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Posted in: World Food Program chief presses billionaires 'to step up' See in context

Biden is so dumb,his sanctions on Russia is drawing retaliations from Putin and that means many people were starving. This is a havoc of world starvation!

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Posted in: Iran vows revenge over killing of Guard member in Tehran See in context

Iran is no where a regional power, they even cannot provide full security protection of their key people from assassinations!

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Posted in: Man arrested for threatening schoolgirl with knife See in context

He watched too much porn!

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Posted in: Opposition party on track to win Australian election See in context

Australia has no buying power to afford a single nuclear submarine.

Austtralia has no nuclear industry to support the task. They built swedish designed diesel electric submarine, they do have barely little experience in building subs but thats not enough, their "Gotland" class was far from perfect, for long run their program will suffer a cost overrun and thats the end of the story. Canada attempted to build or acquire nuclear attack subs back in late 80s, they gave up in early90s, too expensive, unaffordable!

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Posted in: New Zealand hands out extra cash to fight 'inflation storm' See in context

They should not condemn Russia's campaign on Ukraine, there you can get a friendly bargain price of Russian oil.

And the inflation problem will be smoothed. At leadt not that hurting like now!

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Posted in: Japan welcomes new U.S. Indo-Pacific economic initiative See in context

@Yrral The ordinary citizens of America rely on buying "Made in China" stuffs to survive.

How many Japanese brand automobiles were imported from Japan in these days? Less than 1 out of 3 cars

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Posted in: Japan welcomes new U.S. Indo-Pacific economic initiative See in context

The Biden's initiative will be a dead issue after the Republicans get back to power. Do you want to gamble the US presidency in 2024?

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Posted in: Russia to cut Finland's natural gas in latest energy clash See in context

@Olegek: It was about the King status of PetroDollars, the world universal currency is US dollar. If any country attempted to pay in other curency for daily high value deals(Usually refer to oil or natural gas) will severe afftect the US dollars dominance of world economy. Putin is challenging US dollars by demanding "Unfrienndly Customers" to pay by Rubles, Russia is world no.1 oil/gas producer, an ace card in his hand.

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Posted in: As Biden visits Asia, China launches South China Sea drills See in context

Aircraft Carrier without catapults was a very serious hindering of combat efficiency. The Sukhois were very heavy aircraft, the ski jump takeoff could has a limit of the aircraft's takeoff weight. We hope the third A.C. 003 with catapults will be greatly improving this drawback.

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Posted in: Japan urges China to 'play responsible role' on Ukraine crisis See in context

Why didnt Japan completely stop importing Russian natural gas or energy if she is being so so so ... "Responsible"?

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Posted in: Russian soldier pleads guilty at Ukraine war crimes trial See in context

Who knows? Maybe the victim was a spy disguised as a civilian.

Ukraine has placed all men in military services, so that 62 year old man was aldo a combatant. The Russian sergeant has done nothing wrong over this!

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Posted in: Man arrested for stabbing 75-year-old mother-in-law See in context

He have had enough that woman for years

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Posted in: Biden trip to Asia to signal U.S. keeping its eye on China See in context

Biden and his democrats were going to lose the coming mid term, he goes to Asia is a political gesturing. America's inflation us soaring and Biden is worst than Carter solving problems of both domestic and global........

Dont take him seriously!

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Posted in: Sinn Fein hails 'new era' as it wins Northern Ireland vote See in context

I firmly believe Jeremy Corbyn will be the next Prime Minister of U.K.

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Posted in: Beijing loyalist John Lee elected as Hong Kong's next leader See in context

Congradulations John Lee, we need a real patriotic leader instead a troublemaker who sworn for loyalty but doing sneaky covert operation for hostile powers, that man is "Martin Lee", he is spending his time to blame himself in jail now. Blaming his own rebel behaviour!

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Posted in: Kishida eyes attending int'l security forum in Singapore in June See in context

Nobody cares those forum, dobt take it seriously!

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Posted in: Sinn Fein hails 'new era' as it wins Northern Ireland vote See in context

Britian has been occupying Ireland for 800 plus years until they were being kicked out after World War 1 and final recognition of Independence in 1949. But the British still holding Northern Ireland until now, it us time to get back that part of stolen land, too long!

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Posted in: China-Solomons security deal upends Australian election See in context

Have they(Aussies) seen any Chinese warships yet?

Someone is kicking the waters

like Cuban crisis 2.0 is imminent!

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Posted in: India says talks with Pakistan possible only after 'terror' stops See in context

US congresswoman Ilhan Omar has visited Pakistan expressed her concern of human rights violation about Indian army in that region. She is the few good guys in US congress hitting the right point with goid deeds!

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Posted in: India says talks with Pakistan possible only after 'terror' stops See in context

Those were freedom fighters, they fought for their rights in IOK Kashmir!

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Posted in: Russia releases U.S. Marine veteran as part of prisoner exchange See in context

Either Russia learnt from China or China learnt from Russia, when your country's national got locked in the west, just do the reciprocal and wait for their release. Huawei's CFO Miss Meng was arrested by Canada, and China arrested the two Michaels. Three years later they were released to their own countries. That works but required patiences!

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Posted in: Russia to expel 8 Japan diplomats See in context

This time Japan really must say goodbye to the 4 disputed northern islands!

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Posted in: Chinese navy ship enters Japan waters near Kagoshima Pref islands See in context

That ship was practising freedom if navigation, very well done!

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Posted in: Report: Germany top buyer of Russian energy since war began See in context

America is just ridiculous, she is demanding everypne to comply with her absurd reasons to boycott Russia, the fact says otherwise , instead Germany is going to pay the bills by "Rubles".

The US dollars is no longer a trustworthy monetary but America' s weaponized as a tool if blackmail!

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Posted in: Japan sends envoy to Solomons amid worry over China pact See in context

This is "Cuba" in the Pacific! But I am sure China will never deploying ballistic missiles, they have ICBM/SLBMs, unlike the Soviet Union in 1961

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Posted in: Kishida says Japan, South Korea should quickly improve ties See in context

Once if there are some rogued Japanese politicians making anti Korean remarks or about the soverignity of that disputed island or the narration of Japanese history in WW2 ......their relations will be strained again. For the South Koreans, Japan was the cause of their tragedies and the 77years of seperation of two Koreas. And the comfort women statue in Jspan was a violation of freedom expression!

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Posted in: Chinese navy ship enters Japan waters near Kagoshima Pref islands See in context

The news said "Territorial Waters"not "Soverignity Waters", so the ship could entered "EEZ", Economic Exclusive Zone and that was nothing Japan do this to protest. The ship was not fishing or drilling minerals so it was just passingby.

Some said the ship eas doing surveying the seabed as pathfinder for submarines.......let me tell you, the US navy has been doing this around Hainan island in South China Sea for 70 years!

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Posted in: Beijing COVID spike prompts mass testing, panic buying See in context

The panedemic is far from over, still some unknown variants are going around, China's lockdown was harsh, I admitted. But what is more important than saving lives? America has 1 million deaths, India has more than half a million people dead,Europe incluing UK also over half a million.. dont you think these death tolls can be fewer if the safety precautions was taken seriously as the standard like China? Yes tge measures was very unconvenience but this is science not talking politics I dont think anyone has rights to laugh at China over this!

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Posted in: Beijing COVID spike prompts mass testing, panic buying See in context

China has the lowest death rate per population of Covid in the world, unlike America has 1 million people died, India more than half a milion people died and the European Union close to half a million died.

This is due to the strict discipline and public cooperation to achieve such an awesome result. Chinese is right from the begining to mobilize the entire society to work together like a team under the absolute power of a strong leadership. Nothing is more important than saving lives.

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Posted in: Australia commemorates war dead with few COVID restrictions See in context

An arc of autocracy..... referring to China Russia, North Korea

Where is Saudi Arabia ? Scottmo's body language was never been profound and very hypocritic.

Yes maybe the Saudis has no idea how to build ballistic missiles!

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