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Posted in: Trump hints he won't push Japan for trade deal before summer election See in context

But he will "PUSH" a deal within this year!

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Posted in: Trump downplays North Korean missile threat See in context

North Korea fired off some small weapons.... disturbed some people but NOT ME!

Wow! I cannot believe this remarks came from the mouth of POTUS! Anyway Mr.Trump your common sense has avoided a castastropic conflict with Russia and China over North Korea crisis! Your disregard of John Bolton's madness made the world respect you in some kind of way!  One day the four most powerful nuclear leaders(Putin,XI,K.J.U,Trump) will met in a resort because they have a common views and values!

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Posted in: U.S.-China trade war key to tax hike decision: LDP executive See in context

Does that trade war between China and U.S. matters Japan? And in what way?

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Posted in: N Korea calls Bolton 'war monger' over missile comment See in context

The remarks from dear leader K.J. was very profound! John Bolton is really a "Defective Human Being"! Actually he dont deserves this!!

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Posted in: Trump says he backs Abe's efforts to talk with Iran See in context

Does Iran trust any western country any anymore after Trump scrapped the "2015 Agreement" or known as J.C.P.O.A ??  This is a trap from Trump and this is how he prepares to get rid of his own responsibility or 'Faults'! Something is going to happen in middleeast!

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Posted in: U.S. could send more troops to Mideast: Pentagon chief See in context

Good ! America's second "Iraq" or the third "Vietnam" is coming! Again America is in big troubles, the higher risk they were talking is the deeper regret they will make someday!

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Posted in: Iran says it will not surrender to U.S. pressure even if it is bombed See in context

Trump torn the "Nuclear deal Agreement", Trump hates everything Obama has done!  The Iranian hardliners has very strong argument to carry on beating their drums!

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Posted in: U.S., China exchange barbs over Huawei as trade tensions flare See in context

The Chinese supreme leader don't have to worry about re-elections! Trumo does! So let the barbs persists and see who hurts!

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Posted in: Japan to stop labeling people unmarried at 50 as 'lifelong singles' See in context

I don't think labelling people with 'labels' is funny! This is very insulting and lacking respects! Some people couldn't get marry before 50 was due to economic hardships and other difficulties! This is a very bad habit to label others with prejudices!

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Posted in: Kono opposes giving food aid to N Korea See in context

Poor diplomatic skills is the Japanese government and here he can see how Mr Kono is demonstrating!

If Japan sending food aid to North Korea while North Korea is testing their missiles....do you think the world will blames japan or North Korea?  This is something what Japanese politician like Abe san hard to acknowledging!

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Posted in: Abe ready to meet N Korea's Kim unconditionally: media See in context

Is this a good news or bad news for the abductees family?

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Posted in: Japan, Russia foreign ministers to hold territorial talks on May 10 See in context

Those were no no more Japanese islands!

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Posted in: Bolton says Trump wants solo, not multi-party talks with N Korea See in context

After Mr.Bolton's mad rehtoric of  "Libya model" shown in TV ,who is going to trust you again? K.J. is not that stupid!

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Posted in: North Korea demanded U.S. pay $2 mil for captured student in coma See in context

North Korea does more insane things than South Korea...

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Posted in: Abe plays balancing act between China, U.S. See in context

Some friends do stab the back of others!

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Posted in: Putin: N Korea ready to denuclearize -- if it gets guarantees See in context

North Korea should not disarm the nuclear arsenals! The bad people like Pompeo or John Bolton were empty threats,paper tigers! What North Korea should do is a closer cooperation with Russia and China! Together will make the warmongers stay off!

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Posted in: Japan drops 'maximum pressure' on N Korea from diplomatic book See in context

"Dear Great Leader K.J." has nothing to lose under whatever the maximum or extra maximum heavy pressure from Japan ...ever! Saddam,Gaddaffi lose themselves was their own uncompetences to make nuclear arsenals! Obviously this is not the case of North Korea! You have to talk to your counterpart nicely if that country is nuclear armed!  This is a fact must learn!

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Posted in: Trump gets Buckingham Palace dinner date See in context

Must be a freaky weekend for the Royals! Good luck !

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Posted in: Japanese warship visits China for 1st time in more than 7 years See in context

Hey! They were friends again! At least for now!

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Posted in: Suga considering U.S. trip in May to raise abduction issue See in context

Abe is timid, he has no courage to step foot on Pyongyang raising the question about abductees to dear leader K.J.

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Posted in: Wreckage confirmed to be crashed Japanese F-35 stealth fighter; pilot still missing See in context

The F35s is the 21st Century: "Widowmaker for users"! Lets see when will the client countries acknowledge this!

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Posted in: In new attack, Trump threatens more tariffs against European Union See in context

GOOD!! Pushing the Europeans further from US influences but nearer to Russia and China! Hey, the Italians were smart to predict this is ! BRI destination is Rome or maybe Berlin, Paris..!!

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Posted in: Brexit creates power vacuum at heart of Britain's government See in context

Can you imagine this: A passenger with life-vest of the stricken and sinking "SS Taitanic", he/she pointing a knife to the captain of the ship:' Hey I want my fees back! Otherwise I am not going to leave the ship! '

This is UK today!

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Posted in: Australia's Hanson suggests country's worst gun massacre a conspiracy See in context

The National Rifle Association wants to extend their political influences to Australia?

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Posted in: Trump tells Russia to get its troops out of Venezuela See in context

Sending troops to help a legitimate administration (Maduro)  is something wrong? But recognizing a self proclaimed "State Leader" (Guaido)  is all right? How absurds!?

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Posted in: Australia's Hanson suggests country's worst gun massacre a conspiracy See in context

Best Joke this year!

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Posted in: Japan deploys missile units on southwest islands amid China's rise See in context

These islands were very small and without out hiding! Not a wise move to be there but you know Japan is very panic when Chinese naval daily crusing!

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Posted in: France seals multi-billion dollar deals with China, but questions Belt and Road project See in context

Europe must be united and have a coherent message.....

Best joke of the year!

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Posted in: Prince Charles becomes first British royal to visit Cuba See in context

Charlie is a kind man! May God bless him and his companion! He should know Cuba is not that wealthy to buy British goods but he is keen to visit there! Perhaps he learnt how many times did the CIA attempt to kill Fidel Castro in the period of 1959-1989!

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Posted in: Tokyo protests over Chinese vessel's incursion into Japanese EEZ See in context

Backstabbing? From the Chinese?

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