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Posted in: Kishida to create new ministerial post for economic security See in context

How can Chinese steal the things you never owned?

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Posted in: China sends 25 jets into Taiwan's defense zone on National Day See in context

There is international airspace,China is practicing freedom of navigationin the air!

The so called ADZ is one side declared! I repeat: International Airspace!

BTW the Taiwanese scrambling is welcome, their F16 jets will worn out as the attrition presist!

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Posted in: Japan's next PM must work quickly on virus, economy, China See in context

Not just Russia and China but also North/South Korea they are laughing as well! How much work can be done in a period of 12 months more or less for a Prime Minister? Next year, we will see another LDP boring debates and contest for that post like this year again!

When your name is call in, time to get out!

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Posted in: S Korean court orders Mitsubishi asset sale in wartime labor case See in context

Mitsubishi can do business in North Korea, they don't have such laws like the South! Unless you pissed off K.J. that might be unpredictable !

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Posted in: Kishida to become next PM after winning LDP leadership vote See in context

Like Suga, a predicted Prime Minister of twelve months more or less!

Will see the same boring LDP debate next year! Ladies thanks for your accompanying,

Mr. Kono don't give up next year!

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Posted in: S Korean court orders Mitsubishi asset sale in wartime labor case See in context

When you are doing business in a foreign country, you should comply with the local law and the verdict from the local court!

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Posted in: PM hopefuls rally local support with focus on tourism, agriculture See in context

Thats why Japan is laghing behind! This boring debate will take place every year when the time to right to get a new PM! Every PM can seat im office for 12 months more or less!

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Posted in: Witness: Taliban hang dead body in Afghan city's main square See in context

This is their own business

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Posted in: Fiery clash at U.N. as Pakistan, India trade extremism charges See in context

They will test flight ballistic missiles soon after their debate ended!

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Posted in: Canadians released after Huawei CFO resolves U.S. charges See in context

Remember the French company Alstom S.A. their dispute was a political one! Huawei is similar just China is not France, the Chinese government won't sit idle let bullying tactic work! Trump's nasty tragedy must be stopped!

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Posted in: China sends 19 fighter jets towards Taiwan in show of force See in context

The Mig29 was a very cheap one for those third world countries like : India,Iran,Mynamar..etc.

China and Russia flew Su27/30/35 Flankers which has a much longer life than the Migs! They were trying to out wear the Japanese F15s as well, most of their aircraft's were ageing! Taiwan's F16 & Mirage 2000 were single engine, thesevaircrafts will be severely wear out after using more than 25 years! China will wear out her own Flankers too but they were produced in large numbers! New Flankers will take over after the aging generation be gone!Taiwan can't produce her own fighters anymore,this is how the "War of Attritions" is playing! A daily struggle until victory!

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Posted in: Woman gets 5 years in prison for killing newborn in Tokyo airport toilet See in context

She born a baby in the airport toilet, why nobody has noticed?

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Posted in: U.S.-French spat seems to simmer down after Biden-Macron call See in context

OZ will regret the decision to choose nuclear attack submarine(SSN) in 5 to 10 years of time! OZ is no way to build a SSN,she even couldn't produce a decent desel electric submarine (SSK)!

More likely to buy or lease a Los Angeles or

Trafalgar class second hand SSN but still this are big problems: Cost, a very expensive military asset that requires contribution of massive naval budget!

Skills: OZ has no experience of SSN operation, not even using a nuclear reactor, way to go ahead! She has no facility specialized for radioactive materials or nuclear reactor maintenence!

If you drives a Japanese made budget automobile for your whole life and you suddenly got into drive a Ferrari, you should know you are playing a very dangerous game!

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Posted in: China sends 19 fighter jets towards Taiwan in show of force See in context

The ADIZ was a self declared one, it has no legitimate status at all! Some ADIZ that Taiwan has declared was drawn into the mainland of China, is that ridiculous? Well perhaps it can be dated back to "Chiang Kai Shek" era's strategy! There is nothing Taiwan can do besides airing some noises to Chinese aircraft channel!

This is an effective measure to detect the weakness of the defensive side and attrition of their planes! The more sorties those Taiwan fighter scrambles the more damage and wasting of their spare parts!

China, Russia has been flying in co~ordination to detect Japan's weakness!

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Posted in: North Korea proposes talks if S Korea stops hostility See in context

The South Korean politics is the worst in developed countries, nearly all the South Korean presidents did not having a good ending! Assassinated, jailed, suicide and Disgraced! There is always an all out struggle between the ruling and opposition parties! Now the opposition were blasing the Moon administration being too soft on North Korea, so better stay away from them and let them infighting! "Miss Kim" is a kind lady with good will to end the hostileity but the corruption level of Seoul's politics is beyond your will! Tell your brother, Moon is nothing better than previous S.K. presidents!

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Posted in: China sends 19 fighter jets towards Taiwan in show of force See in context

There is international airspace! Freedom if navigation in the air!

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Posted in: Australian PM says Macron not taking his calls See in context

Why should Macron picking up Scottmo's phone? Backstabber!

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Posted in: Researcher sees lesson for today in tragedy of immigrants in Manchuria See in context

Japan has no strategic vision in 1930s and World War2, the shear madness of widening Japan's Frontline in Asia continent and the Pacific brought herself to defeat! And Japan was unaware Josef Stalin's vengeance mania he sent the more than half a million Japanese to Siberia labour camps until after his death! If Stalin lived longer the imprisonment of Japanese will be longer!

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Posted in: LDP president candidates vow to double spending on children See in context

This is really boring!

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Posted in: U.S.-French spat seems to simmer down after Biden-Macron call See in context

Sure! Biden backoff from his previous stance and everything is OK!

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Posted in: Rival Koreas test missiles hours apart, raising tensions See in context

The Korean hates each other, their gesturing just a disguise for political purposes!

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Posted in: France and Australia agree submarines won't stop trade deal See in context

The OZ will regret this decision made by Scotty within 5 or 10 years! Indeed the French deal was a "Con-job" the French like doing that to third world country customers! But if she think one jump can step in the "SSN Club", that is naive! Nuclear subs required a massive budget to build and keep! They won't afford it!

Their Australian built the Swedish design "Collin" class, a problematic nightmare! They have been using the British built"Oberon" class for many years, both were conventional sub and were not very advanced one! This is not about politics, this is a technology one!

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Posted in: Australia says France knew of 'grave' submarine concerns See in context

@Para Sitius: NO! This is not a political one, this is a technical one! Nuclear submarines required a very high technology skills and expertise, Australia has no nuclear submarine operation experiences even building diesel electric powered submarine was "Mere", they got in that business 20 years ago and they want to jump to a higher level within 10 years! First of all, depends on budget, can they afford that expensive one?

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Posted in: New Zealand’s largest city to remain locked down See in context

If people don't have a common sense to wear face mask at outdoors, the pandemic numbers shall remain high!

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Posted in: Australia says France knew of 'grave' submarine concerns See in context

The Australian has very mere industrial potential to build sophisticated nuclear submarines! They will get the nuclear reactors from US or UK but the boat itself is very challenging! They built the "Collin" class under Swedish design and technical assistance, the result was not a satisfactory one! Now you are talking to build a bigger displacement boat with nuclear safety also a concern! Nuclear submarines for some countries with a massive naval budget, a very exclusive "Club"! Australia does not belongs to this one, they will regret Mr.Morrison's unmature decision very soon!

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Posted in: Great power rivalry fuels Pacific arms race frenzy See in context

North Korea is launching their ballistic missiles safe and peacefully!

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Posted in: Iran looks east after China-led bloc OKs entry See in context

Iran's oil is firmly in Chinese hands now!

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Posted in: Suga says N Korean missile launches threaten Japan's security See in context

The North Korean missioe has hit the designated target area peacefully!

Just hysteria fears from Suga!

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Posted in: Australia says strategic shifts led it to acquire nuclear subs See in context

Remember their problematic Collin class? OZ does not has the capability to build a proper diesel electric sub but now great leaping to nuclear subs(SSN)! Hilarious!

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Posted in: Suga says N Korean missile launches threaten Japan's security See in context

Suga is an outgoing PM, nobody cares him!

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