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Posted in: Putin says Russia will target nations hosting U.S. missiles See in context

Does Trump cares about those European countries who host the US intermediate missiles under Russian's retaliations? Of course NOT!

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Posted in: Saudi crown prince calls Khashoggi killing a 'heinous' crime See in context

Imagine the Saudi Arabia after this prince took power to be King! And he is smiling at you......

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Posted in: U.S., allied agencies still clarifying prince's role in Khashoggi affair See in context

"K.J. of North Korea's dear supreme leader' has dialed Prince M.B.S, to assure him nothing will happens!  he has done something like that in Kula Lumpa airport's waiting room last year and that was recorded! He said: No worries brother,uncle Trump is bluffing!

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Posted in: Trump threatens to cut Central America aid over migrant caravan See in context

There will be a bloodbath in the US-Mexican border as Uncle Trump is getting 'Nasty' everyday!

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Posted in: With 'America First,' where do human rights rank? See in context

What uncle Trump wants you to know is: 'The Saudis Royal were above all laws! Do not mess with them, they were our ally!' Good job, America will be the first in human history  if you persisting your appeasement the Saudi Royal! The world will remember you and your 'DEEDS'!

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Posted in: Trump reluctant to abandon Riyadh over missing journalist, wants evidence See in context

What uncle Trump wants to tell you people is: The Saudis Royal were above laws, all your laws, you guys better don't mess, don't ask, don't condemn their wrong doings! They are the core interest of the state!

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Posted in: Japan raises concerns over Pacific's debt to China See in context

Does Japan knows how to run a bank or Japan wants to pay back their debts to China?

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Posted in: Kim says N Korea has made many concessions to Japan on abduction issue See in context

That was his father's fault, not this K.J.! Japan is too harsh over him!

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Posted in: Trump suggests 'rogue killers' murdered Saudi journalist See in context

Keep making LIARS, uncle Trump! Murder never look so good under your name!

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Posted in: S Korea says Pompeo complained about inter-Korean military pact See in context

"Moon Jae-In", the president of south Korea loves Communism very much, he is born in North Korea! And he sent two former presidents to jail due to their hard line anti North Korean stance!

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Posted in: Hong Kong will 'fearlessly take action' against independence talk See in context

Hong Kong is never a country, the UK hand back Hong Kong to China under the P.R.C. soverignity! The basic law has stated this clearly! This is not the relation like Russia with Ukraine ! So the Chinese government has the final say of where Hong Kong  is heading to! The "One country two system" refer to the political systems of Capitalism in Hong Kong and Communism in China.  The ban on Independeces speech is an action to stop "The Myth Speech" ! Spreading the myths of Hong Kong is a nation that is to undermine the security of China  and misguiding the public consences!  If there is an organisation telling the people: 'Hey guys, join the ISIS and fight Jihad in Syria! You will goto heaven and got your 70 virgins!' Do you think such organisation should be spare and let them continue spreading such myths which is processing danger to the public?

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Posted in: China seeks Japan's economic cooperation amid trade war with U.S. See in context

Is Mr. Fukuda is working like Nixon who was running 'Shadow Diplomacy'  behind the curtains after his retired ? I doubt his influences over the "Abes"!

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Posted in: Russia rejects Japan's protests over military build-up on disputed islands See in context

The Russians has done nothing wrong, there four islands were Russian soil and if Japan wants peace treaty must accept the facts of Russian military presence!

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Posted in: SDF member dies in crash during joint drill with U.S., Philippines See in context

Amateurish "Marines"!  RiP!

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Posted in: Vietnamese PM voices hope for Japan's continued role in South China Sea See in context

They should underatnd China has the geographical upper hand when dealing with situation of South China sea! The Hainan island was the ace card, a massive unsinkable aircraft carrier is there!

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Posted in: Japan hosts ministers from 52 African nations See in context

This is a very pointless  political gesturing! Japan has a boss behind her and those African nations know who they were dealing with actually! The African countries might not like China or they suspected China's motives but one thing is sure! They wont do business with US and her 'gloves', that just was a repat of those decades of miserable and despair during the 20th century!

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Posted in: Pompeo says he had good meeting with N Korea's Kim but more needs to be done See in context

The amateurish president like uncle Trump will finds out the "Denuclearization" of North Korea is a very heavy burden on his shoulders!

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Posted in: China says Interpol chief suspected of violating the law See in context

An absent of "Transparency and respect for domestic laws" is like the Trump administration! Mueller will let the world knows his findings, one day!

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Posted in: Mattis: U.S. relations with China not worsening despite bumps See in context

There will never having such "Bumps" IF  American missionaries never came to China, those unwelcome people came to China 150 years ago by spreading their ideology over Chinese! Mr Mattis, please know who kick start all the troubles not just since 1949 but beginning from the late 19 century!  It is a symbolic reminder of rejecting your warships  port calling Chinese or Hong Kong harbour, you guys were unwelcome!

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Posted in: Trump's Supreme Court nominee tearfully denies woman's sexual assault allegation See in context

A sexual predator being the supreme court judge .......that's creepy!

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Posted in: At U.N., U.S. at odds with China, Russia over North Korea sanctions See in context

Why should China sanction her ally  "The Democratic Republic of Korea' to appease an enemy state? 

And why should Russia doing the same??  The North Korean issue just bringing Russia and China even closer! The "Vostok 2018" also means an invasion of 38th parallel above will met with retaliations!

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Posted in: Trump's election meddling charge against China escalates pressure campaign See in context

Bogey man at his best, bring it on!  You are just wrecking the reputation of your country! Oh, sorry, Mr Trump never cares his country but his coporation only!

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Posted in: Trump's Supreme Court nominee tearfully denies woman's sexual assault allegation See in context

I cannot believe a MAN is crying in front of the world!  The Republicans can do anything to get their post!

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Posted in: Japan's about-face on trade talks with U.S. raises questions at home See in context

Mr.Abe must betrayal his country! If you are being the Prime Minister of Japan, what else can you do? Japan needs US protection and Japan cannot say NO to Uncle Trump

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Posted in: Trump accuses China of trying to interfere in upcoming U.S. congressional elections See in context

Every country is doing covert operations to others! Why surprising? Do you think the US embassy in Beijiang don't wanna to interfere who is the next paramount leader after "XI"??   Don't portray yourself is a victim!

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Posted in: Trump: Heads of state 'were laughing with me,' not at me See in context

TRUMP2020 !! Yeah!!  I am NO YANKEES, but I truly support uncle Trump not because I like him but I like he is yours embarrassment!! keep that good work with his 'Not laughing at me ' remarks! Your country deserve such a head of state!!! Well done!!

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Posted in: China nixes U.S. warship port visit to Hong Kong See in context

The Chinese government foreign policy of military contacts was very friendly , Hong Kong welcomed the Russian crusier "Varyag"  port call of Hong Kong last year, although a rare visitor but they were welcomed! Because Russia is a good ally of China and Chinese participation of Russian drills "Vostok 2018" was a milestone of Sino Russian cooperation!  About the US navy....well they were just unwelcome visitor, basically it was a British colonial tradition leftover do it on favouring term! The People's Republic of China is never an ally of United States and she has no obligation to welcome US navy!

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Posted in: Leaders of two Koreas meet for high-stakes summit See in context

Mr.Moon wants to be a very special president of RoK, he dont wanna to end up in jail or suicide like those preceeding presidents! K.J. is buying his time to make more nukes ir missiles to survive an onslaught! Both were actors, faking like brothers!

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Posted in: Trump imposes tariffs on $200 bil more of Chinese goods; Apple smart watches, other gadgets exempt See in context

The trade deficits will hit a record high this year as China can further devalute the Chinese dollars! You know there is nothing worth to negotiates any any more!! Trump can say: Hey China you are manipulating your currency.....etc. But tge Chinese leaders cares you no no more!

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Posted in: Japan conducts first submarine drill in disputed South China Sea See in context

Dont be shocked if their ships hit a mine field, those seabed were shallow!

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