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Posted in: Great power rivalry fuels Pacific arms race frenzy See in context

North Korea is launching their ballistic missiles safe and peacefully!

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Posted in: Iran looks east after China-led bloc OKs entry See in context

Iran's oil is firmly in Chinese hands now!

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Posted in: Suga says N Korean missile launches threaten Japan's security See in context

The North Korean missioe has hit the designated target area peacefully!

Just hysteria fears from Suga!

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Posted in: Australia says strategic shifts led it to acquire nuclear subs See in context

Remember their problematic Collin class? OZ does not has the capability to build a proper diesel electric sub but now great leaping to nuclear subs(SSN)! Hilarious!

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Posted in: Suga says N Korean missile launches threaten Japan's security See in context

Suga is an outgoing PM, nobody cares him!

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Posted in: Rival Koreas test missiles hours apart, raising tensions See in context

Mr.Moon is not serious on North Korea, he just want to please the hardliners! He likes North Korea, he is proud parading in Pyongyang! And K.J. know this, he is laughing loud!

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Posted in: Japan, U.S., S Korea call on N Korea to return to arms talks See in context

Of course North Korea shall never return to negotiation table! North Korean armed forces were using old Soviet weapons of 60s:T62 tanks, Mig21/23 fighters with a handful Mig29s. Some of their artillery were WW2 caliber. And their submarines were mostly the midget one...etc. The North Korean has nothing rated as modernized except their ballistic missiles were the lethal deterrent! If I am "K.J." , I won't shed a mere discussion about nukes!

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Posted in: Japan, U.S., S Korea call on N Korea to return to arms talks See in context

North Korea has China, Russia protecting and helping, they don't cares Japan! Many South Koreans feels happy as well!

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Posted in: Suga says N Korean missile launches threaten Japan's security See in context

North Korea is launching her ICBM peacefully!

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Posted in: Japan warns citizens of possible attack in 6 Southeast Asian nations See in context

Maybe a false alarm! Japan has the most inefficient intelligence services in modern countries!

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Posted in: India, Australia call for global action in Afghanistan See in context

China,Russia,Pakistan and Iran were the victors of this round of Afghanistan war!

See you at the next round!

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Posted in: 77-year-old man fatally stabbed by son See in context

Unemployed middle aged men is common these days in Japan and many developed countries or maybe he is single or divorced! These men were the most frustrated and bad tempered one! Their fate is sealed, the society shall never gives them a chance to start again!

A slightly conflict between the father and son or brothers will made a violence crime because they were seen as loser and depised by women!

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Posted in: Hong Kong police arrest Tiananmen vigil organizers See in context

Time to go and be gone! That alliance had been stirring social confrontations for 30 years and they need to be under control!

That organization had using unprofound excuses and manipulated untrue information to make social disorder!

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Posted in: China's trade accelerates in August despite coronavirus See in context

China very well done! The pandemics has not affecting much over China's economic recovery as contrast many countries including were still struggling by the spread of Covid.19! Keep that spirit ahead!

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Posted in: Abe supports conservative ally Takaichi as Suga's successor See in context

No doubt he is a "Yasukuni Shrine" workshipper!

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Posted in: Taliban order university women to wear face-covering niqab See in context

The Talisman has been kind these days!

20 years ago, women were forbidden to go outdoors ! Like Saudi Arabia allowing women can drives legally, it was a big improvement!

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Posted in: Florida gunman kills 4, including mom still holding baby See in context

When America invades,occupying and murdering the people of other country, you will get PTSD and these crazy people will done the same thing on your own country and your own people! This guy his soul was left behind in Iraq & Afghanistan, he couldn't realize his war was over but keep shooting people like he used to be!

This is Karma!

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Posted in: U.S. says Afghan evacuees who fail initial screening Kosovo-bound See in context

These refugees will fled to Germany or Britian, they have no interest to stay in Kosovo! At the end this is a burden for Europe!

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Posted in: Suga's one-year term recalls Japan's revolving door era See in context

Suga is just a puppet of Shizo Abe!

Nobody cares him both domestic or international !

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Posted in: Japan sets up Doha office for talks with Taliban See in context

Japan just know following the American approach in Afghanistan although it is a,wrong one!

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Posted in: Qatar says it's not clear when Kabul airport will reopen See in context

The Talibam is rewarded with 20 years of blood sweat tears they have given out!

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Posted in: China limits children to 3 hours of online gaming a week See in context

If your children became an alcoholic alike game players, playing online games 20 hours a day,they became disobedience and rebellious behaviors , drop out from college...etc. You know it is too late!

This is nothing political, online games should,be monitored and controlled!

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Posted in: Suga says Japan will cooperate with G7 to stop Afghanistan from becoming hotbed of terrorism See in context

Japan is interested with Afghanistan's minerals and natural resources only! She rarely takes in refugees,like other G7 member does! Japan always us,a gold digger but running away from humanitarian responsibility ! All the statement they made were lip service! Never take it seriously!

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Posted in: Russian police detain journalists who back media freedom See in context

They should be charged of not wearing face mask in a public place!

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Posted in: Afghan president latest leader on the run to turn up in UAE See in context

This guy reminds me the Chinese Generalissmo"Chiang Kai Shek" who fled to Taiwan in 1949 stolen with hugh wealths!

When corrupted political leaders know their days were numbered, thefting the state's money is the only way!

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Posted in: Japan marks 76th anniversary of World War II defeat See in context

South Korea’s Foreign Ministry in a statement urged Japanese officials to show “sincere remorse through action”

Yes! That's right! The Japanese remorse from L.D.P. was unsincerely! If you ever visited the "Yasukuni Shrine", you learnt the written illustrations were blaming other countries and glorifying Japan's own reasons was legitimate and heroic!

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Posted in: Suga cabinet's support rate drops to record-low 31.8% See in context

Suga is just a little puppet of Shinzo abe! After him Kishi (Defense Minister) will take over the post of Prime Minister, his trusted little brother!

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Posted in: China says it is ready for friendly relations with Taliban See in context

The Taliban were running their own business in their own country! China is running her own business in Afghanistan!

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Posted in: New island discovered south of Tokyo after submarine volcano erupts See in context

That is an artificial island in the Pacific Ocean!

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Posted in: Detainee says China has secret jail in Dubai, holds Uyghurs See in context

Why didn't she show her face, she is hiding behind a face mask! If her story is true, her identity must be confirmed!

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