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ElCid95 comments

Posted in: Police officer loses loaded gun while guarding Abe's motorcade See in context

Never had that problem either at work around town the last 20 years I carried either a government or personally-owned handgun. He must need some more training...

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Posted in: Asians talk about expectations for Trump's visit See in context

I don’t understand what you are saying. Are you saying we should allow North Korea to threaten its neighbors and increase its military capabilities? I think that would be bad for everyone around. We should take a stand against the incredible evil in North Korea.

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Posted in: Trump says U.S., allies prepared to defend freedom See in context

As someone who served almost 3 years alongside the Koku Jietai, I thought it was very nice. I’m sure there are lots of folks who never sacrificed for their country, or served their country in uniform or fought in war that will disagree with me.

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Posted in: Asians talk about expectations for Trump's visit See in context

Jimizo, let me address your question in a direct way....President Trump should not be name calling, however he is using the same type of language that the murderous regime in North Korea is using. He hopes that he will make them understand that they will be defeated in a spectacular if follow through with going to war with peaceful nations. Should we continue to let the Murderous regime in North Korea increase their destructive capabilities, or deal with them now? To cower and let them be increase their destructive power will not help the North Korean people or anyone else around them.

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Posted in: Asians talk about expectations for Trump's visit See in context

He is merely using the same language that the North Korean Dictatorship has been using. Has anything happened since North Korea was using the same type of language the last 10 or so years? I think not. Please don't forget North Korea is a murderous regime that has starved millions of its citizens and illegally pursued nuclear weapons in violation of international law and numerous United Nations sanctions. While you can criticize your country, to do so in North Korea, it invites a fun filled trip to a concentration camp, not only for your, but your children, your parents and your grand parents for the rest of your natural lives.

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Posted in: Asians talk about expectations for Trump's visit See in context

As said before, I'm all about debating the issue and not attacking the person making the argument.

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Posted in: Asians talk about expectations for Trump's visit See in context

Again, you are demonstrating personal attacks and not how your position on a particular issue is superior and try to sway people to you side. Please quit with the angry posts and try to be positive and rational about the issues at hand.

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Posted in: Asians talk about expectations for Trump's visit See in context

pacint, I enjoy a good debate, but not personal attacks. I'm not sure what you are referencing to my criticizing other folks. Perhaps you can enlighten all of us and convince us in a positive way.

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Posted in: Asians talk about expectations for Trump's visit See in context

It makes me sad that all of you make personal attacks on my president. If you are trying to convince people sitting on the fence that your view the present issue is superior, you will get nowhere with your personal attacks. Try to positively debate the difference of your position and you may have a chance at swaying those that are undecided. Continue down you present path with personal attacks against President Trump and you will only reinforce those that agree with you and anger those that disagree with you.

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Posted in: Inspecting the troops See in context

I was able to view the Air Review in person today. It was a great opportunity to see the Koku Jietai showing their equipment and their professionalism. I'm always honored with the treatment the Koku Jietai show to their guests.

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Posted in: Guam man sentenced to life for killing 3 Japanese tourists See in context

Unfortunately Guam doesn't have the death penalty, unlike 32 of the 50 states in the United States...

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Posted in: Do you support Israel’s action in Gaza? See in context

Israel is constantly attacked by people that do not value human life and who hide their weapons next to civilians. You should rather criticize Hamas for deliberately attacking civilians, not Israel for taking out the rocket launchers that Hamas conveniently places next to civilians, which is against the Geneva Conventions, Protocol I, Article 51.

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Posted in: Tank-commanding anime girls capture fans for SDF See in context

Arthur, as a nineteen year-so-far veteran of the US Military, your comment really hurts. Anyways, glad to provide the safety and security you experience every day...

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Posted in: Woman stabbed by stalker despite consulting police 5 times See in context

Too bad you can't carry a handgun for self defense in this country like you can in America. That would have evened the odds for this lady.

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Posted in: Anti-U.S. base incumbent mayor re-elected in Nago See in context

funny car, you need the American bases to prevent China from taking over more territory. It doesn't stop with China declaring an ADIZ over the Senkaku Islands. Didn't China recently start rhetoric that they want Okinawa also? I know most of the naysayers hate to admit it, but the only thing stopping them from taking the Senkakus and Okinawa is America..

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Posted in: U.S. tested biological weapons on Okinawa in 1960s See in context

A lot of countries did things like that back then. The point is that it was done and later America stopping developing biological weapons and later destroyed it's stockpiles. There are other countries that are not as open to admit questionable things and try to make things better.

Sorry that you don't like the Americans being in Okinawa. There are lots of people in the Philippines that survived the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan due to our Airmen, Marines... and the V-22 Osprey being so closeby.

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Posted in: China plans joint military command system See in context

Meh... we did this back in 1986.....

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Posted in: China slams Japan defense spending plan See in context

Hypocritical indeed, coming from a country that has increased it's defense budget over 10% almost every year since 1999...

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Posted in: Japan to buy stealth fighters, drones and submarines See in context

Shimosueyoshi, the arms race started years ago as China has been adding over 10% to their defense expenditures almost every year since 1999. I don't think Japan has been anywhere close to that.

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Posted in: Somber remembrances mark anniversary of Sandy Hook shooting See in context

We already have 20,000 guns laws on the books and the over 100 million gun owners in America have never hurt anyone with their guns. We don't need anymore laws, but I do agree that more should be done about mental health issues.

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Posted in: U.S. House pressures countries on child abductions See in context

Let's get the discussion back on track and not dwell on which country has more child abductions. It would be nice if Japan would ratify the Hague Convention follow international norms.

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Posted in: PlayStation 4 sales exceed 2.1 million units: Sony See in context

I've had mine for about two weeks. For those that can get mail from the USA, like us in the US military, check out www.nowinstock.net

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Posted in: First book ever printed in U.S. sells for $14 mil See in context

The Book of Mormon was published in 1830, almost two hundred years later...

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Posted in: Gasoline prices continue to rise See in context

Matthew, www.gasbuddy.com shows the current prices of gasoline in the states. A quick check shows the lowest today is $3.08 per gallon in Anderson, South Carolina, and the highest is $4.09 in San Francisco, California. Using a conversion rate of 3.78 liters per gallon and 95 Yen to the Dollar, you get equivalent prices of 77 Yen to 102 Yen respectively per liter.

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Posted in: Gasoline prices continue to rise See in context

That's almost twice as much as we pay in the USA. Wonder what causes your higher prices?

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Posted in: U.S. military helicopter crashes at Okinawa base See in context

I hope the crew members will be ok. I can only imagine what their families are going through.

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Posted in: Two Somali pirates admit charges in Japanese court See in context

trinklets2, you are confusing the rigths combatants that are signatories to the Geneva Conventions. These pirates are not as they are unlawful combatants. They should not be afforded the rights that uniformed legal combatants receive. They are criminals and should be held to the some penalties afforded until Japanese Law.

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