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Elle Bayle comments

Posted in: Tom Hanks blends in with diners at restaurant in Tokyo See in context

I saw Sully in California a couple of weeks ago. Not a huge Hanks fan, but he has been in some great movies. Sully was pretty darn good too. I might see it again when it hits Japan theaters.

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Posted in: M5 quake jolts Kanto region See in context

Yeah, that was a nice waker-upper on my lazy Sunday morning.

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Posted in: 4 killed in car-motorbike collision in Gunma See in context

How horrific! RIP to those killed, and courage and understanding to those families who will have hard, grief-filled days ahead. I know how tragic it is to lose a loved so suddenly.

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Posted in: McDonald's Japan wonders where its customers went See in context

I live in Japan and love my local McDonald's, which I visit several mornings a week. I am not a fan of the food and never eat anything (If it's a burger I need, I go down the street to Burger King). My McDonald's is also a McCafe, and that's the attraction for me. I am a coffee addict. McCafe has yummy coffee more reasonably priced than Starbucks. It's my coffee hangout. The staff know me and treat me very well. They've spoiled me rotten. Love Mc D.

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Posted in: Director Bay: Benghazi movie steers clear of politics See in context

Will this movie be released in Japan?

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Posted in: Charges dropped against 29-year-old woman arrested for killing 2 young daughters See in context

Children's lives not worth a damn in this country. Unbelievably sad and unjust Some years ago here in Japan, a stone's throw from my house, a woman killed her 3 year old foster child. I think she was scolded and had her library card revoked. Disgusting justice.

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