIL, Al QAEDA etc..and gaining ground and making the regular Turkish army look like wimps but if ISIL etc...does start attacking Turks in Turkey, Turkey will have way more to lose, than some off the wall Kurdistan being contemplated in Northern Iraq.

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Posted in: Trump a no-show as Miss Oklahoma wins Miss USA contest See in context

Miss USA is better off without the CONTROVERSY of THE DONALD.

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Posted in: Mexico drug lord escape tunnel was too elaborate to miss See in context

Torafusan, I was wondering about the ESCOBAR, Pablo Escobar, the Colombian drug KingPin from Medellín, Colombia too, but we are talking about El Chapo Guzan, from Sinaloa, Mexico. My connections in Mexico say this is all a FARCE, just a big SHOW to DIVERT the real attention away from now Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto's govenment plans for REFORM in many HUGE sectors of Mexico's society.

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Posted in: Case dropped against Thai ex-police chief over gun possession See in context

If this idiot THAI dude got busted here in JAPAN, just imagine how many RICH, POWERFUL JAPANESE idiots have been arrested etc..down in THAILAND and let me guess...Japan said, look, you all want this THAI guy back, then GIVE US BACK so and so Japanese rich, powerful man in your THAI jails so just like MAGIC!!!

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Posted in: S Korea fires warning shots at North soldiers See in context

If they were trying to defect, they are good as DEAD so RIP DPRK soldiers.

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Posted in: U.S. beats Japan 5-2 to win Women's World Cup See in context

So the last score was 5 to 2?? Now MAEZONO will have to SHAVE his hair down to 3 mm!! He promised to do that if JAPAN LOST and maybe Matsumoto Hitoshi will dye his hair PINK if Japan wins, so no pink hair???

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Posted in: Terror on the beach: Tourists recount Tunisia attack horrors See in context

So sad for all of these victims from so many different countries and for the country of Tunsia. We should never give in to scum, coward TERRORISTS!!!

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Posted in: 10 bodies found in clandestine graves on Acapulco outskirts See in context

TOO many DRUGS go through ACAPULCO to the rest of MEXICO then to the USA etc..so should we be surprised???

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Posted in: IS hangs 2 boys for eating during Ramadan See in context

Sick bastards! RIP poor, hungry kids in that messed up part of the world.

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Posted in: Asian cities half of top 10 costliest expat destinations: survey See in context

So Chinese cities are more expensive now? Ok, take CHINA off of my lists of places to take a vacation! (I do not also have to worry about all of the LOUD, bad manners, crazy food, PM2.5 etc...)

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Posted in: Former IMF chief Strauss-Kahn acquitted in pimping trial See in context

These Europeans seem to be a real lot of scumbags, well at least this scums in very important positions like the IMF and FIFA, etc...

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Posted in: South Korea reports 8 more MERS cases, 7th death in outbreak See in context

I agree with Famboy and Noriyosan, JAPAN and many other countries better get on the ball before this gets too out of hand.

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Posted in: 11 weeks after Germanwings crash, victims' remains head home See in context

OMG! Finally the bodies of these dead victims will get back to their families??? NO GermanWings for me!!! NEVER!!! RIP poor victims who were at the WRONG time at the WRONG place to end in this terrible incident.

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