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Posted in: Japan cash handout discriminated against Korean students: U.N. experts See in context

These Koreans students were Pro-North Korean government, yes this is true! But is this a legitimate reason to discriminate them!? This is a very awful double standard!

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Posted in: Duterte threatens to arrest Filipinos who refuse vaccination See in context

Duterte, this is not a bad idea! We have had enough that conspiracy theory about vaccination for long time! People refuse vaccination of all reasons were extremely selfish, they possess a threat to themselves and others!

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Posted in: Japan, S Korea divided over wartime history, Fukushima water release See in context

Japan is NOT allied with South Korea. South Korea is far closer allied to their master, Communist China.

What is has to do with China? Japan should pay attention to their own image instead making ridiculous accusations!

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Posted in: Japan, S Korea divided over wartime history, Fukushima water release See in context

Japan lacking the most sincerely apology for their Imperail era wrongdoings! Germany regrets they started WW2,Japan regrets they lost WW2! Germany mourns the dead of other nations! Japan mourns the dead of her own nation! That was the big difference!

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Posted in: Former president says U.S. failed in Afghanistan See in context

Their "Failure" was not a bad thing!

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Posted in: Seoul court rejects slave labor claim against 16 Japanese firms See in context

Far from over! Japan is doing every attempt to evade the responsibility of causing the suffering to neighbour countries! Japan owed sincerely apology to all victims! Go for it! That court was run by traitors!

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Posted in: British police officer admits kidnapping, raping woman See in context

He has nothing to lose besides spending some years in cell! He will get his parole and get his pension after release!

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Posted in: Japan protests Russia's impounding of fishing boat, detention of crew See in context

Japan better don't mess with the Russians! They sees Japanese fishing boats were spying and testing their patience! The island dispute with Russia is still an issue for two countries never sign a peace treaty! Russia,China, South Korea and North Korea were having enough disputes with Japan, if Japan is aware how much problems of this tense neighbourhood!

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Posted in: Japan increasingly concerned over Hong Kong election reforms See in context

And what does Japan can do? Withdrawn from Hong Kong? They were welcome!

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Posted in: In Mexico, cartels are hunting down police at their homes See in context

Trump was right over this! The flood of Mexican drugs and crimes does required a wall to stop it! When law enforcing officers couldn't protect their own lives at home, you can imagine how much corruption is Mexico!

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Posted in: Japan sees no impact on Olympics from U.S. travel advisory See in context

The Japanese government is playing a very dangerous game! Their nation is a high risk zone but keen to do such a senseless thing! I think they were extremely selfish!

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Posted in: Suga adviser steps down after tweets downplaying COVID-19 situation See in context

This guy is out of touch with the real world! But officals like him is common in the Japanese govt.

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Posted in: Hong Kong could soon throw away millions of unused vaccine doses See in context

@bobuka Hong Kong is doing far better than us You should know the bureaucracy of Japan was heavy like a rock

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Posted in: Hong Kong could soon throw away millions of unused vaccine doses See in context

My advice to all the Japanese friends, better scramble to Hong Kong for a vaccine injection! That is worth to risk for! The Japanese government is playing a very dangerous game to kick start the Olympic game 2021 but the nation is a high risk zone! I know you guys dont trust the Chinese communist govt. but this is a matter of live or dead! Think about it!

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Posted in: Israel strikes Gaza tunnels as truce efforts remain elusive See in context

Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the United States would support any initiative to stop the fighting, but signaled the country did not intend to put pressure on the two sides to accept a cease-fire.

That's why I like Joe Biden! His leadership can "Match" Jimmy Carter!

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Posted in: China's imports of Japanese cosmetics keep rising See in context

The Chinese government has done a very good job to keep the normal trades in order although there is a political rift with Japan over territory dispute! Unlike some countries who just know jealous and meaningless attacks over China due to their own incompetence! Their language was rude and unconstructive! Australia is such a bad example, they are going to torn the deal over the lease of Darwin Port signed with China by previous admin.! Who is going to deal with you anymore?

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Posted in: U.S. vows to stand by Australia against China See in context

China stop buying Australian coals, US export of coals to China surge! I think that was what Blinken means of : Alone on the pitch ! Big fortune for US in this duel!

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Posted in: More than 4,000 Indians die of COVID-19 for second straight day See in context

@Zoroto: China proves you wrong

Sir! Thanks for your opinion but I want to tell you: India is not China! & China is not India! They were very different country! The effectiveness and willingness were different!

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Posted in: Suga planning to attend Singapore security forum in June See in context

Mr.Suga, you should know the Chinese sees the disputes between China & Japan or Japan & China was always a historic one instead a recent one! Lacking a sincerely apology for Japan's wartime wrongdoings just doesn't help to solve anything! These forum is like "Talk Soup" that won't achieving any meaningful results!

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Posted in: Kremlin-imposed cuts at U.S. Embassy leave thousands adrift See in context

Russia has done nothing wrong, much of Russia's tragedies in the last 40 years was caused by U.S. ! Should understanding the miserable feelings from the Russian people! They just want to have peace and a simple life!

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Posted in: More than 4,000 Indians die of COVID-19 for second straight day See in context

The India government is running her "Herd Immunization of Covid", Vaccination the entire 1.4 billion population is just unfeasible! I think they have give up the bodies counting!

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Posted in: Japan to bar entry of foreigners from India, Nepal, Pakistan See in context

This is diplomacy! Japan is aware the ban might have been seen as a racist offending India or Pakistan! Because Japan wants India to counter China's power! Japan is always hesistating when the state is in emergency!

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Posted in: Biden declares U.S. 'on the move again' in first speech to Congress See in context

To promote a $1.8 trillion plan he said is needed to compete with China

America is totally frightened by China and the Chinese now! LOL

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Posted in: 2 children killed, 16 people stabbed at China kindergarten See in context

R.I.P. these children! China has a compulsory policy of registering people who buy knives must providing with real names and other personal informations to trace the attackers! Such policy has greatly reducing violences and homicides but you cant put it to zero!

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Posted in: U.S. eyes major rollback in Iran sanctions to revive nuclear deal See in context

And the next Republican president will "Rollback" all the agreements and treaties signed by the Biden administration! What a nice country!

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Posted in: Japan emphasizes concerns over China's military in diplomacy report See in context

Oh yeah! China has expanded her naval power greatly in recent years! China is importing more oil and natural gas from Africa and Middle east especially Iran! She needs to strengthen her naval presences around the world! China is definitely unlike Japan that is totally rely on U.S. naval for the sake of survival! What U.S. and her allies were doing in Indo pacific and South China sea is bullying China!

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Posted in: U.S. Navy fires warning shots on Iran boats in Gulf: Pentagon See in context

That Iranian vessel looks weired!

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Posted in: China says it has been invited by IAEA to join group over Fukushima water plan See in context

@Zeram1 They also don’t want Japan to scrutinize all things China-related covid-19

What does the panedemics has to do with China? And how relevant with the pouring radiation water to the Pacific Ocean?

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Posted in: China says it has been invited by IAEA to join group over Fukushima water plan See in context

Yes! The IAEA should discussing the matter with China, South Korea about Japan's reckless actions! Should inviting Russia as well, she is also a Pacific country!

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Posted in: Turkish leader defiant on Biden mention of Armenian genocide See in context

I just dont understand why the arrogance Turkish government refused to admit the massacre of Armenians in 1915, actually it was the previous "Ottoman Empire"'s warcrimes, the present Turkish government has nothing to do with it and it was 100 years ago! Nobody in present Turkey should bears any guilts or responsibility for those atrocities! In World War 1 there was even dont have the concept of "War Crimes"! Just admit it and shows sympathy of then Ottoman Empire has done was unacceptable and thats all!

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