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Posted in: Is Sony buying time - or problems? See in context

We need to show results.

Now he is approaching the core of the problem.

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Posted in: Airport boarding gate with built-in explosives detector unveiled See in context

So, let's forget Hanabi.

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Posted in: Chinese ships enter disputed waters for 2nd day in a row See in context

Hey Elbuda. That's a win-win, because China likes nuclear energy, too.

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Posted in: Chinese ships enter disputed waters for 2nd day in a row See in context

Putting the radioactive spend fuel from the damaged Fukushima reactors on these islands might help.

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Posted in: Jessica Michibata yearns for 'silent week' See in context

She looks good, and such maintenance is surely expensive.

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Posted in: Japanese firms showcase personal toilet-bidet devices See in context

Could be a good idea for the international space station, too.

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Posted in: We must have an abundance of child care services so they can be provided to all those in need. See in context

Well; he already made his contribution. I think he has 6 kids?

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Posted in: Former PM Abe wins LDP leadership election See in context

If Abe wins, then it is time to say goodbye.

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Posted in: Japan protests after 3 Chinese ships enter waters near disputed islands See in context

Where is James T. Kirk with his photon torpedos?

We come in peace ...

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Posted in: China pushes Japan with sea claims, trade threats See in context

Chinas actions look like they took the ideas from "Blitzkrieg".

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Posted in: Fujitsu robot to sit for top-ranked university exam See in context

Reminds me of Doraemon.

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Posted in: 7 lawmakers join Hashimoto's group See in context

The point is (and he says it by himself) that Hashimoto wants to "take control" over all Japanese Prefectures. Not only Osaka.

This had happened before in other places ... they keyword is "Machtergreifung" ... a perfect translation of what Hashimoto wants to do.

He seems he does not care about the will or the intentions of the voters. The voters should just assume that "Ishin no kai" might be good for them to trick them into handing over the power.

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Posted in: Roller coaster inspector dies after park employee starts ride See in context

Seems safety in Japan is sometimes not much more than lip-service.

There are standard rules for working with powerful machinery:

1- open the breaker

2- prevent unintended switching on (for example by a lock)

3- if necessary and possible, ground the equipment

Because somebody did not follow the rules and standards (daijoubu), a valuable life was lost.

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Posted in: Man dies after being beaten in Roppongi club See in context


Well, I was talking about what I have seen as action in German dance clubs to prevent small signs indicating a start of a fight from getting out of control. Talking about risk assessment.

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Posted in: Man dies after being beaten in Roppongi club See in context

The club owner could have:

-closed the doors

-switched all lights on (then one can see better what happens)

or switches all lights OFF (hitting a target in dark is more difficult)

-playing a police siren sound over the PA system of the club

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Posted in: What were they thinking when they named these products? See in context

In Germany, there is a famous car race track, called Avus (in Berlin).

There was a maker of leather steering wheel covers, who called his product Avus.

Then a Chinese company started to copy the product and slightly changed the name to Anus.

Seems, it did not sell.

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Posted in: German customs demand $475,000 for Japanese musician's violin See in context


Thanks for your precise explanation.

Well before "Europe" was created, and the Schengen treaty made it easier to pass borders, there were issues with customs. When I went for a research trip from Germany to Sweden around 15 years ago, we had measurement instruments in our car, worth approx. 500000 DM. Of course, we had to make the mentioned CARNET, so that customs were able to check. Actually most strict were the customs, when we were returning to Germany.

So the musician with the violine made several mistakes.

a) She did not prepare a carnet. Or at least some document proving that she is the owner and has the intention to keep it.

b) It seems she had chosen the exit labeled "nothing to declare". Big mistake in her case, as customs have some quite sharp limits on the value of things, which one is bringing into the country. Not much different from the situation, when entering Japan. Something like 100 Euro per item, 2000 Euro for the whole luggage, and 10000 Euro for currency, if it is not declared. If declared, up to 30000 Euro is currency is allowed.

Definitely, with her violin, a declaration or a carnet is necessary.

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Posted in: Robo-mower See in context

Can the mower play soccer, like Asimo can? Then they can play together.

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Posted in: Baby left in car dies while mother plays pachinko See in context

For dogs there exists a warning device that can be used instead of a collar. If it senses the dog gets too hot and uncomfortable, it sends an e-mail and a warning to a registered mobile phone.

Well, if it works for dogs, one might think of a transfer of this idea for babies.

If interested, google for "Wireless design" and "Warning! Your Dog is Hot".

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Posted in: How to deal with a student sleeping in class See in context

Just call the sleepy guy with a loud "good morning!"

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Posted in: Car crashes into convenience store in Aichi, injuring 5 See in context

Recently I went to the local "unten menkyou center" to renew my Japanese driving license. As I have "gold" status, I only needed to watch a 30 minutes video about traffic safety. But for the elder drivers, depending on their level, this video education lesson can be up to 3 hours.

So at least at the "unten menkyou center" the relation between accidents, elder drivers and safety education is well known and some action into the right direction is taken.

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Posted in: Hashimoto admits cosplay affair with night club hostess in 2006 See in context

Hashimoto has shown again that he has balls. And they dictate his behavior.

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Posted in: Cool Japan? With new resident system for foreigners, 'Cold Japan' fits better See in context

I am a permanent resident and yesterday I went to the local immigration office to get the new resident card. I arrived there at 13:15 after the lunch break and took a number: 141. Approximately 35 persons before me.

At 14:55 it was my turn to hand over the application. I had filled out everything correctly. However, this was on immigration office form version #2. Now they wanted me to use version #3. Same contents, just a little bit re-arranged and maybe a different font. So I had to fill out the new form and was able to hand it over after only a short wait to the person in charge. He accepted and then said, it will probably take another 2 hours.

OK, I thought, it is 15:00, let's wait for it. At 16:00 the immigration office closed the reception, and still I, and more than 30 other persons were waiting. Finally I received the new resident card at 17:35. So the procedure took almost four and a half hours, counted from the beginning. I had to take a half day off for this.

Compared to the situation before, the procedures at the local city hall usually didn't take much more than 10 or 15 minutes, so going there during lunch break was a nice option.

With the system as it is now, no way.

Still, this experience allows me to answers some questions, which appeared on this thread so far.

-there were no questions asked about health insurance or current employment

-the only documents required in my case were: valid Passport with Visa stamps, a recent photograph of correct size, the former Alien registration card, and the application form

I hope this helps others.

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Posted in: 693 hospitalized nationwide for heatstroke See in context

Well, I took 2 of my kids to the swimming pool yesterday, so they could really enjoy. This, or going to the beach is how "umi no hi" should be spend with the small kids.

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Posted in: The new residence card system -- everything you need to know See in context

Japantoday: Good Job!

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Posted in: Lamborghini driver nabbed for speeding after posting online video See in context


I understand your idea about traffic safety and support it. I just wanted to comment on your sentence:

Can you imagine the chaos that would ensue if cars were given different speed limits according to their motor size?

And ... actually Japan wants to introduce new super-mini compact cars, which will have a different speed limit ...

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Posted in: Welcome to the party See in context

I bet the original voters for them did not have this in mind.

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Posted in: Lamborghini driver nabbed for speeding after posting online video See in context


Actually Italy had a system, where the maximum allowed speed of the car depends on the car classification, e.g. sportscars could go a little faster on the highway there (150 instead of 130)

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Posted in: Olympus whistleblower says his humiliating treatment hasn't changed despite court ruling See in context

He can be happy that he has not been asked to be a volunteer for testing of oral and rectal endoscopes, which are the backbone product of Olympus medical experience. And even more he can regard himself lucky that nobody is unintentionally confusing, which has to go where.

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