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Posted in: Sexpot Aya Sugimoto dishes it out on sex, tango and cowardly Japanese men See in context

SERIOUSLY!!!!! Do the lott of you actually believe that the reason your in a sexless marriage is because of your wives. That is pretty sad. What about you? Don't you think you might have done or are doing something to drive away. Attacking your wives and, just likely for some, husbands will not resolve the issue.

I get what Sugimoto-san is trying to say, but I also understand that whatever she expresses are her opinions from her experiences and her points-of-view from her observations. Also her advisemay not be for every one but it is worth a listening to if you are someone in a sexless marriage. One attacking the other will not do anybody any good. There are vaious reasons why the sexdrive in some could near non existant, and in women, it could possibly be realated to biology since they are the ones who bear the children and hormonal fluctuations are more prevalent. But ultimstely it is this. One or both, in any realtionship, should not be ashamed, embarrased, self-loathing, nor self-denying if they wish to have or have a sexual appetite. Also if you are in a relationship and one or both start seeing the sexual desire deminishing down to nothing, you shouldn't be ashamed nor embarrased in atking steps or seeking help improve the sexual part in your relationship. Also communicate with one another, let one another know where you stand on sex in the relationship, that way the other person can break it up before it get more serious or you guys can fix the problem. A marriage is unbearable if you are unhappy.

In any relationship there are two, and if one starts neglecting the needs of the other, problems will start occuring. Becareful and don't be surprised if you discover a problem worsening when keep ignoring the problem.

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Posted in: Marie, at AIDS awareness concert, says she has sex five times a day See in context

I read the article "Sexless in Japand" and this article/thred and here are my two bits.

AIDS is not a gay thing. AIDS occurs in sexually active people who just have a careless attitude and do careless actions in their sexual activity(or are do drugs that require it to be injected). As long as you're responsible in your choice of partner(s) (and hopefully they are just as responsible and honest) and practice safe sex, straight or gay, you'll be fine. Do what floats your boat, but just be cautious.

No one should be shy, ashamed, self-denying, nor embarrased about your sexdrive and sexual desires. Embrace it and enjoy it. And if you are in a relationship, and either/both feel that the sexdrive in the relationship has diminished or dwindled to nothing, don't be ashamed or embarresed to seek help. If the problem is not properly brought light both in private and public, the problem will continue and the sexless situation in Japan will not get any better.

I speak for myself, when I say that I try to take a fair share of the home workload so it won't be so much a burden on my wife. I just miss my wife and the intimacy I use to have with her. So what else can I do?

In regards to Marie-san, NO WONDER she is so fit. She is burning roughly 1250 kilocalories a day (250 kcal/10min romp session). LADIES, GUYS...... How about it????

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It sounds like the men need to practice expressing their bravado. But what about the women's side?

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