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Posted in: S Korean court orders another Japanese firm to pay for forced wartime labor See in context

Is it a Halloween party in Seoul? Those zombie soldiers were very happy instead of protesting! Anyway good luck for your law suit!

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Posted in: Trump missile defense review calls N Korea 'extraordinary threat' See in context

The Iranian ballistic missiles were learn from North Korea, making some jumbo size Scud missiles as their so ballistic missiles! They were no where to match Russia or China's Ultra high speed vehicle used to carry nuclear warhead! And India Pakistan they were even more backwards than Iran or North Korea! So the Trump's  missile defense review is take aim at Russia or China! and that means a cold war 2.0 is imminent !

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Posted in: BOJ warns Japan faces new risks as population shrinks See in context

It is not a good thing for a nation having the "The longest life span of people " in the world! And Japan's rejection of immigration to their country will further deteriorating their situation!

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Posted in: Moscow says Japan must recognize all Kurils as Russian See in context

FACEOFF! Mr Putin has runs out of patience and Mr Abe you are in trouble now!

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Posted in: Putin blasts U.S., West over NATO before Serbia visit See in context

I wish Mr Putin good luck and may God bless his legacy! Valdmir Putin deserves to be the supreme ruler of Pan-Slavic region, which covers the areas of Soviet Union and former Warsaw pact countries and Non-Warsaw communist countries in eastern Europe! The Serbs were very gallant people although their country is small, they fired the first shot of WW1, they were heros like Mr. Putin!

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Posted in: Lavrov asks why Japan only country in world that can't accept results of World War II See in context

This is really a good question, Mr Lavrov!  When some naïve people like Mr.Abe has lost his minds, this is your obligation to remind him of what is real! That's what 'Friends' are for!!

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Posted in: Grisly Mexican gang battle near U.S. border leaves 21 dead See in context

Mexico is like Iraq, a failed nation. It is a time matter how their drug wars spreading to US continental !

Trump is right to build a barrier to block the drug cartels infiltrations! But he can laid a massive mine field rather than building a war!

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Posted in: 'We want our pay!' furloughed U.S. workers shout at White House See in context

They should shout at the TRump's tower!

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Posted in: Russia accuses Japan of whipping up tensions in islands dispute See in context

And why should Russia returns those islands to Japan? Because Abe san is a true tomodachi to Russians?

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Posted in: In space, the U.S. sees a rival in China See in context

@lostrune2: The NASA is doing the same thing: Space war! So they were no difference as China, Russia!

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Posted in: U.S. government shutdown grinds on; Trump threatens emergency powers See in context

Is he going to do 'Something special'....like Hitler's seize the absolute power after the fire of Reichstag? Better watch careful!

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Posted in: Trump holds firm on border wall; offers steel option as compromise See in context

Uncle Trump will declare a state of emergency in a few days! Well done, too happy to see this!

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Posted in: Abe orders steps against S Korean seizure of Nippon Steel assets See in context

Why didn't the Japanese government levy South Korean assets in return?

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Posted in: Trump holds firm on border wall; offers steel option as compromise See in context

The only thing I do applauds Uncle Trump is his iron will of shut down the US government as long as it takes to blackmail for funds! That is his finest hours! America is great again when shut down becomes usual!  Bring it on Uncle Trump, you have my support!

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Posted in: In space, the U.S. sees a rival in China See in context

Meanwhile, U.S. dialogue with Beijing is virtually nil

Of course there is NO room for dialogue and there shouldn't be any dialogue is necessary! The Chinese achievement is based on her own efforts instead like America's wars in Iraq and Afghanistan for more than a decade that serioudly blocked down any attempt to explore space! I mean America's wars in other countries was her own fault that set back a lot of things including space program! Do you expect the Chinese government should hold on a second until America is back on track and have a dialogue  to find out on how to explore a space program 'Mutually Benefited'??

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Posted in: In space, the U.S. sees a rival in China See in context

Indeed the Chinese  space program is run and supervised by the "People's Liberation Army of China"! This program is definitely good for mankind! For the 1.4 billion Chinese citizens living in Peoples Republic of China and 5 million Chinese people of many nationalisties of overseas! I want to say we are part of the MANKIND!

I hope some people can understand this rather than absurd jealousy! If USA think her monopoly in space is a race good for mankind, that is totally wrong!

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Posted in: Talks to resume after Trump says shutdown could last 'years' See in context

Wasnt that wall should be paid by the Mexican government?

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Posted in: Russia eyes missile defense buildup on disputed isles See in context

Russia better hurry up their island defence strategy because the Russian Pacific fleet is aging and may not be able to provide assistance in emergency! There the disputed islands were in siege and more missiles need to be deploy me there!

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Posted in: U.S. demands Russia explain ex-Marine's detention on spying charges See in context

Good job, Russia! This guy is very suspicious! He went to Russia many times, the Russians don't like foreign people visiting their country many times especially the Americans!

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Posted in: New laws are putting California further at odds with Trump See in context

This guy has guts!

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Posted in: 8-year-old Guatemalan boy dies after being detained by U.S. border agents See in context

This is a cold blood crime, blame Donald Trump!

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Posted in: Koreas hold groundbreaking ceremony for railway project See in context

The South Koreans don't see this is a danger to their state security! Wonderful, haha

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Posted in: Trump forces Mattis out early; names Shanahan as new defense secretary See in context

I think Mr.Mattis and Trump were arguing about Iran! Trump has a plan to attack Iran but Mattis is totally against it and resign his post as a protest! His withdrawn from Syria is a prelude for a bigger war, "The Iran war" !

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Posted in: S Korean destroyer directs fire-control radar at MSDF plane See in context

No apology from the ROK Navy!

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Posted in: S Korean destroyer directs fire-control radar at MSDF plane See in context

Seems the South Korean has done far far extreme than the North Koreans or Chinese !

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Posted in: Trump forces Mattis out early; names Shanahan as new defense secretary See in context

Mr.Mattis is a good man, he has done everything to save his country! Just the temper of his boss is beyond his tolerances!

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Posted in: With eye on China, Japan unveils record defense budget See in context

The gap is too too far for japan to catchup, maybe payback for the pensions for those aged 50 plus SDF members' pension is good news for them!

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Posted in: Japan to fall to 3rd-largest contributor to U.N. as China rises See in context

China has rally third world countries to overcome US lead sanctions of China and kick out Taiwan's KMT regieme during 1970s, China really don't need to do much to mobilize the third world countries! Japan has been a big spender in the United nation but the political payback is very fruitless, maybe she has a say in UNSECO to protect her  historical landmark sites which is very laughable as always!

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Posted in: Japan urges G20 to settle global trade woes multilaterally See in context

Mr.Asakawa please tell your honourable PM of Japan Mr.Abe to tell Donald Trump in every meetings with him rather than thinking the return of Northern territories!

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Posted in: Japan to control flight routes in U.S. military airspace over Tokyo See in context

"Some people hope to see Japan as defenseless as possible vis-a-vis China and North Korea"

When the thieves call :"THIEVES" ! Thats the biggest myth ever!

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