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Posted in: Lawmaker drinks decontaminated water from Fukushima plant See in context

Tomorrow's headline.....

"Japanese Law Maker Dies From Contaminated Water"


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Posted in: Japan pledges support for Libya's nation building See in context

****Japan is not in it for the oil. The're simply trying to help. It is true Japan was planing to build a second "Tokyo" a second capital city.

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Posted in: Samsung seeks iPhone sales ban in Japan, Australia See in context

I use a Samsung Galaxy S II. It is nothing like a iPhone 4 or 4S.

The Galaxy Tablet looks nothing like the useless iPAD II. Apple is just afraid of getting there ass handed to them.

What a stupid case.

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Posted in: Vietnamese woman cuts off husband's penis See in context

Cutting off his penis is a bit far.... but I think he defiantly deserved something harsh like this

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Posted in: Air traffic controllers banned from having cell phones, cameras in tower See in context

DoYouRikeSushi What a racist name... faggot.

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Posted in: Lethal weapon: Hanging with the world's last living ninja See in context

I am going to go train with him!

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