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Posted in: Japan drops 'maximum pressure' on N Korea from diplomatic book See in context

"Dear Great Leader K.J." has nothing to lose under whatever the maximum or extra maximum heavy pressure from Japan ...ever! Saddam,Gaddaffi lose themselves was their own uncompetences to make nuclear arsenals! Obviously this is not the case of North Korea! You have to talk to your counterpart nicely if that country is nuclear armed!  This is a fact must learn!

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Posted in: Trump gets Buckingham Palace dinner date See in context

Must be a freaky weekend for the Royals! Good luck !

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Posted in: Japanese warship visits China for 1st time in more than 7 years See in context

Hey! They were friends again! At least for now!

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Posted in: Suga considering U.S. trip in May to raise abduction issue See in context

Abe is timid, he has no courage to step foot on Pyongyang raising the question about abductees to dear leader K.J.

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Posted in: Wreckage confirmed to be crashed Japanese F-35 stealth fighter; pilot still missing See in context

The F35s is the 21st Century: "Widowmaker for users"! Lets see when will the client countries acknowledge this!

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Posted in: In new attack, Trump threatens more tariffs against European Union See in context

GOOD!! Pushing the Europeans further from US influences but nearer to Russia and China! Hey, the Italians were smart to predict this is ! BRI destination is Rome or maybe Berlin, Paris..!!

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Posted in: Brexit creates power vacuum at heart of Britain's government See in context

Can you imagine this: A passenger with life-vest of the stricken and sinking "SS Taitanic", he/she pointing a knife to the captain of the ship:' Hey I want my fees back! Otherwise I am not going to leave the ship! '

This is UK today!

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Posted in: Australia's Hanson suggests country's worst gun massacre a conspiracy See in context

The National Rifle Association wants to extend their political influences to Australia?

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Posted in: Trump tells Russia to get its troops out of Venezuela See in context

Sending troops to help a legitimate administration (Maduro)  is something wrong? But recognizing a self proclaimed "State Leader" (Guaido)  is all right? How absurds!?

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Posted in: Australia's Hanson suggests country's worst gun massacre a conspiracy See in context

Best Joke this year!

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Posted in: Japan deploys missile units on southwest islands amid China's rise See in context

These islands were very small and without out hiding! Not a wise move to be there but you know Japan is very panic when Chinese naval daily crusing!

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Posted in: France seals multi-billion dollar deals with China, but questions Belt and Road project See in context

Europe must be united and have a coherent message.....

Best joke of the year!

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Posted in: Prince Charles becomes first British royal to visit Cuba See in context

Charlie is a kind man! May God bless him and his companion! He should know Cuba is not that wealthy to buy British goods but he is keen to visit there! Perhaps he learnt how many times did the CIA attempt to kill Fidel Castro in the period of 1959-1989!

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Posted in: Tokyo protests over Chinese vessel's incursion into Japanese EEZ See in context

Backstabbing? From the Chinese?

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Posted in: Syria vows to recover Golan Heights as Trump policy shift draws criticism See in context

Good timing, Syria is already badly beaten in civil war!

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Posted in: Trump slams European automakers, threatens tariffs See in context

The problem is Chevrolet will never be accepted in Europe like the Mercedes is accepted here not a good deal!

How many Americans driving Chevrolet  these days??

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Posted in: 'Made by war criminals' label proposed for some Japanese-made items in S Korean schools See in context

President Moon Jae-In is a very good friend to China and of course North Korea! He just don't like Abe!

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Posted in: NZ gov't to announce gun reforms within 10 days See in context

I think the Prime Minister of New Zealand is punishing the wrong people! Many New Zealanders were gun owners but rarely any gun shootings in New Zealand! Not even bank robbery in that country! Some New Zealanders were quite nasty but at most they could control their anger instead of using guns to assault others! This man who took 49 lives is an Australian and his motive of actions is still unclear! It is too rush to ban guns in New Zealand. This is my humble opinion.

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Posted in: China says 13,000 'terrorists' arrested in Xinjiang since 2014 See in context

China has faced growing international opprobrium for setting up facilities that United Nations experts describe as detention centers

Those facilities were campus and classroom for those uighur people to learn law and order of Chinese society! They need a lesson of how to behave in a civilize nation!

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Posted in: Japan to develop air-to-ship long-range cruise missiles See in context

Was that a bit late of their so called "Deterrance"?  The Chinese navy has 540km YJ18 air lanched anti ship missile since 2015! A more potent one YJ100 with 800kms range is coing! See for yourself in wikipedia:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/YJ-18

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Posted in: U.S. open to North Korea talks despite missile program activity See in context

North Korea has nothing to afraid Bolton's sanctions! If he thinks comarade K.J. will backdown, then he shouldnt made "Libya remarks" from the beginging ! North Korean nuclear arsenals were real, they really dont need to be afraid, they were not as stupid as Iran!

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Posted in: N Korea rebuilds part of missile site it promised Trump to dismantle See in context

North Korea has every rights to own nuclear weapons as long as US continues owning that weapons!

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Posted in: China to raise defense spending by 7.5%, lower than 2018 See in context

A 7.5 percent increase in military spending in 2019, lower than last year as the country faces an economic slowdown.

NO not exactly! Last year was a very gainful year for arms sales for China to other countries that released some of the burden of military spending! When arms sales business doing good lesser a little bit money needs to pour in the military! By the way, the army has been downsized very much!

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Posted in: Trump says ending S Korea war games not concession to Kim See in context

Trump is right over this issue although he is always making erratic ideas! Mexico and the entire Latinos America is a bigger threat than North Korea, no North Koreans can infiltrates into States or overseas US territories like (Guam,Hawaill)! But the Lations does everyday and they commit much crimes !

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Posted in: Putin suspends Russian obligations under key nuclear pact See in context

@starpunk: Regan was a warmonger as well ! He will applaud the scrap of INF treaty if he is still living ! Gorbachev....well he is alrady a disgrace in Russia!

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Posted in: Russia calls U.S.-Japan alliance impediment to peace treaty talks See in context

Mr.Putin have had enough the orgies from Mr.Abe! It's time for him to show  "Face-Off"!  NO WAY! NO PEACE! NO RETURN KURILES!

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Posted in: Mitsubishi jet starts test flights in U.S. to gain safety certification See in context

Imagine if someday : Russia, China, Japan,South Korea.....etc.Together we formed an "Asian Airbus Coporation" !  Russian turbofan, Chinese airframes,Japanese avionics, South Korean flaps/Stabilizer and landing gear...!

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Posted in: Trump says Cohen hearing may have contributed to North Korea summit failure See in context

The second summit with K.J. in Vietnam was a "Fake Summit"!  Dont worry ! Mr Trump will held another round of fake summit with Chinese supreme leader "XI" very soon when you saw Cohen testimony in TV again!

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Posted in: Trump says ending S Korea war games not concession to Kim See in context

Did America ask the South Korean people do they wanna such massive wargames held on their soil targeting their home country? Many South Koreans were former North Koreans before 1950 the Korean war! They have aa consensus of anti war!

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Posted in: Putin suspends Russian obligations under key nuclear pact See in context

Putin done nothing wrong! It was warmonger like JohnBolton's idea to scrap the INF treaty that kickstarts a new round of nuclear arms race! Putin is just responding that violations of treaty! The Americans ignore the consensus of European people of their resentment over nuclear arms race on their soil!

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