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Elis Kulla comments

Posted in: Company dispatches hot dudes to make your man jealous See in context

Could you imagine the opposite of that? That 平等 thing that Japanese are proud of is going in the opposite direction. If you don't know how your boyfriend is feeling about you, ask him straight. Thats one of many ethically wrong businesses in Japan.

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Posted in: Guam man sentenced to life for killing 3 Japanese tourists See in context

Even if some kind amnesty happens, he can not go out. Life sentences sometimes end in 25 years because they volunteer in public jobs etc. This will also be impossible if he got 3 life sentences.

I do not understand this, mental illness excuse. Everybody can play mad in a situation like that. He has to stay in prison or in hospital. Some people have mental illness and are brought to hospital, but some other people choose to have mental illness because they choose not understand reality and choose to have unrealistic expectations about life and themselves. His gf left him and he was sick??? Are you serious? I can pretend that my cat run away from house and I am sick... Do I have the right to kill 3 people and injure 11 others?

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Posted in: Teen murder suspect committed 'unforgivable' act, says father See in context

Her father should not be forgiven in all this, not the pure girl, who clearly has had mental disorders since long ago.

The paper said the girl’s mother died of cancer last year, and she began living on her own after her father remarried about three months ago.

Three big shocks in his daughter's life inside one year, two of them are because of his irresponsibility.

Her mother died of cancer. He gets married with another woman, after six months, without having time to show his daughter that he loved her mother, and life should go on, because they have each-other. In contrary, he makes her live on her own, because he wanted to have undisturbed sex with his new wife. (Ok! The reason is my guess)

Japan society, if new cultures are accepted inside this country, something has to be changed in education, as well. DO NOT MARRY BECAUSE EVERYBODY IS GETTING MARRIED. MARRY WITH RESPONSIBILITY TO PROTECT THE FAMILY AND RAISE HEALTHY KIDS.

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Posted in: Zaccheroni quits as coach after Japan's World Cup flop See in context

Perfect time to go. Japan grew up as a team for this 4 years, they got experience they have confidence and they have started thinking different. Zake did a great job, but Japan needs a new approach which should be built on top of Zake's plan and strategy. The only think that I am concerned about is how Japanese media handles the football team. They are some players who are considered heroes and irreplaceable. Honda and Kagawa are very talented but I dont see them running all the time like Nagatomo. Football is teamwork, and not in the japanese way of "teamwork", where they have those walls between senpai and kouhai. Its time to develop individuality in the field and friendship outside. It is wrong to consider it a JOB.

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Posted in: Police to restrict pedestrian access to Shibuya crossing for Japan's World Cup opener See in context

Cmon! What will happen for the Olympics when there will be people from other countries too. I like Japanese way of taking detailed measures to prevent chaos, but this is overreaction. If Japan wins the game, let the fans celebrate... The 800 cops can help the flow other than block it. Why not block the cars and its easier, it will get free of pollution too

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