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Elena Cano comments

Posted in: Man arrested after using AI to 'destroy' censor mosaics in Japanese adult videos See in context

All I really have to say about this article is that this man is way too talented to be catching a charge over what he did. Essentially, he took censored porn and made it uncensored with the creation of his own imagination and technology. It wasn’t even that he was just wiping away the image that covered up the parts that were censored, but took that image away, and literally recreated the image that was inside his head of what would be under that censored part. That’s actually insanely talented of him but I feel like he is totally wasting away his talents on something like that. He could be into graphic design or work marketing for a big company with his type of skills. It’s a shame that he’s now facing potential time over something as stupid as porn (in my opinion). Maybe he will learn his lesson and realize that he can use his skills in a more productive and effective way for society- something that will actually make a difference for people and a community.

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Posted in: 2 bus company execs go on trial over 2016 fatal crash in Nagano See in context

I had not yet heard about this bus crash back in 2016. Reading a separate article about it from years ago, I do find it hopeful that this case is actually going to trial now after all these years. These two being charged with professional negligence which resulted in death and injury that claimed the lives of 13 passengers, 65-year-old driver (Hiroshi Tsuchiya) and a relief driver- along with twenty-six other students being severely injured is a horrific story. The blame is on the driver who supposedly was not that experienced with driving a large bus, and the people who allowed him to have the qualifications to drive that bus. The driver was going downhill without any break action, and resulted in him losing control and veering off the road. It’s hard to say for me, because this accident basically happened in the middle of the night which was around 2am. Who knows what was going on in his head, he could have been very tired and just not as aware as he would have been in the daytime. This is no excuse but was it really in his power to foresee this accident? Could it have been anybody had they been in his same position? It’s hard to say

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Posted in: Prosecutors drop indictment against man over sexually assaulting woman in hotel See in context

While prosecutors of this case gave no reason as to why they decided not to proceed with the case, I believe that it might have been due to the fact that the woman could have possibly been lying about the whole thing. I don’t want to assume she was lying when in reality she might have actually gotten sexually assaulted- because you should always believe the victim first. This article doesn’t give much of anything to work with though, and these are only assumptions or possibilities as to why the charges against the man had been dropped. The words they use throughout the article such as “apparently intoxicated” “suspicion of sexually assaulting” and “allegedly sexually assaulted her” all seem uncertain which doesn’t make for a very confident case. Whether that is because of the lack of evidence, new memories coming to light, or a scheme behind the whole thing, the charges got dropped nonetheless. Wish we knew more about it though, so we could base our opinions off of facts and not just speculation.

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Posted in: Ex-nurse goes on trial for killing 3 elderly patients at Yokohama hospital See in context

The title of this news article made me sad instantly! I always get so sensitive when it comes to older people, just because I care so much for my grandparents back home whom I live with. Whether the patients at the hospital were terminally ill or not, it is not up to a nurse to decide when that last breath for them is going to be. The information about other patients dying, the time frame and the same patterns is really disturbing. What was the motive? The only moral approach I can think of, is that she did not want to see these patients in pain anymore and just ended their lives to stop it all. But nonetheless it is totally unethical and wrong. And why so many?! She actually admitted to killing three, but probably only because there was overwhelming proof for those patients. After doing it for so long, she probably slipped up in some way. We will never know the real number of patients’ lives she took but may they all rest in peace. She should be prosecuted to the highest degree and be held accountable for her actions. I will be looking this up to see the results of this case. Very interesting read.

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Posted in: Japan, Hong Kong academics say virtual learning no match for real thing See in context

I do agree that online classes cannot truly be a substitute for face-to-face learning. Instead, I feel as if we can learn and gain something new separately from the situation. The COVID-19 pandemic has opened our eyes to the virtual world. I think after all that has happened, there are so many cost-effective ideas and new methods and procedures that companies, departments and even schools have developed and put into action. I know that for some people virtual learning is not their strongest suit, and it is unfortunate that they had to struggle to adjust. Professors, bosses and any other type of instructors are really out here trying their best so we have to give them the benefit of the doubt. Just like it is hard for us to adjust to learning, it must be so hard for them to teach with this new technology and outlines of the class. We’re all in it together though. The social aspects of education are really hard to replace, and groups like incoming freshmen or the younger generation are at a super big disadvantage. Really the younger group though because I feel like those years of development are so crucial to their setup in the road to the rest of their education. Missing out on social development skills, hands-on learning and learning manners and boundaries with others is all missed when behind the screen.

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Posted in: Man ordered to pay ¥70 mil over 2017 murder of Vietnamese girl See in context

Right away from the start of this article I feel like I don’t agree with where this plot is going. From my understanding, a man who murdered a little girl is trying to get out of a life sentence by paying away the consequences. The girl's father explains that “while no amount of money will bring Linh back, we have to make sure Shibuya takes responsibility according to the law” and I do agree with this. I think the family should be compensated and the man should also pay his dues with the sentencing that he got. It’s literally sick what this man did to this innocent, vulnerable little girl. He intentionally went out of his way to take this little girl and disgustingly performed inappropriate acts with her, and after that killing and leaving her body without any mercy. He deserves to rot in prison. Some people will even debate that he should be executed. I tend to have different opinions about the death penalty, but I do understand that it can be a “waste” of money to keep him in the system as well. But people have to remember that executing someone is also extremely expensive. Either way, no amount of money will be able to substitute someone else's life.

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Posted in: Man arrested over fatal hit-and-run in Saitama Pref See in context

How does the man ‘not remember’ what it was he hit? Being that it was a younger student, it may be the fact that there was alcohol or other types of drugs involved with the incident. Crazy how the man was apparently still alive after the hit and run and passed while being at the hospital. Not too sure on the time frame that is being laid out, but I could bet if Seiya Kuwata had reported the incident immediately after it took place, the man would still be alive. He could have been treated faster and the hospital could have taken measures to save his life. If he had already told his parents anyways that he believed he caused an accident, he should have dealt with it right then and there at the scene. What I believe happened is that he realized he hit another person, was too scared to see whether or not that person was still alive, fled the scene and went to the comfort of his parents to hide from the consequences of his actions. Very cowardly and irresponsible. Needs to be held accountable.

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Posted in: Former high school baseball coach re-arrested over sexual assault of male team member See in context

The term ‘re-arrested’ is what got me. Before even reading this article I knew that it wasn’t going to be good on the behalf of this former high school baseball coach. The sad thing about this case is this is actually a common thing that often goes unnoticed by the media or public in general. Especially with men on men sexual assaults, it’s almost like a taboo thing to even bring up. Men can be sexual assault victims too and I think that society in general masks that idea and pushes the idea away which makes it harder for men going through something similar in this case. This former baseball coach, Yuki Mizuochi has more than likely been a sexual assault victim himself probably at a young age. Not giving an excuse, but maybe an understanding of why he does this. This is also just an assumption that is based off of similar case studies and perpetrators in the past. Hopefully the school offers some type of counseling or program that the young boys can be put through to be able to heal and move forward from their PTSD throughout this dramatic experience, and at such a vulnerable age too. So sad.

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Posted in: Smartphones make porn addiction a growing problem See in context

I will say this- to the people questioning or denying whether or not a ‘porn addiction’ is a real thing or not: it most definitely is!!! I have done a project on this in one of my old classes and I learned a lot about it. It is a real thing that people struggle with and should be taken as seriously as any other addiction out there. The damages and effects that it can have on your physiological and even physical aspects are pretty crazy. Not to mention the damage it can potentially cause in relationships, especially marriage. I do think that smartphones indeed make porn way too accessible. But there’s literally nothing we can do about it, really. It’s as easy as pressing a few buttons on your phone and within seconds your desires and fantasies are fulfilled. It can be easy for men (and women too) to get caught up in this type of ‘world’ and depend on something like porn to fill a void that they have within themselves. I think that because people accept it more and normalize it, is why it doesn’t get taken so seriously. For example- ‘every guy watches porn! It’s just what they do’. Okay, that may be ‘true’ but once it gets to the point where you are choosing porn rather than physically being with another person, or it becoming all you think about, or when you literally can’t go an extended amount of time without doing it is when it starts to become an addiction. Also if you are using it to block out emotions like anger, sadness, loneliness or depression. It’s just like alcohol. It doesn’t have to be bad unless you make it bad. People drink to have fun and socialize. Once you start drinking because you are sad, angry, depressed or lonely is when it’s mixed with the wrong emotions and can become a problem. Same thing with porn. I think this was a great read!

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Posted in: University student arrested over murder of 79-year-old woman See in context

Right away this article title caught my attention. After reading through it I am left with some unanswered questions, as I’m sure everyone else reading it is too. You’re trying to tell me that someone is going to beat another person with a hammer in the head and not expect that person to die. And the fact that the student literally went out of his way to go to the old lady’s home? That breaks my heart. It is clear that this 25 year old university student has some serious mental issues. If it isn’t even known whether or not they knew each other is even more sickening. What was the motive? What did he gain out of doing this? Could it have possible been someone else making him carry out the murder? These are all questions that I have while reading this case. I think that the police must do a thorough investigation and determine whether or not this individual needs to go to a psychiatric ward or other type of institution for mental illness. I honestly think that this article doesn’t do a complete job of presenting the information, just because there is so little we know and many details or background left out. Nonetheless, it is devastating news and was uncomfortable to read.

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Posted in: Japan eyes tougher jail sentence for insults to tackle cyberbullying See in context

I’m not surprised at Japan's decision to threaten jail time to cyberbullies. Unlike the U.S. they definitely have more strict rules about freedom of speech and what is said on and off the internet. This article states that ‘online insults provoke similar posts one after another, which can lead to irreversible human rights violation’. I do agree with this statement and especially in our world that we live in today, the internet and things like social media literally have such a huge impact on our lives. It’s actually sickening how much social media influences our generation, although there are many positives that come out of it as well. I would say there are more harmful repercussions than positive, would anyone agree with me? It is way easier said than done to the people saying ‘just don’t read it’ or ‘stay offline then’. Some things we cannot run away from, and if we don’t necessarily see negative things ourselves, doesn’t mean that someone else won’t and have them bring it up to you in person. It can be a very harmful aspect of the media and internet in general. A jail sentence is pretty intense though, I’m not sure if I completely agree with the consequences of that, maybe unless you lead someone to self-harm in real life.

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Posted in: Man gets 11 years in prison for abandoning body of fatally beaten man outside Chiba Hospital See in context

To make sure I understand this correctly, the 37-year-old man that was sentenced to 11 years in prison for abandoning the body of a fatally beaten man was the one who fatally beat him… right? And you’re telling me he only got 11 years? And that the main focus wasn’t the MURDER he committed but for the abandonmentt of the actual body itself? Not to mention that the victim was abducted by these men as well. Which in that case is premeditated. This case is disturbing and I felt it did not get tried fairly. It doesn’t make sense that their sentence is based off of those charges, when clearly there was more to it than just beating someone up and fleeing the scene. Please make it make sense. These men knew what they were doing, and in doing so they ended up getting the absolute most lenient sentences for the murder that they carried out. The attempt to take him to the hospital seems skeptical to me. As if it were the plan all along making it seem like they cared for his well-being after the beating and had hope that he was going to be okay- knowing he wasn’t (in my opinion).

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Posted in: Police officer fatally shoots man threatening him with saw See in context

I have so many questions about this short and straight to the point article. For one, why does a 74-year-old man have a chainsaw, and what is actually considered a “threat” to the police officer whenever you are that elderly? Was the officer legitimately in fear for his life? A rice dryer making too much noise?? I am so confused. So what I am understanding is that the neighbor that made the noise complaint about a rice dryer being too loud basically set the officers up. Is this correct? I can agree with the first officer firing a warning shot into the air, but why did the second one have to be fatally aimed at the perpetrators chest? Why not in his leg, which would have brought him to the ground thus stopping the pursuit of the officers. This article as a whole is bizarre and really lacks information that I feel is necessary to understand the story fully. Could the writer purposely be leaving out information to have the reader confused and biased on one view or the other? Were there other alternatives to use rather than a deadly weapon? Such as a taser. Also, the ending is not sitting well with me. You’re really telling me that while a man is dangling on for life, the last thing they do is arrest him on suspicion of obstructing police in the performance of their duties? I wish I knew more about this situation so I can formulate a more rational opinion on who was right and who was wrong in the situation.

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Posted in: China bans men it sees as not masculine enough from TV See in context

From what I am taking away from this article, it seems like China made these decisions based on the influence that these types of creators had on society- especially the younger generation, and boys in specific. It does not align with the “morality” of normal- or how men “should” and “should not be”. When in reality, it can actually positively encourage or allow people to express themselves for who they truly are. When you are looking up to someone that you admire and respect, their actions or words that you say may have a strong effect on you and your lifestyle. I think China saw this as a threat because of the influence that took over in this scenario. It is an attempt to “protect” and manipulate a one sided perspective, which I honestly do not agree with. The question that lies within my head is it the double-standard when it comes to a female versus male? How is China going to react then, if the roles were switched? I believe that this comes from personal reflection, and possibly insecurities from within an individual that played part in these types of decisions. If you look at the underlying purpose- supposedly these men being aired are not “masculine enough”. Okay… but according to who? Because if you ask different types of people you are going to get different types of answers. So the ones who are in charge are the ones we should be focusing on, and eagerly trying to understand the purpose.

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