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"intelligence"?? what intelligence, George Wimpy Bush? or Barack Horseface Obama? stop publishing vague unofficial articles and scaring innocent citizens, go and investigate the truth! what if there were no plans of attacking?? i'm european, but if i were an arab and saw this shitty false insulting article about my people, i would be insanely pissed. it's time to stop making up news and being the drama queen, america. in case you forgot, Japan lost 20,000ppl in the 3.11 tsunami, Irag lost around 10,000ppl (without soldiers; during Bush's "investigation for nuclear weapons" aka plans for stealing oil), Vietnam lost 3million innocent citizens in the vietnam war (without including soldiers), etc and how many did the us lose again? oh yeah, i remember 3,000. and also do keep in mind that the wars in iraq and vietnam were cause by YOU americans. i wonder who's the real terrorist; the ones who killed 3000 people to get back the land that was irrationally stolen from them, or the ones who killed millions of people just for personal ambitions? :) oh and btw, 9.11 was a fraud. it was all set up by the fbi and the government in order to be able to falsely blame the arabs and indirectly get access to oil and become rich. if you don't believe me read the book "The 9/11 Conspiracy". it will teach you that 9.11 was not a "terrorist attack", but a big fat american lie. it's a legal FACT that the whole world knows so DEAL.WITH.IT

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this is as fake as the moon landing!!!!! the picture is 100% photoshopped!!

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