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Posted in: Harry, Meghan, their new neighbors and the paparazzi See in context

Harry & Meghan...both of you were great! You two make your own living instead of counting on that special status : "Royal" ! Unlike your uncle Edward he is disgusting!

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Posted in: Abe says new unit will defend Japan from space tech threats See in context

The new unit will work closely with its American counterpart recently launched by President Donald Trump.

Yes sure! Japan must  working closely with whoever said so in the white house! "Working closely with....." is a Japanese motto!

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Posted in: Putin remains secretive about his future role See in context

He must surpass Josef Stalin being the longest leader in Kremilin! And he kills people far less than uncle he will be the greatest one in the history of Russia!

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Posted in: Man arrested for leaving father’s ashes in toilet at Tokyo Station See in context

What a son !

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Posted in: U.S. Senate passes North America trade deal; Canada still to approve See in context

When you struck a deal on a written contract with your trading partner and 25 years later his son come back knocking on your door and said: 'Hey Mr! The deal you signed with my father in 1995 was not fair enough, I am sorry to tell you this...but a quarter century has passed, we should re-negotiate that deal and correcting those unfairness all these years has occured on us or I am going to do XXX to you!'  

Which university could lectured you the above negotiating skills ?  The Trump University!

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Posted in: 11 U.S. troops injured in last week's Iran attack on Iraq base See in context

Iran looks strong and tough fgrom appearance but actually they were weak and cowardice in core! They have no guts to take revenge of the assassination of their military commander Soleimani ! In world war 1, A Serbian student "Gavrilo Princip" has assassinated the Crown prince of Austria-Hungary empire "Franz Ferdinand" and his wife, although it was not an action ordered by Serbia authority but the Austrian Hungarian empire unleash their mighty power to take revenge! Iran is definately not able to take justice in their hands but hiding in cowardice!

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Posted in: University of Tokyo fires associate professor over anti-Chinese Twitter posts See in context

I think Osawa learned those radical racial idea from Donald Trump!

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Posted in: Russian prime minister submits resignation to Putin See in context

Mr. Putin's ambition is his ruling of Russia is longer than Josef Stalin! Lets send our hearfelt wishing to comes true! The Russian people loves him very much! A great leader indeed!

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Posted in: Driver arrested after car hits 5 children on crossing See in context

Elderly people must take driving test at the age over 70! This is very necessary

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Posted in: Hong Kong opposition lawmakers ejected for heckling leader See in context

From the ban ner this guy is holding, I have absolute no idea today is Halloween  in Hong Kong! Perhaps more anti Riot police must station on site!

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Posted in: Russia says U.S. Indo-Pacific strategy is to contain China See in context

Like Germany in World war 1, choosing some uncompetencing allies (Austria-Hungary,Ottoman) in her team is  one of the cause  of her downfall! If the US believes India is a competence one, good luck for them!

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Posted in: Rights group denounces Japanese envoy for comments on Myanmar Rohingya See in context

The Japanese government under Abe-san will doing anything to appease the Burma junta for economic benefits! This is  nothing strange and predicted!

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Posted in: Iran's Rouhani urges unity after plane protests See in context

Rouhani & FM Javad Zarif will be overthrow by hardliners!  Their approach to US under Donald Trump were depised and they put their nation in a very great risk for signing the 2015 nuclear deal with Obama!

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Posted in: Estranged Australian husband freed after trespassing to find his children See in context

He has done nothing wrong! That's his children, he as a father of two daughters has a right to see them!  The Japanese divorce system was ridiculous!

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Posted in: Trump retreats from threat to attack Iranian cultural sites See in context

“They kill our people. They blow up our people. And then we have to be very gentle with their cultural institutions?”

Selling huge sums of weapon and ammunitions to the Saudi Kingdom is a very big gratitude to the one who killed a lot of your people in Sept. 2001!  Awesome logic!

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Posted in: Abe cancels visit to Middle East amid tensions See in context

I think it was really a big insult to Japan and Mr.Abe from Donald Trump! The above picture was not long ago, three weeks ago when President Rouhani was visiting Japan for invitation from Mr Abe! Both men were sincerely trying to bring back the fallen 2015 nuclear accord but Donald Trump is doing the otherwise, he was planning to assassinate General Soleimani! the plot was no co-incidence but a long time planning ! So what is there left to discuss about? Abe-san but be shocked at the moment he learned the death of General Soleimani, like a stab in his back by Donald Trump!

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Posted in: Iran attacks U.S. forces in Iraq in retaliation for killing of commander See in context

Donald Trump gave the world a  very bad impression especially the muslim and third world countries that he is a very arrogance, mean, harsh and nasty white man who holds tremendous wealth and power! The conflict between US and Iran wont stop as long as he holds power! But unfortunately many arrogance and naïve white men or women in the 52 states were supporting him!

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Posted in: Stampede kills 56 at funeral for Iranian general slain by U.S. See in context

I believe the story said by the Iraqi President that General Soleimani came to Iraq is talk peace with other Arab countries! he has nothing hostile to others, his death was a tragedy and need an international investigation! Trump was either reckless or having a hidden motive!

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Posted in: Trump retreats from threat to attack Iranian cultural sites See in context

His "Retreats" made no difference, he is always and get used to be so  "NASTY" !

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Posted in: U.S. strike on Iran could have consequences in North Korea See in context

NO! The death of Iranian general Soleimani has nothing relevant with North Korea and no consequences will happen at all! Iran has no nuclear weapons and she is naive enough to comply the scrapped 2015 nuclear agrement until the new year day of2020 even Trump has stated it clear he wont comply! Iran is dreaming she can bargain with Donald Trump over the 2015 nuclear agrreement! North Korea has own nuclear warheads since 2006 and her nuclear arsenals were combat ready although very small! North Korea iks a nuclear hedgehog that prepares for an all out war with U,S,! The North Koreans were bravely facing a big bully known as US armed forces in Pacific and they were really dedicated to fight until the last blood like a 21st century Stalingrad! North Korea is defiance and they worries nothing from Donald Trump!

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Posted in: Moon renews invitation for Kim to visit South Korea See in context

good brotherhood

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Posted in: Iraq wants foreign troops out after air strike; Trump threatens sanctions See in context

What Saddam Huessein has predicted during his days in trail has come true! A mess and bloodshed in Iraq!

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Posted in: 3 years in, no sign of Trump's replacement for Obamacare See in context

You think he cares your life?

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Posted in: Hong Kong police arrest 15 in fresh shopping mall protests See in context

These troublemakers were causing troubles to the Hong Kong society anmd their own! The shopping mall, the shops and the customers has NOTHING to do with any wrongdoings done by Hong Kong government! They were young people came from poor or even poverty families but that wasnt an excuse to make harassment to others! This is NOT RIGHT! Enough! The Hong Kong police has been using heavy beating with batons, a very bloody punishment, hopefully they learn something! Good job, Hong Kong police officers!

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Posted in: Kim calls for measures to protect North Korea's security See in context

North Korea has done nothing wrong! The dangerous manner like John Bolton and the clique like him  reminds the nightmare of Japanese colonial rule and the massive destructions of North Korea in Korean war! The North korean leader is viligance over America's reckless and bully actions!

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Posted in: Iran, China, Russia start joint naval drills See in context

@Sh1mon M4sadaThree thugs walked into a bar.............  Hey Mr.! Don't say that! Should you respect the armed forces that is defending the world's justice ? You should know it was Donald trump TORN the 2015 nuclear agreement signed by the previous US administration? The three navies were reminding the current one to honour those words written on paper and witness by G6 nations! It was Donald trump wrecked the international trust and respect due to his erratic and reckless leadership and irrational hatred!  If the US navy kicking up waves or troubles in east China sea, south China sea and the Baltic seas, why didn't they can do the same in Hormuz Strait?

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Posted in: Japanese official kept lid on info about 2 men living in N Korea See in context

Why this is still an issue? Perhaps the two persons don't want to go back to Japan! They like living in North Korea, this is nothing strange!

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Posted in: Okinawa governor renews demand to stop U.S. base relocation plan See in context

Free Okinawa!

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Posted in: Abe, Li agree on need to open new era for Japan, China See in context

A convenience relationship! A convenience trading partnership! And of course the agreement in 1972(Between Tanaka & Chou) was a convenience one!

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Posted in: Time and cost of relocation of U.S. base in Okinawa to double See in context

Okinawa was not exactly a Japanese soil! It was taken by force and grabbed in 1879! The allies over looked this part of history and returned back to Japan in 1972!  The Okinawa is an expensedable thats wht the concern and opposition by the locals were ignored!

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