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Posted in: Rubber-based transistor can be stepped on with high heel See in context

Probably 104 means actually 10000 (10^4 = 10 to the power of 4).

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Posted in: What Chinese tourists are buying in Japan See in context

Also here in Germany near Frankfurt Airport, actually near a hotel that is used by Air China for their cabin attendants, one can see many of the Air China flight attendants flocking to the local drug store and buying things in large amounts.

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Posted in: Airline industry proposes perfect-size carry-on bag See in context

Probably the best is to order the "IATA OK" stickers and have them sewn.

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Posted in: Kansai scraps 'power off' mobile phone ban on trains; Kanto won’t budge See in context

Nice. The links says the study, which found problems was led by a 14 year old high school student.

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Posted in: Australia leans toward buying Japanese subs to upgrade fleet See in context

Another option for Australia would have been German subs. They have quite some development history.

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Posted in: Tiny cars leaving Japan? See in context

I thought Nissan's Kei cars are actually OEM products from another company (Mitsubishi / Suzuki) with a new sticker.

Like Nissan Moco = Suzuki MR Wagon.

Actually some of the K-cars exist also in a slightly enlarged version with bigger engine and then sold in Europe.

For Example Suzuki Waggon R is not only available as K-car but also as normal sized car with an engine size in the order of 1.2 Liter. Now this design is evolved to the Suzuki Splash which is made together with Opel (as Opel Agila) in Hungary. This car sells quite well in Europe.

There are other co-operations between Japanese and European car makers, where the design of a K-car is the basis of a compact car for the European market.

Like Peugeot 108 equal Citroen C1 equal Toyota Aygo.

This tells us that the author of the original article should have done more research.

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Posted in: For polluted China, gas is a matter of life or death See in context

Maybe the Chinese politbuero wanted to catch 2 birds with one stone: providing heating and reducing the overpopulation problem.

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Posted in: Microsoft to press China after Windows 8 ban See in context

Windows 8.1 is OK?

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Posted in: Man arrested for starting forest fire after barbecue in Hyogo See in context

And the Darwin award this month goes to ... drum roll ...

He was lucky he did not burn himself down.

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Posted in: Free highway bus for students connects Tokyo and Fukushima for business or pleasure See in context

A positive idea!

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Posted in: What if everyone was texting while walking at Shibuya Crossing? See in context


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Posted in: Innovative bra cannot be unhooked without true love, say makers See in context

Might be easier to detect if the woman is getting wet.

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Posted in: 40 parked cars vandalized in Ibaraki See in context

At least for Nissan Moco: in the version with remote controlled ignition key, which does not need to be inserted into the lock while driving, it comes standard with an alarm system when the door is opened without key. (e.g. not using the mechanical lock or the remote key).

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Posted in: Man robs Sukiya store of Y270,000 yen See in context

Seems the employees did not use the orange paint balls, which they keep near the cash register for just such purpose.

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Posted in: Fukuoka man ordered to pay over Y1 mil for peeing in elevator…every day for half a year See in context

It seems he was intelligent enough not to relieve himself from the overpass onto the high voltage power lines for the trains.

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Posted in: Safe trip See in context

Do they have to fly over china?

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Posted in: There were falsified discounts for 1,045 products of the 17 stores. See in context

Really, no surprise here.

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Posted in: Caroline Kennedy sworn in as ambassador to Japan See in context

She is definitely a good choice.

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Posted in: Nail Queens for 2013 announced See in context

When there are nails, where is the man with the hammer?

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Posted in: China’s passive wait-and-see strategy See in context

This is a clearly biased article. China is shown as the victim.


Sending out ship after ship to start disputes looks not passive, but aggressive to me.

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Posted in: 4 researchers exposed to radiation at Tokaimura lab See in context


Thank you for your comments.

About access to the Hadron hall: it is necessary to have a radiation badge and it is also necessary to attend a lecture on the risk, when working in the Hadron hall area. The badge is the access key.

Because the researcher affected were wearing badges, it was possible to find out the dose they were exposed to. The other researchers on site were probably far enough away so that their dose should be negligible.

Still this event shows that the risk assessment was not complete.

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Posted in: Porn star Sora Aoi's calligraphy sparks art debate in China See in context

Now we learn the meaning of (m)oral integrity.

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Posted in: 4 researchers exposed to radiation at Tokaimura lab See in context


As you correctly stated, the problem happened in the beam line to the Hadron experiment hall.

What did happen?

Usually the proton beam from MR (Main Ring), which was cycling at a 6 second period, will be extracted by a process called slow extraction over a 2 second period. One quadrupole power supply, which controls this procedure had a problem, and for one cycle the beam was extracted in a too short time. E.g. the beam went there, where it was expected, but too high peak intensity. This gave some damage and the reported activation.

This is not at all related to a nuclear power plant. This is related to basic research in nuclear physics to find out about the nature of matter.

There is no radioactive material installed. Just a thin foil made of gold. This becomes activated, e.g. by hitting with protons, some gold atoms are changed and can become instable isotopes. Most of such activation goes down in short time (hours or days).

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Posted in: Black smoke detected from Monju reactor during test operations See in context

As Squidbert correctly stated, the name of the agency is JAEA. The name JAERI disappeared, after JAERI and the cycle laboratory were unified several years ago.

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Posted in: Nissan HQ opens a daycare facility to help increase female managers up to 10%. See in context

In contrast Daimler plans for 35 percent women in management positions by 2020. Now that's a goal.

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Posted in: 3D printer wows crowds at world's top high-tech fair See in context

Now this could be a way to replace missing or lost Lego blocks!

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Posted in: Venezuelan President Chavez dies of cancer at 58 See in context

Good, finally there can be hope for the country. More early would have been better.

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Posted in: How do you solve a problem like North Korea? See in context

Send the A-team!

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Posted in: Quickie See in context

Looks like she is starting to get pregnant.

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