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Posted in: Japan, Philippines to deepen ties as China asserts sea claims See in context

Thanks CHINA, now From Hanoi, to Kuala Lumpur to Manila to Tokyo and BEYOND, everyone in ASIA is not stupid enough to TRUST CHINA!!!

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Posted in: Woman arrested for pocketing change given to her by mistake See in context

Sounds like both are a pair of IDIOTS!!! I would take that $$$ from that stupid worker at the cash register!!! Then fire their asses!!!

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Posted in: Japanese academics join calls for gov't to face up to responsibility over 'comfort women' See in context

Japan should be ASHAMED!!!

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Posted in: Temperature tops 30 degrees in Tokyo for first time this year See in context

Lucky I am from sunny and hot Mexico!!! 30 degrees centigrade is our winter!! My summer in my desert city goes over 50 degrees centigrade in the summer so I'm enjoying TOKYO big time!!! So many pretty short shorts and mini skirts this season!!!

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Posted in: Man arrested for disturbing the peace in Machida See in context

Just let the old geezer KILL himself!!!

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Posted in: Appeals court frees Korean Air heiress in 'nut rage' case See in context

Me NO fly on that nutty Korean airline, no way Jose!

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Posted in: Man arrested for threatening Princess Kako online See in context

A few years back, a suicidal Japanese idiot went on about planning to KILL many innocent people in AKIHABARA and guess what?? HE DID!!! After that, many Japanese very OUTRAGED and pressured the Japanese government and POLICE to better police not only 2 chan but the INTERNET for some of these VERY REAL THREATS, so the BS that the Japanese police ONLY PROTECT the royal, imperial family is BS!!

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Posted in: Boston Marathon bomber sentenced to death See in context

I hope this young, handsome man BURNS IN HELL!!! and yes for all of ETERNITY!!!

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Posted in: Dogs bite 2 pedestrians; owner arrested for negligence See in context

This old geezer is an idiot! It should be ILLEGAL for an old goat like that to own any animal!!

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Posted in: Man arrested for threatening Princess Kako online See in context

This guy sounds like a read IDIOT! Thank god/s he did not hurt the princess!

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Posted in: 9 children injured after school bus collides with car See in context

It's just crazy to have kids not having to wear any seatbelts!! It should be the LAW!!!

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Posted in: Switzerland, Scandinavia top global 'happy' index See in context

I know a few Scandanavians, they LOVE Japan and would never imagine going back to Sweden, Finland etc..something about it being too boring, no excitement and I also met a few Scandanavians in Mexico, they seemed to really like the Mexian life style but when they got drunk, they all seemed to turn a bit dark and sad, maybe they have crappy winters and lots of alcoholism and suicides???

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Posted in: Mercy pleas for Indonesia death row inmates as families arrive See in context

You play with fire, you will get burned sooner or later, now these convicted drug smugglers from various countries will learn their lesson the hard way, by getting the death penalty by an Indonesian firing squad.

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Posted in: Japan lifts pilot age limit to 67 See in context

Igloo should try Korean or Asiana?? I feel 10 thousand times safer and happier with JAL or ANA.

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Posted in: Mexican girl mistakenly sent to U.S. woman is back home See in context

Crazy story but happy for this poor girl to finally back with her real family.

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Posted in: Colorado mom gave pot brownie to son who jumped from window See in context

What a stupid mother, no idea how can have a child.

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Posted in: Lufthansa says it was not required to report co-pilot's depression See in context

Lufthansa seems to be saying that they had no LEGAL obligation to stop this PILOT with mental issues, which sounds like a total crock of $hit but as others are pointing out, the LAWYERS are taking over and Lufthansa is 100% in DAMAGE CONTROL, since they are the head company of germanwings. Now, just for the sake of argument, yes LUFTHANSA may have had no LEGAL obligation but please do not try and tell me that they did not have a MORAL obligation to stop this deppressed, suicidal PILOT for their airline. It makes NO SENSE to have such a pilot working in ANY airlines, unless the Taliban or Al Qaeda are thinking of making a new airline?

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Posted in: Knife-wielding man held over disturbance on Tokyo sidewalk See in context

Strange news but happy the little boy was NOT hurt by this crazy old fool, this guy needs to be LOCKED UP and I really doubt that any medicine can help, so just THROW AWAY THE KEYS!

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Posted in: Singer Gackt claims he was victim of discrimination in Paris hotel See in context

I do not like this guy Gakt, he seems very ARROGANT, his whole face, hair style, colored contact lenses etc...ALL FAKE, kind of up there with that ding bat LORA! but if he was mistaken for a loud, rude CHINESE tourist, maybe he should consider giving some concerts in CHINA and helping his brothers there learn to behave a bit more quiet so that Europeans will not feel a need to put loud, rude Chinese tourists in a separate area, which Tokyo Disneyland seems to need.

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Posted in: Man reported missing at sea for 66 days found in good health See in context

Sounds fishy, sounds a bit too good to be true kind of story, but if it is TRUE, he is 1 lucky dude!

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Posted in: Hundreds protest Islamic law in Australia See in context

Australia is right next to INDONESIA, not just cute BALI island, but if you know anything about INDONESIA it is the worlds largest MUSLIM POPULATION, all you need is some crazy, radical Muslim terrorists to pretend they are on holiday, or want to study in Australia etc..and now look at the bloody mess in KENYA were SOMALI MUSLIM terrorists have just KILLED over 140 innocent UNIVERSITY students in Kenya, I hope that never happens in AUSTRALIA or anywhere else.

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Posted in: Mother leaps to death with 1-year-old twin daughters See in context

Very sad! Poor woman, poor babies and that husband must be devastated too. RIP (did she have a husband??? Was he terrible and part of the problem???)

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Posted in: Al-Qaida in Yemen captures a southern city, frees 300 inmates See in context

What a mess!! I am not even sure why the US/Saudi Arabia are helping Al Qaeda, but my guess it has to do with another PROXY WAR by both Saudi Arabia and Iran, the Sunni Muslims vs. Shiites Muslims. For the NON Muslims here, it is kind of like when the Catholics and the Protestants were at each other's throats a few hundred years ago in Europe, etc...

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Posted in: 'Silver porn' shows 50 shades of greying Japan See in context

Wow, this older woman went and registered to do porn with her own daughter??I wonder what the old man (husband/father) if he is still around and what he thinks?? Is he cool with his wife and daughter doing porn flicks??

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Posted in: Man arrested for abusing 2-year-old daughter See in context

Man, I am feeling stressed, maybe need to go out to find this bastard and give him a few good KICKS in the face!! Also, where is the MOTHER of this poor 2 year old little girl?? This guy has no excuse to abuse his daughter, but SOCIETY has many reasons to find this bastard and kick some sense into this cowardly snake in the grass.

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Posted in: Sulfuric acid thrown at two women in Gunma See in context

Sick, twisted bastard! I hope they find this animal ASAP!! He needs a good old fashioned horse whoopin!!

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Posted in: Gunmen attack university in Kenya, killing 15 See in context

Very sad for Kenya. Why does the world allow SOMALIA to get away with murder?? RIP poor Kenyan students.

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Posted in: More than 50 dead greyhounds dumped in Australia See in context

Horrible news, poor dogs.

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Posted in: Lufthansa chief visits crash area as reported cabin video emerges See in context

Ax or axe, not too sure but anyway, if the pilots do have one, for emergencies, it does sound quite plausible. RIP poor, innocent passengers on that doomed flight (no, not the Malaysian ones, but this German Wings one)

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