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Posted in: Kim's sister says no need for another U.S.-N Korea summit See in context

K.J. and his sister knows better to deal with Joe Biden rather than Trump! He wont made his way in 2021!

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Posted in: U.S. doesn't know if Russia directed Taliban attacks in Afghanistan, Pentagon says See in context

Blame Russia for what? I just don't got it, why? Why blaming Russia always!

It was America being unwise in that backwards country for 20 years and even O.B.L. is dead for 10 years, US and NATO troops still there, so who inflicted these losses!

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Posted in: Abe, Australian PM discuss China, Hong Kong in virtual summit See in context

China is a very very BIG market,right? That means a huge fortune, right? And Hong Kong is the gateway to China, right?

So everything is alright! Alright!

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Posted in: Seoul mayor found dead after sexual harassment complaint made against him See in context

There is an old saying in south Korea: NO happy ending for whoever being the president of South Korea! Like a curse haunting that country! Some says the "Feng Shui" of the president palace is worst causing those tragedies!

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Posted in: Hong Kong grappling with future under national security law See in context

Hong Kong is finished as a democracy

MYTHs! The social stability is stronger than ever! NO more riots and arsons!

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Posted in: Despite risks, Trump invests big in attacks on Biden's age See in context

Imagine what will Putin,XI,Kim,Erdogan reacts when they were watching the 2020 US president TV debate of Trump/Biden attacking each other's age and mentality....? They will laughing loud and chating with jokes in phones!

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Posted in: Russia, China veto extension of cross-border aid in Syria See in context

Aleppo, rebels held area! Aiding the rebels is prolonging this hopeless civil war,the rebels has lost it! They should surrender instead for the innocent peoples!

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Posted in: Putin triumphant as critics slam vote extending his rule See in context

@Eppee  Russian Democracy is multi parties but one candidate! When the president steps down, he/she can being the Prime Minister and when he/she steps down he/she can get back to stage being the President!

This is to make sure policy consistency!

 Western democracy is multi parties with multi candidates! Policy has no consistency when different party or candidate took power...this is the source of chaos!

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Posted in: Japan caught in dilemma with mainland China over Hong Kong See in context

No worries! The Hong Kong chaos is caused by a hysteria of "Red Alerts"! It will back to normal a few weeks later! This is definately not Japanese business!

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Posted in: U.S. seeks to seize gasoline in four Iran tankers bound for Venezuela See in context

This is a violation of "Freedom Navigation" at the high seas!

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Posted in: Military chief: Troops were issued bayonets in DC unrest See in context

Strange enough! Many militaries were no longer lecturing or practising the skills of using rifle with mounted bayonets!

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Posted in: Putin triumphant as critics slam vote extending his rule See in context

The Russians know the concept of western democracy is a pure hypocrisy! They have had that hardships in 1990s! All hails to Mr.Putin!

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Posted in: Man suspected of stabbing Hong Kong officer arrested on plane about to leave for UK See in context

The above actions of stabbing a police officer in such a brutal manner is totally unacceptable!  This man using a dagger assaulting a police officer willfully! Thanks to a relative of him tipped the police and identified he is trying to run away! Look, in Hong Kong many people disagree these violence actions in the name of freedom! Actually he has committed the law of "Hong Kong Security Act" of dangering the state's security!

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Posted in: Russian voters agree to let Putin seek 2 more terms See in context

If Russia is despicable for anti-democracy, then the "West" should blames their own for causing this! Western countries obbessed to humilate backward countries by all means, the people of those countries understood this, thats why they goes for 'Strongmen leadership" or the dictators! When the Soviet Union fall, the power of Moscow were in thand hands of Boris Yeltsin, who was that man? A corrupted and a drunken leader who just know holding his power! The west  didnt help Russia out of poverty instead causing them more pain and hardships over the Russians! It is Mr.Putin endured those pain and hardships leading Russia back to track again, thats why the Russians have much grateful to this man! The west should blame their own "Idiotic Policy" rather than others!

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Posted in: Trump says he looks like Lone Ranger in a mask and likes it See in context

Nice joke, mr.President!

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Posted in: Russian voters agree to let Putin seek 2 more terms See in context

Mr.Putin dedicated to get back those lost lands of the Soviet Union, including Ukraine,Georgia and the three Baltic states, thats why many Russians support him!

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Posted in: Japan calls China's reported move on Hong Kong 'regrettable' See in context

How many western coporatiins wanna to leave Hong Kong? That is their choice! But once they leave, they will lost their oppurtunity into Chinese market!

The H.S.B.C. is the one strongly approving this bill! They were big enough!

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Posted in: U.S., Japan, France prod companies to rely less on China, but few respond See in context

China is a very very very BIG market! Once you lost your shares you lost it forever! Indeed some "Sunset Industry" might leave China, like shoes making but most sophisticated industry like automobile and cellphones will carry on or even adding investment in China! Go ask Toyota or Honda....do they want to move to India?

By the way, Donald Trump will be gone next year and Joe Biden will takes over the power! You know Biden is a China's friend! And that means the world will back to business as usual before the trade war!

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Posted in: Japan calls China's reported move on Hong Kong 'regrettable' See in context

There s NOTHING worth of "Regrettable"! If Japanese govt. is willing to study more on the "Basic Law of Hong Kong" and see the fact of what is real in that city!  Meanwhile the Hong Kong stock index "HangSeng Index (HSI)" is soaring at an all time high and still soaring during these difficult days of epidemics and trade wars! It is a remarkable achievement of Hong Kong under China's rule to endure the hardship instigated by Donald Trump's trade war! The Security Act for Hong Kong is not a doomsday act!

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Posted in: Judge warns of possible move of trial in George Floyd death See in context

They were arrested because their actions were recorded

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Posted in: China passes controversial Hong Kong security law See in context

The HangSeng Index is soaring, at all time high 24480.26!

See, the bill has public supports! Because that is a measure punishing sabotaging and arsons! The Hong Kong public knows this is not the end of one country two system policy instead it boost social stability!

Too bad, no more US Navy ship port visiting Hong Kong, maybe a bit unconvenience for those bars and pubs in Wanchai district and those Philipinos/Indonesian ladies!

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Posted in: Trump denies being told about Russian bounties to kill U.S. troops in Afghanistan See in context

That's OK! Mr.Putin is everyone's friend! He wont do such thing to friends!

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Posted in: Kremlin dismisses Japan's objection to geological survey in Okhotsk Sea See in context

The Okhotsk sea is Russian territories even those surveying is for Naval purposes that's still their business, Japan's protest is unprofound!

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Posted in: Kremlin dismisses Japan's objection to geological survey in Okhotsk Sea See in context

Russia's survey of Okhotsk sea is perhaps for naval purposes, finding a suitable route and seabed to hid their nuclear submarines to ambush US,Japan naval vessels! Russia rarely cares about their far east unless for military purposes, just like they does in the Arctic!

The Russian comes from the North, the Chinese from the south.....a joint submarine warfares between the two Communist power!

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Posted in: Judge rejects effort to block 'tell-all' book by Trump niece See in context

Why that book from his niece is such a sensitive matter to Mr.President? Why he mustbring it to the court to ban the public from judging the contents is real or not?

Because Mary's father and her grandfather were died in very mystere!

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Posted in: Bolton memoir raises concern over Japan alliance if Trump re-elected See in context

Most asian countries including China,Russia and South Korea does welcome an independent Japan who no longer needs US military protection! That military presence is very disturbing and obstructing east asian people who were already has very much common ideology and trading! But Japan must suppresings those "Japanese militaristic nationalists" and "History deniers" who glorifies wartime and imperial atrocities japan has done! It is up to Japan to make up her mind to join the east asian neighbours living as a respectful member or keep stubborning to live under Mafia style protection from US!

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Posted in: Trump's national security adviser takes aim at China See in context

Get a life,Mr.! Blaming China wont help your boss back to track, his days in oval office is numbered! He is deranged and uncompetences to curb the epidemics, this is the real threat to your country and the countrymen's way of life!

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Posted in: Kim suspends plans for military action against South: KCNA See in context

Anti-North leaflets, which defectors based in the South send across the border -- usually attached to balloons or floated in bottles

These anti communist leaflets wont change the course of history or politics, they were just wasting papers producing huge amount of trash, the North Koreans will burn every sinle one! A very "Eco unfriendly" action!

Many of these ballons flew beyond North Korea and the local inbaitants of those countries see this is a kind of pollution from the air!  Please stop it!

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Posted in: Fans rush to see panda cub as Tokyo's Ueno zoo reopens after 4-month closure See in context

Japan is a very stressed country! People wanna to relief themselves from such a depressing working or living enviroment! The Pandas were intelligent animals at least they can lives freely in their world! It is very easy understandable that Japanese people queue for a long line and paying much patience to take a look at this animal even they cannot touch them! Those Pandas were not that miserables, the Japanese are!

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Posted in: Kono says U.S. hasn't requested more money to host American troops See in context

This money is not needed to pay because the US military in Japan is an iconic unwelcomed subject! Japan is aware the hostile neighbours that's why she needs US military protection! Like Mafia protection fees this is a kind of extortion to buy safety for the Japanese people! But why neighbouring countries hates Japan? Because Japan always causing tension and remarks that justified World War two or colonial days wrongdoings! This is  reaping the plants that you sowed!

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