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Elizabeth Heath comments

Posted in: Abe unveils 3 new arrows for reviving economy See in context

Shoot that poison arrow to my heaarrt, shoot that poison arrow.

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Posted in: Idol singer ordered to pay management company Y650,000 after going to hotel with male fan See in context

A child gets exploited by management and goodness knows who else, then is considered culpable in a court of law and has to compensate those who exploited her. Utter madness.

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Posted in: Woman conned out of Y30 mil by bogus call from man pretending to be her son See in context

Those who think it's OK to rip off the old, vulnerable and sick are absolute scum. These sort of crimes should mean the harshest penalties.

The saddest thing about these crimes is that the children of the victims obviously choose to have little contact with their parents, one of the reasons why the victims don't sus it isn't their darling off-spring. They are probably just pleased to hear from them and be able to help.

A daily phone call to see if any elderly relatives are OK doesn't take up much time. Why don't people do this?

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Posted in: Big win See in context

Well done Japan. Shame most of us never had the opportunity to watch it. This sort of tournament should be on free to view TV.

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Posted in: JTB unveils new Japanese wedding-themed vacation packages See in context

It's not a real ceremony though, is it?

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Posted in: Madonna to perform in Japan for first time in 10 years See in context

How many artists are able to remain even remotely relevant for three decades and command top ticket prices?! And how many of those are solo female artists?!

Kate Bush. Talented, timeless and doesn't resort to publicity stunts and controversy to sell her records. She's been going for 37 years.

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Posted in: Is Pope Francis anti-American? See in context

Anti-American? No.

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Posted in: Disney to revisit 'Mary Poppins': reports See in context

Please no. At least try and get actors with authentic accents to play the roles. And no bloody songs. I loved the Mary Poppins books, they were much more inventive and exciting than the film, which was quite dull in parts.

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Posted in: Madonna to perform in Japan for first time in 10 years See in context

Crap singer, boring pop star. If you have to create controversy to sell records you have no talent.

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Posted in: The pros and cons of inpatient and outpatient care See in context

Hospitals are bad for your health. It is not in the patient's best interests to keep them in longer than necessary. One you've been treated and sufficiently recovered then you need to go home. The last two operations I had in the UK were day cases, whereas in Japan I was told I would be an impatient for at least a week.

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Posted in: New anti-cholesterol drugs too expensive: report See in context

Statins are much older and cheaper anti-cholesterol drugs. Less side effects too. I can't understand why doctors in Japan do not prescribe these tried and tested and cheaper drugs, it would save the government a fortune and it's better for patients too.

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Posted in: Feelings run high ahead of 'Downton Abbey' finale See in context

Dull as ditchwater drama, hopefully ITV will now use it's drama budget to make something a bit more original and insightful, though I doubt it. If you want to watch an excellent drama that is more than just a soap opera in old costumes, take a look at the BBC's recent production of An Inspector Calls.

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Posted in: Five things you’d never expect to buy at a convenience store, but are actually popular See in context

Why is it weird to buy flowers in a conbini, or a DVD? Petrol stations in the UK sell flowers, DVDs and CDs, barbeque fuel and assorted other nonsense.

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Posted in: As Europe opens its doors, Japan considers clamping down harder on asylum seekers See in context

There are many ignorant posters here blaming immigration and multi-culturalism for all of Europe's ills, which is utter codswallop.

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Posted in: Kentucky clerk who fought gay marriage released from jail See in context

Just what "law" do you think she broke? She did not issue licenses to straight couples either. If she had then I would agree, technically the only thing she did was refuse a judges order which as previously noted, is contempt of court. She did not "break the law"

@Yubaru. Yes, she did. What gives contempt of court it's legal standing? The law. You think CoC is just something judges make up? They have the legal framework to use it.

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Posted in: Labour elects far-left leader in British politics shake-up See in context

People are sick of politics and politicians, New Labour was just as Tory as the Tories. People want change and will vote for whoever promises a break from the status quo. Corbyn has engage voters who felt isolated and distanced from other politicians.

Interestingly, Corbyn's policies were anonymously given to random voters who were asked if they agreed with them. Most did.

I agree with most of this list: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-34209478

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Posted in: Kochi school to launch SDF course See in context

Why would any parents want their child to learn 'bayonet skills'?

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Posted in: Queen Elizabeth II surpasses Queen Victoria's long reign See in context

When Charles becomes king, that's when the road to a republic really begins. He hasn't got even half of his mother's brains, tact, diplomacy, common sense and no recognition that his role means he has to keep his nose out of politics and government business. His pet crackpot schemes that he wants the tax payer to fund, homeopathy amongst them, continues to piss off Britons.

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Posted in: Kentucky clerk who fought gay marriage released from jail See in context

She broke the law, the penalty was imprisonment. If she doesn't want anything to do with same sex marriage she should get a new job.

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Posted in: Queen Elizabeth II surpasses Queen Victoria's long reign See in context

Apart from my immediate family, it's only her and Bruce Forsyth that have been constants in my life. When HM and Brucie go you know the apocalypse is coming.

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Posted in: Five types of foreigner you’ll meet in Japan See in context

I'm a Brit. Bitching and moaning is a fine British tradition tradition and a great stress reliever. I explained this to my Japanese coworkers who thought I was singling out Japan. I have an enormous range of things I bitch and moan about. It doesn't mean I hate Japan.

Spot on Jimizo, spot on. The most truthful comment I've read on this site.

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Posted in: Daikon is most eaten vegetable in Japan: survey See in context

Now I know about this survey my life is complete.

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Posted in: Do you ever use your smartphone to avoid interacting with other people in certain situations? See in context

I don't have a smartphone. What box do I tick?

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Posted in: Migrant tempers fray as Hungary blocks trains for 2nd day See in context

I'm not indifferent to the suffering, but I know what a dead child looks like, I don't need to see this image posted on the internet for cheap sensationalism. If you need to see the photo of a dead child to trigger your compassion and humanity, then I pity you.

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Posted in: Globalising Japan’s medical care See in context

I guess this was to rule out degree farms

Degree farms? From a UK medical school? You're having a laugh.

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Posted in: Migrant tempers fray as Hungary blocks trains for 2nd day See in context

Ah, you had to post that picture of the dead child. Grotesque sensationalism, everyone deserves dignity, even in death.

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Posted in: Hungary bars migrants from trains; smugglers wait in wings See in context

And reports on the BBC website say the borders are back within certain parts of the Schengen area already.

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Posted in: Early visit from Santa See in context

It. Is. September. Any shop that starts pushing Christmas this early should be boycotted. Absolutely moronic.

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Posted in: Hungary bars migrants from trains; smugglers wait in wings See in context

This story is confusing and incomplete The EU is not border free, only the Schengen zone is, but even then you need a passport and, if necessary, a visa to enter it. And it's not just the UK and Ireland who are outside the area, Romania, Bulgaria and Cyprus are too. Hungary IS in the Schengen zone so, in theory, anyone can travel to other Schengen countries but it's obvious the migrant crisis is making the agreement unmanagable. It will only be a matter of time before Schengen countries decide to opt out and bring back borders, both the German and Austrian police have said they want borders back.

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