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Posted in: Trump says EU trade talks key to outcome on auto tariffs See in context

Imported vehicles and parts pose a threat to U.S. national security

True! When you cant get the european auto workers' job, that is surely a very big threat ! Thanks for sharing!

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Posted in: Moscow ready to cut time for nuclear strike on U.S. if necessary: Putin See in context

Hitler scrapped the Versallies treaty 1919, Japan scrapped the Washington Naval treaty 1923, Trump scrapped the INF treaty 1987..... They were all logical step!  Yes sure! For warmonger logics!

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Posted in: Moscow ready to cut time for nuclear strike on U.S. if necessary: Putin See in context

China refused to sign one

China NEVER NEVER NEVER signed the INF treaty in 1987 or ever something like this brought to the office desk of the PRC supreme leader? Why should China or the PLA restrain herself to dvelop the SRBM,IRBM,ICBM,SLBMs that she has the legitimated rights to  own?

If you never signed a treaty, who can expect you to comply the terms or obligations that was written?  Except the Mafias!

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Posted in: Fountain of youth? Study finds new anti-aging compound in plant See in context

What are these elderly doing in the street?

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Posted in: Kim must make 'meaningful' gesture to see sanctions ease: Trump See in context

You know K.J. jr cannot make "Meaningful" decision without the bosses behind him!

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Posted in: Moscow ready to cut time for nuclear strike on U.S. if necessary: Putin See in context

Trump's decision to cancel the INF treaty  has an intention to make risky stragetic posture! Russia should learn this lesson and no more repeating those blunders done by Grobachev, the 1987 INF was part of his blunders!

The American decicsion was like Japan's 1933 abolishiment of the Washingtion Naval treaty and kick start a massive arms race under the notion of a fascist regieme!

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Posted in: Prince Charles to make first British royal trip to Cuba See in context

Charlie have admires Fidel Castro for his whole life until now he can set foot to the legendary island of socialism

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Posted in: Kashmir car bomb kills 44; India demands Pakistan act against militants See in context

The U.S. ambassador to India, Ken Juster, condemned the attack, saying in a tweet that Washington stands alongside India in confronting terror and defeating it

What kind of moral standard is like this? Iran has an explosion occurred earlier!

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Posted in: Campaigning begins for referendum on Okinawa U.S. base relocation See in context

If Okinawa is a sovereignty state, she has the right to speak up for her own! Once the Okinawa was a kingdom, too bad the atrocities done by Japan lead the inhabitants has forgotton their own identity! And they were paying the price of under military occupations that she has no part in it! It was Japan started the castastropic wars against other countries, Okinawa has no part in it!  History is so unfair!

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Posted in: Kashmir car bomb kills 44; India demands Pakistan act against militants See in context

They do this at each other in the past 70 years and they were carry on ! Britian's tactic of divide and let them kill each other is still working!

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Posted in: 24 of 50 new slots at Haneda to be given to Japanese, U.S. airlines See in context

U.S.-military controlled airspace over part of Tokyo and surrounding areas

Oh NO! Japan cannot control her own airspace even after 74 years!

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Posted in: Japan protests over S Korean lawmaker's remarks on emperor See in context

What Mr. Moon said is very made sense! He has a clear vision to speak out the role of Japanese emperor's crime during WW2!  Why Japan cannot tolerate someone criticise the Japanese monarch ? If the previous emperor has done wrong, his son has the obligation to apology for his father! And for the japabese Royal, this is a good thing for them get out of a notorious nighmare that haunted them since 1945!

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Posted in: U.S. senators to try again to pass Russia sanctions bill See in context

@takeda: Of course! The Russian sanction bills was for a purpose to punish the Russians for being "Russian" !

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Posted in: U.S. senators to try again to pass Russia sanctions bill See in context

When America's judicial system cannot punish Trump for treasons, your politicians punish the entire Russia and their people, punish  them for your own political system's failure!  That's the biggest blunder of American democracy!

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Posted in: Turkey calls on China to close internment camps for Muslims See in context

If they watch carefully the world map, Xinjiang is 10000 miles away from Turkey, how can there is part of the Turkic living areas? China has been treating the Uyghurs much better than the Israel treating the Palestinians!

That is not the Turkic land, you people were guests only!

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Posted in: South Korea, U.S. sign new cost-sharing deal for U.S. troops See in context

Like paying the Mafias and their blackmail deals? How can these countries Germany,Japan,South Korea...etc so naïve?

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Posted in: S Korean assembly speaker says apology needed from Japanese emperor See in context

The call is very make sense! It is late to apology for what Japan done since Meiji until 1945! The present emperor owrs apologies to every neighbour countries!

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Posted in: Trump says U.S. military intervention in Venezuela an option; Russia objects See in context

All conflicts were came from those biased election disputes! No elections no disputes, no chaos, state prosperity!

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Posted in: WW1 grenade found in French potato shipment to Hong Kong See in context

One hundred years after the end ofWW1,this rusty grenade still possess harzadous! Amazing German ordinance quality!

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Posted in: Russia to pull plug on nuclear arms pact after U.S. does same See in context

Good job Russia! Let Trump and America to be blamed! They like scraps all the treaties has signed and let the world knows Russia is the sole peacekeeper!

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Posted in: A-bomb survivors worried about U.S. plan to withdraw from arms pact See in context

I doubt the Japanese government will protest or saying this is unforgivable! Obama embraced a Hiroshima victim with Abe three years ago, that was what Trump really aloafing with nuclear disarming !

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Posted in: Hundreds gather near Japan's embassy in Seoul to mourn S Korean 'comfort woman' See in context

Far from over! Lacking sincerely  apologies were totally unacceptable !

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Posted in: China demands U.S. drop Huawei extradition request with Canada See in context

The letter signed by academics and former diplomats said the arrests of the two will lead to "less dialogue and greater distrust, and undermine efforts to manage disagreements and identify common ground. Both China and the rest of the world will be worse off as a result."

Both Michaels were spies and they will pay with their years if the disputes keep going and as long as it takes!

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Posted in: Kremlin downbeat on Japan peace deal chances before Abe visit See in context

The next day of Russia gave up those islands is the day US aggression forces to land on the Kurile islands! Mr Putin understood this is a hoax very well! There is absolute NO economic cooperation with Russia from any western countries! A myth spreading by Abe!

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Posted in: Kremlin downbeat on Japan peace deal chances before Abe visit See in context

Abe will met a bloodynose if he carry on his naive dream!

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Posted in: Report reveals an undeclared N Korean missile base headquarters See in context

The North Koreans should build more ballistic missiles to defend themselves, their T62 or Migs were totally obsoleted, it is obvious in their parade! North Korea is a very important stragetic position, any changes of the border will result a castastropic consequence results! If Kim JrJr. gave a wrong signal of weakness or backdown to warmongers like John Bolton will be a very big mistake!

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Posted in: Russians protest any Kuril islands handover to Japan See in context

These people in protesting were very patriotic and defiance! When Russia came to face some ridiculous demands by western bullies, they raise up and fight back! Perhaps Mr.Putin is being over gentlemanship for  tolerancing Mr. Abe's nonsenses! For many country's leaders, they will just stand up and walk up

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Posted in: Abe, Putin on collision course over islands See in context

IF Russia retrns any island as Japan demanded will lead to further land request from Japan. Remember the southern part of Sakhalin island was also part of Japan in and begore WW2! Japan has a very reckless appetites of land grabing!

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Posted in: S Korean court orders another Japanese firm to pay for forced wartime labor See in context

Is it a Halloween party in Seoul? Those zombie soldiers were very happy instead of protesting! Anyway good luck for your law suit!

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Posted in: Trump missile defense review calls N Korea 'extraordinary threat' See in context

The Iranian ballistic missiles were learn from North Korea, making some jumbo size Scud missiles as their so ballistic missiles! They were no where to match Russia or China's Ultra high speed vehicle used to carry nuclear warhead! And India Pakistan they were even more backwards than Iran or North Korea! So the Trump's  missile defense review is take aim at Russia or China! and that means a cold war 2.0 is imminent !

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